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10 Secret Hacks On 2 Slice Toaster

The 2 slice toaster is an essential home appliance of every kitchen. It offers a helping hand when you are making breakfast in rush hours of the day. You can cook a variety of bread dishes without any hassle. Now you no more have to toast pieces of bread on a pan or roast it with oil. 

The toaster has changed the way of eating breakfast. The toasters have become prominent in every household and people have embraced them because of their aesthetic appearance and user-friendly model. 

With a 2 slice toaster, you can toast bread within 5 minutes and you do not have to worry about the bread getting burnt. Once the bread is toasted perfectly, it pops up and notifies you with a beep. 

The wide slots of the toaster offer comfortable positioning of the bread inside the lever. Toasters are an innovative gadget and allow you to do multiple tasks. Today, we would discuss some of the easy hacks that will help you to make scrumptious food instantly.

10 useful hacks on a two-slice toaster that will amaze you

Here are some of the secret hacks that are simple and innovative. They will enhance your knowledge about the features of a 2 slice toaster and you will be able to make various delicious food items using the toaster alone.

  • Make grilled cheese 

Cheese lovers can have cheese in any form. The 2 slice toaster would help you make grilled cheese easily. You can grill cheese in the toaster using a foil. If you have a toaster, you do not have to take out a frying pan for such a petty job. You can make cheese toast conveniently with a 2 slice toaster. 

You would need a toaster bag, cheese, and slices of bread. Apply a good amount of butter to the bread and add cheese to it. For this task, you can use any kind of cheese. You can even add a cheese bag in between two pieces of bread to make things easier. After this, put the bread inside the toaster and keep it there for few minutes. 

You will be amazed to see the magic once the bread has been toasted nicely. You will get a tasty and cheesy toast to serve your hunger needs. When you use a 2 slice toaster for this recipe, you would not need any oil or frying pan. Instead, you can just put the buttered bread and cheese inside the toaster and let the magic happen.

  • Grill the burger patty 

With the 2 slice toaster, you can not only make cheese toasts, but you will be able to make your burger patty as well. This is one of the best hacks of the toaster that hardly any people know. You do not have to do a lot of tasks to make the burger patty. You just need to place the burger inside the toaster and allow it to be cooked thoroughly. 

For the patty, you can choose ingredients of your choice like egg, vegetable, or meat. First, you need to toast the bun properly and you can apply butter before toasting it. Now, put the patty in between the bun and put it inside the toaster. 

Play the toaster twice before popping out the patty. You will be delighted to see the change once the burger patty is cooked. The patty will be cooked amazingly along with the bun. The burger patty is easy to make a dish and you can make it easy with a toaster.

  • Tortilla 

You must be shocked to hear this, but you are indeed able to make tortillas using a toaster. You have to buy some of the basic ingredients like tortilla flour, corn, and flour from the market. Take a bowl and put flour in it, add the tortilla flour and some cornflour. Mix the ingredients thoroughly using a spatula and make dough. 

Cut the dough into small pieces that resemble nachos and tortillas. Put the pieces into the toaster and allow them to be cooked. Make sure you put only two to four pieces of tortillas into the toaster every time. You can use some amount of olive oil for the best results. 

Apply olive oil on the tortillas using a brush and put them inside the toaster to get the deep brown color. While your tortillas are being toasted in the toaster, gather the seasonings to make the tortillas tasty. Finally sprinkle some chili powder, cumin powder, and salt on the crispy tortillas and enjoy them fresh.

  • Asparagus

2 slice toaster allows you to cook healthy food like asparagus. You can cook it without your using your heavy frying pan or oil. When you cook asparagus in a toaster, it becomes tasty as well as healthy. Additionally, it helps to save your precious time during busy hours. To cook asparagus in a 2 slice toaster you would need aluminum foil or a toaster bag. 

After cleaning the asparagus but them inside the toaster bag or cover those nicely with aluminum foil. Add seasoning as per your preference and place them inside the toaster. Let it toast for few minutes before you pop them out. You would be glad to see the result that would soothe your taste buds.

  • Bacon 

Bacon is preferred as a breakfast food item by everyone. The secret is that you will be able to make bacon fries using the 2 slice toaster. You would need a toaster bag or aluminum foil bag to cook bacon in the toaster. Make some pieces of the bacon and mix them nicely with some oil. 

Sprinkle your favorite seasoning on them and mix again. Finally, place them into the toaster and allow few minutes to get it cooked. When you pop them out, you will be able to see crispy bacon coming right up. Serve them on a plate and enjoy the juicy bacon fries.

  • Chicken nuggets 

This hack is of great use when you are dealing to feed your child and doing other tedious tasks simultaneously. You can make your children’s favorite snack using the two-slice toasters. Simply place the nuggets in a toaster bag and place them inside the toaster to start the cooking process. 

It will take just a few minutes to get the nuggets cooked and you will be able to serve food to the little one in a jiffy. With the two-slice toaster, you even do not have to worry about the nuggets getting burnt or overcooked. They will be crispy and fluffy. You kids will surely enjoy the super delicious nuggets.

  • Sweet potato toast 

Sweet potato toast is a popular breakfast and people simply enjoy them. The 2 slice toaster would help you to make it quite quickly. Slice the sweet potatoes into very thin slices and place them inside the toaster. 

Keep them inside the toaster for some time and take them out. Keep your desired toppings ready so that you can place them on the toasted sweet potato. This snack is a healthy option for any time of the day and you can make them conveniently using the 2 slice toaster.

  • Taco shells 

Taco Shells can be easily made using the 2 slice toaster and you can serve a large family like a breeze. Place the taco shells inside the toaster for few minutes and allow them to be cooked. Prepare your favorite stuffing and keep them ready meanwhile. 

After you take out the tacos from the toaster put the stuffing and your delicious meal is ready. Your family will be delighted as well as astonished to get those tacos severed so quickly.

  • French fries 

The frozen fries contain some amount of preservative and you can avoid them if you have a 2 slice toaster at home. You can conveniently make fresh French fries using fresh potatoes. Cut the potatoes into small pieces for the fries. Now, wash it nicely and dry it. 

Place the fries into the toaster and keep it there for some time. Take them out after they are nicely done and enjoy fresh, crisp French fries at home. Your children would love to see the fries getting cooked at home. You can use the same cooking process for sweet potato fries.

  • Reheat pizzas 

No one wants to eat the leftover pizza that becomes mushy after heating it in a microwave. If you want to make the leftover pizza fresh and crispy, you should use the 2 slice toaster. Take a toaster bag and place the pieces of pizza into it. 

Put it inside the toaster and let it heat for some time. The crust will become crispy again and you will be able to relish the lip-smacking taste of your favorite pizza.

The power consumption of 2 slice toasters ranges between 700 watts to 1000 watts, with an average of 750 watts. It is less expensive than a 4 slice toaster. The toaster is easy to use and handles thick pieces of bread such as English muffins, handle bagels, and sourdough. With the hacks mentioned here, you can do several things with your 2 slice toaster. If you haven’t got a toaster yet, you should think of buying one for your kitchen.

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