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We hope that you have had the chance to have a look at americangr.com and familiarize yourself with what we do. We would like now to introduce you to our team that keeps our website running, and also give you a quick preview of our product review process. Enjoy!

Meet Our Kitchen Experts

Gary j. Rodriguez

Gari J. Rodriguez

Founder, Webmaster, and Editor

Gari considers himself a self-trained chef and learned how to cook when growing up in his grandmother’s farm in upstate South Carolina.Decades before the emergence of the Farm-to-Table movement, Gari learned about ingredients’ true flavor in the farm.

He perfected his cooking skills while living in Los Angeles for 12 years where he took cooking lessons and eventually was employed in Chef Govind Armstrong’s famous 3-star restaurant, Table 8. After a few more years in New York, he graduated with honors from the prestigious French Culinary Institute.

After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, he moved to upstate South Carolina and opened a restaurant and shared his seasonal cuisine with the locals.

As the chief chef, his approach to food was purely based on the fresh ingredients that were sourced from several local farms. He used a classic style in his American cuisine while at the same time looking to global flavors for inspiration to improve his southern style.

Brian Odom: Reviewer and Researcher


Brian monitors the quality of all the content that is produced to make sure that it meets the company’s guidelines and goals. He also coordinates content production with contributors and communicates with the owners of the products that are under review.

He is also in charge of providing product reviews and researching the best kitchen products and tools that need to be reviewed.

Vivian Dooley: Reviewer and Staff Writer


Vivian oversees the whole editorial process right from product selection to final execution (publication of product reviews). She fosters a culture of editorial excellence and provides actionable and practical feedback on what actually can work and what cannot.

She is also in charge of implementing strategies aimed at growing our online presence- she achieves this by optimizing our site and consulting with other SEO experts on how to increase traffic and improve readership.

She works alongside our editor to improve the quality and efficiency of our product review process. Vivian is also in charge of content creation- that means, she creates stories and works on different editorial projects as needed.

Product Review Process

We review numerous products; therefore, our review process will vary depending on the gadget, appliance, or tool in question. However, there are a few things which we take a close look at for each product that we review. Below is a sneak preview of how we evaluate different kitchen products:


The aim of this section is fairly simple. We simply ask the question: - does the product do what it is intended to do? How does the manufacturer’s marketing of the product match to its real performance? What can users expect of this product while using it in their kitchens? What types of meals will the product help in their preparation? Basically, we intend to confirm that the product actually works, and it does what the manufacturer claims it does.


We also look at the value of the product. Value can mean several things for different people. However, in this case, we look at a product’s price, compare it with other models of the same manufacturer or with similar products of a competitor, and then we assess the product. Is the product worth the price quoted? Is it easy to get the worth of your money? Who is the target consumer, or average buyer for the product?

Reliability/ Durability

This is one is very important. Here at American Grocery, nothing bothers us more than an item breaking down in the kitchen. It always seems to break down, when you really need it. Therefore, in our review process, we pay close attention to the product’s reliability, durability, and build quality- no matter the product that is under review. We ask: is the product solidly built? Will the product withstand long-term regular use? Does it have any weak points in its design? What type of insurance does the product come with?

We also go a step further and check what previous buyers have to say about the product under review. We carry out a survey and see what people who have been using the product for long periods of time have to say about the general reliability and durability of the product. In our reviews, we always included all the relevant issues that we believe that buyers should be aware of, and also try to give a prediction of how long the product in question might last when used moderately.


Accuracy can mean different things when you are looking at different categories of products. Below are a few practical examples that will show what exactly we mean by accuracy of products: does the product’s water filter meet the market standard certifications? Does the product get up to the temperature that it shows in its display panel? Is the cooking appliance consistent throughout the cooking period, and does it work just the same way the next time that you use it?

The important thing here is to be able to trust the product to do exactly what it is supposed to do each time you decide to use it. After all, that was the reason why you purchased the product- to reduce guesswork and eye-balling and improve accuracy. Therefore, we will only recommend to you products that will do exactly what they are meant to do.


Just as functionality, user-friendliness is very important. How well a product works really does not matter, if it comes with sophisticated controls that users will find it difficult to understand how it generally works.

Therefore, we check things like control panels on appliances, and installation procedures for water filters. We look at the adjustment features, the cleaning processes, and check at how simple and easy it is to use a particular product. We ask: is it easy to get the desired results from this product?

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