Best Butane Stove (Reviews of 2019)

The best butane stove can offer convenience, efficiency and safety to portable cooking. Easier to transport and safer to store than propane, butane is an odorless and colorless gas that comes in small canisters.

A butane stove can have a powerful heat output that helps you cook your best indoors and outdoors. Butane stoves are usually smaller and lighter than stoves powered by other fuels.

They make cooking while traveling easy and safe. Because of their versatility you can move your cooking area from indoor camper to outdoor campground in a flash. Read this related guide about best gas cooktop.

Quick Comparison: Top 4 Best Butane Stoves

5 Best Butane Stove Reviews:

1. GAS ONE GS-2000 Stainless Steel Butane Stove

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Key Features:

1. Automatic Ignition Option

Eliminate matches and lighters from your campfire cooking routine with this butane stove. The automatic ignition function allows you to light the flame without any extra equipment.

This feature can maximize convenience for anyone who wants to save space or resources. Manual ignition also remains an option.

2. Dual Burner

Maximize your space and functionality with this dual burner. You can cook more items faster with the extra burner, or keep one dish hot while you prepare another.

These burners can hold and heat full-sized pots and pans despite being compact enough to fit inside a backpack. Two burners can really come in handy when cooking inside a camper or RV too.

3. Safety Features

An automatic shutoff valve detects the amount of pressure running through the fuel lines and prevents any gas leakage. For peace of mind, this stove is an excellent choice.

This safety system ejects the gas cartridge whenever it senses too much fuel flowing through the line. The gas flow is also cut off at the line. For this reason, you can use this butane stove safely indoors or outdoors.

4. Carrying Case Included

For backpackers and picnickers alike, a carrying case makes this butane stove portable and easy to pack and move.

The hard plastic case prevents the stove from any damage or harm when not in use. This case can be carried by any backpacker or hiker. The stove can also be stored inside the case on a kitchen shelf for safekeeping.

5. Attractive Stainless Steel Design

Stainless steel always looks appealing, but it's also easy to clean. Simply wipe down the stove with a mild soap and water and it can be ready for its next use.

The stainless steel is also durable and long-lasting. The professional appearance of stainless steel can add some class to your campfire cooking. This model includes drip pans, which prevents messes from reaching any inner parts.

6. Small but Powerful

This stove is portable and small, but it packs a punch. It has an output of 16,000 BTUs total. Each burner can put out heat of up to 8,000 BTUs.

This amount of heat is usually sufficient for cooking most meals and recipes. When used together, both burners at maximum power can also be used as a grill if you have a grill pan. Most pots and pans will fit on this stove.


  • Stainless steel design is attractive and easy to clean
  • Two burners enable more efficient cooking
  • Total 16,000 BTU power offers superior cooking
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Small enough to carry in a backpack
  • Auto-ignition eliminates need for matches or lighters
  • Safety features eject canister to prevent gas leaks
  • Is less expensive than other models


  • Butane only connects to one side of unit
  • Manual ignition is sometimes required
  • Carrying case may not offer long-term protection

2. Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case

Key Features:

1. Compact Design

If you need to maximize your space and money, this may be the best butane stove for you. With one powerful burner that can keep cooking up to 1.25 hours once lit, this stove has some power for its size.

It can fit inside a backpack easily. If your camper or RV kitchen is small, you can likewise store this unit easily.

2. High BTU Capability

This stove can last over one hour when it is lit. Its BTU capability is 7,200 BTUs, which makes it a decent camping stove indoors or out. The unit can accommodate one 8.8 ounce cylinder of butane.

You won't need to carry as much fuel with you as you might with other models. The BTU output will make your butane canisters go the furthest.

3. Adjustable Knob

The adjustable knob allows you to set the heat and flame right where you need it. This model has three settings of Low, Medium, and Max and can burn for one hour and 25 minutes at the highest heat.

All of the settings are clearly marked, and there are also other controls that show you how to eject and insert the butane canister. Overall the unit is clearly marked.

4. Automatic Ignition

Forget matches or lighters. This Coleman stove has an automatic flame ignition feature, which is called Instastart.

Whether you are using this near a campfire or inside a motor home, you won't have to worry about extra things like matches. However, you may also use a manual ignition if you wish.

5. Easy to Clean and Attractive Appearance

The porcelain grate prevents rust and increases the long life of this stove. The aluminum burner and drip pan is also long-lasting and requires little special care beyond normal washing.

The materials used enable easy wipe-downs. The stylish blue color will stand out in any campground.

6. One Year Limited Warranty

One of the best things about this little stove is that it comes with a one year warranty. This is a detail that ensures reliability of the product. You will be able to purchase this stove with few worries.

The Coleman name is one of the most well-known in the industry. When you purchase this you know you are getting a reliable brand.


  • One year warranty
  • Easy to clean porcelain grate
  • Adjustable knob for perfect cooking
  • High BTU for such a compact stove
  • Can be used with 10-inch pans
  • Instastart automatic ignition
  • Light and compact for easy travel
  • Comes with carrying case


  • May be less powerful than larger models
  • Only lasts a short while
  • The paint may chip or show wear over time

3. Chef Master 1- Burner Butane Stove

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Key Features:

1. High Heat Output

This small stove can put out 10,000 BTUs of heat per hour at its highest setting. If used at lower settings, one cylinder of butane can last for a couple weeks.

Fuel efficiency is the name of the game for this model. This unit can be easily used for cooking foods at higher heats.

2. Automatic Shut-off Safety Features

If you enjoy cooking indoors, this may be the best butane stove for indoor out there. The automatic safety features ensure that no gas leaks into the room, and a pressure sensor prevents the unit from overheating.

The unit will shut off automatically if the sensor detects any irregularity. This makes it a great choice for indoor or outdoor use.

3. Stainless Steel

Many love the professional, sleek appearance of stainless steel, and this stove is no exception. This unit's attractive stainless steel finish offers an understated and professional look no matter where you're cooking. This surface also makes for easy and quick cleanup.

4. Durable Carrying Case

The heavy-duty plastic carrying case is a big bonus if portability matters to you. The case has a handle for easy gripping and a ridged surface to absorb any damage.

This case also provides secure storage for the stove in a camper or kitchen. If you are backpacking or traveling on foot, this carrying case offers convenience.

5. Even Heat Distribution

The brass burner provides superior heat distribution, so your food will be heated evenly and consistently. The adjustable knob enables getting the flame to the perfect strength for exact temperatures.

6. Accommodates Several Pan Sizes

The burner can be used with pots and pans of virtually all sizes with ease. The one-burner design enables versatile cooking. The unit is sturdy enough that even a large pot can sit undisturbed on the burner without wobbling or shaking.


  • Can handle several pan sizes
  • High heat output
  • Provides up to four hours of heat at highest setting
  • Damage-proof carrying caseEven heat distribution
  • Safety features and gas shut-off
  • Appealing stainless steel finish
  • Automatic ignition option


  • Cylinder chamber may be flimsy
  • May be too small for some cooks
  • No warranty included

4. Camplux Twin Burner Portable Camping Butane Gas Stove

Key Features:

1. Grill Pan

The grill pan sets this butane stove apart from the other models on this list. The grill pan is nonstick and sits above the two burners. It can be removed when not in use.

Whether you are barbecuing ribs or grilling vegetables, this additional feature can take your cooking to the next level. There is space in the carrying case to store the grill pan too.

2. Two Burners for Versatility

If you want to cook a wider variety of food more efficiently, this stove's two-burner design may be for you. Each burner can accommodate regular pots and pans of various sizes.

Warm up, simmer, boil, and cook multiple dishes at once with both burners at work. The dual burners also enable grilling, a plus for anyone who likes healthy, tasty cooking.

3. High Total BTU Output

Each burner has a high 8,000 BTU output. The unit has a total heat output of 16,000 BTUs. Each burner can last up to 2.5 hours at their highest heat setting on one cylinder of butane fuel.

The higher heat output makes boiling, frying or searing food a snap. The BTU count is also great for grilling things and wok cooking.

4. Gas Shut-off Valve

For those who want to use their butane stove indoors, this model may be a great choice. This stove detects any pressure building up in the gas line. If the levels get too high, the unit automatically shuts off.

There is a function to also prevent gas leaking from the line itself. Though it should be used in a well-ventilated area, these features make indoor cooking that much safer.

5. Automatic Ignition

For maximum convenience, this stove provides automatic ignition. Matches and lighters are a thing of the past, though manual ignition remains an option if you prefer it.

You will be able to get cooking right away with the simple push of a button. Adjustable knobs keep the flame exactly where you want it during cooking too. The model's heat levels are clearly marked.

6. Stainless Steel

Not only does this stove's stainless steel construction make it look appealing, it's easy to clean too. Wipe down this stove with ease.

All the parts are made of stainless steel for a professional look. The stainless steel also ensures that this unit will look like new for years to come.


  • Two burners provide maximum cooking ease
  • A high heat output at 16,000 BTUs total
  • Each burner can burn for up to 2.5 hours at highest heat
  • Comes with grill pan to extend cooking capability
  • Automatic ignition eliminates matches or lighters
  • Could be the perfect stove for indoor use with safety features
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with carrying case


  • No butane cylinder is included
  • May be too large for a backpack
  • Grill pan may be cumbersome for traveling

5. Camplux New Dual Fuel Butane Stove

Camplux Dual Fuel Propane & Butane Stove with Carrying Case, Portable...
1,092 Reviews
Camplux Dual Fuel Propane & Butane Stove with Carrying Case, Portable...
  • Dual Fuel Design - The propane stove can connect an 8 oz butane canister (7,200 BTU/HR) or 16.4 oz propane canister (6,500 BTU/HR)
  • Safety Protection - Portable gas stoves have CSA Certification requirements for North American safety. Built-in overpressure protection and gas leakage protection device

Key Features:

1. Small and Convenient for Backpacking

This stove is small but powerful. If you do more traveling or backpacking, this stove may be for you. Its small size can easily fit inside a backpack, and it is lightweight enough to be carried around with ease.

It comes with a carrying case that allows it to be packed and unpacked quickly. It can also be used in an RV or regular kitchen too.

2. Striking Black Design

The black finish on this small stove provides a striking and appealing appearance. The smooth edges are easy to wipe down and clean. You won't need anything beyond the normal water and dish soap to clean out the drip trays and burners.

3. Can Run on Butane or Propane

This stove's duel fuel feature maximizes its value. It comes with a fuel converter that can be used with butane or propane. While the unit does not come with canisters of fuel, it is equipped to use either fuel type.

This feature can maximize the unit's convenience, especially if you run out of one fuel or the other unexpectedly.

4. Safety Features

To prevent any fire or gas leakage, this unit employs safety features. The gas line as a pressure sensor inside it with an automatic shut-off valve. There is also a feature that stops gas from leaking out of the canister or gas line unnecessarily.

5. Good BTU Heat Output

Though lower than some other models on this list, this stove's heat output is 7,250 BTUs. This level of heating will still provide two hours of cooking when turned up to the highest setting.

6. Can be Used with Large Pots or Pans

Whether you are using small sauce pans, coffee pots, or large saute pans or cook pots, this burner can accommodate them all. Even sizable fry pans and casserole dishes can be heated over this stove.


  • Safety features provide peace of mind
  • Can be used with either butane or propane
  • BTU output can offer up to two hour of cooking
  • Can accommodate sizable pots and pans
  • Adjustable knob lets you know where your flame is
  • Easy to clean and wipe down
  • Comes with carrying case
  • A lot of versatility for the price


  • Lower heat output than other butane stoves
  • Does not come with fuel canisters
  • Carrying case may not be durable

What To Look for When Buying the Best Portable Butane Stove

1. Number of BTUs

The higher the BTU output, the hotter the stove's flame. A higher BTU number also indicates how long the flame will last. If you need a longer cook time at higher heat, a higher BTU number is key.

However, if you need more of a simmer, or if you have less demanding cooking needs, a lower BTU number should suffice. A lower BTU can also save fuel in the long run.

2. Number of Burners

A dual burner can increase cooking times and versatility. You can heat up two things at once, or boil water on one burner while simmering a dish on the other.

If you wish to grill, you may prefer two burners since a grill pan can be placed over both burners. Also think of convenience.

Larger stoves with more burners may be heavier and difficult to carry in a backpack, and a single burner stove may fit your needs. For RV or camper cooking, a two-burner model could fit the bill.

3. Materials and Overall Construction

Whether you are cooking near a campfire or in a mobile home, easy cleanup is a must. Look for stoves that have stainless steel or porcelain finishes.

These materials are easy to wipe down and prevent rust or wear. Stainless steel is also attractive and appealing to the eye. Drip pans are also important for cleanup. Be sure the materials are sturdy and resist wobbling.

4. Safety Features

Many butane stoves have safety features to prevent accidents. Look for units that have automatic shutoff systems.

This safety feature consists of a pressure sensor that detects when too much fuel is getting through the line, resulting in automatic shutdown. Gas leaks are another concern.

Many models have safety features that prevent gas leaks from the line and canister.

5. Fuel Efficiency

You want the most for your money, and a butane stove offers great fuel efficiency. Look for features that prevent air currents or breezes from reducing the BTU output.

Usually products list how long the flame can burn at the highest heat. The longer the duration, the higher the efficiency. This feature can save money down the line.

Features of Butane Stoves:

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces and drip pans
  • Lightweight and easy to transport or store
  • Heat output for quick and consistent cooking
  • Dual or single burners
  • Knob for adjusting flame height
  • Safety features like automatic gas shut-off
  • Automatic ignition
  • Propane converter capability
  • Carrying case for portability
  • Extra accessories, like grill pans

Backpacking vs. Camping Stoves

Backpacking stoves are usually smaller and lighter to carry. Because they need to be transported in a backpack or by hand, a backpacking stove is usually of the single burner variety.

Conversely, a camping stove can be larger and heavier. Camping stoves often have more than one burner and higher heat output. These stoves are meant to be transported usually in a vehicle like an RV or camper. They can be carried short distances by hand, but are generally heavier and have more working parts.

Pros of Using a Butane Stove

  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Cheaper overall
  • Safer
  • Easy to clean
  • Can burn longer, hotter and cleaner
  • Butane canisters are smaller

Cons of Using a Butane Stove

  • Can be dangerous if stove does not have safety features
  • Colder temperatures cause butane to not burn as efficiently
  • Usually needs to be used in a well-ventilated area

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are butane stoves safe to use indoors?

Yes. However, always check your model's specifications and safety features. As with all portable gas stoves, butane stoves should be used in a well-ventilated area.

Make sure you follow all safety precautions, and that you're using the right butane stove for indoor use. Using a stove inside an RV or camper is usually fine if proper safety measures are taken.

2. How can I tell how much gas is left in a butane canister?

Canisters usually have their weight written on the outside of the can. You can use a small kitchen scale to weigh the canister, and subtract that number from the number written on the can.

If you do not have a kitchen scale, you can float the canister in a pot of room-temperature water. Where the water line rests usually marks where the fuel line is inside the canister.

3. Which is better, a butane or propane stove?

Butane stoves are usually lighter, more compact and cheaper than propane stoves. Cylinders of butane are often smaller and easier to store.

A propane stove often offers more BTU power, higher heat output, and longer cooking times. Overall, butane stoves seem superior to propane stoves when it comes to campfire and portable cooking.

4. Is butane safer than propane?

While both butane and propane need to be used in properly ventilated areas, butane is a less toxic gas overall than propane. Butane canisters are also smaller and can be stored more easily and safely.

Propane is more suited to large outdoor storage spaces since it exerts more pressure on its containers. Due to its portability, butane is considered a safer fuel for campfire cooking.

5. How many BTUs do I need to cook a wok?

Since woks need a heat level that is capable of searing food, look for stoves that provide 7,000 BTUs or higher.

Woks often need to be heated thoroughly before use, which necessitates a longer cook time. This means the flame needs to last a while, which also requires a higher BTU.


The overall best butane stove is the Camplux Portable Camping Butane Gas Stove Twin Burner. This unit is not only the high-quality butane gas stove, it also maximizes your money. It provides a grill pan and two burners, plus safety features and a stainless steel finish.

Because of its extensive safety features, it also qualifies as the right indoor butane stove. For a truly great campfire cooking experience, try this model.

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