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10 Best Food Saver Machine in 2021 – The Ultimate Guide to Enhanced Cooking

Do you believe in planning? Do all the philosophical sermons of living life as it comes to mean nothing to you? You might be one of those rare gems who believe that a well-planned today leads to a better tomorrow. Well, planning is the essential process of any task, activity, or phenomenon. A well-planned event has greater chances of achieving success. Therefore, it is also crucial to plan while cooking.

Cooking is considered to be one of the most prestigious art forms. It is not just about processing the food that you eat but also about the skill, patience, and balance that the chef puts into the plate of good taste. A major part of planning in regards to cooking lies in buying and storing the vegetables, fruits, meat, and other ingredients for prep work.

Most of the home cooks or chefs out there believe in buying in bulk and then storing them for later use. Even the technique of sous-vide cooking requires the food to be processed and stored for a longer period. Moreover, if you believe in preparing the food beforehand according to the day’s servings, then that would require storing the food safely without getting it spoiled.

Such a need has haunted the culinary world for decades before the arrival of a food saver machine that is also known as a vacuum sealer. A food vacuum sealer machine facilitates efficient food storage by sucking out the air of the plastic bag meant for storage. The best vacuum sealers remove the air from the storage bags before sealing them with heat.

A food saver vacuum sealer leads to enhanced food preservation by vacuum sealing it and keeping the food fresh for a longer period. These kitchen appliances have simplified the process of cooking by enabling the chefs or the home cooks to carry out their meal prep according to the day’s servings and then store it for later use. The sealing system also keeps out the unwanted moisture that in turn protects the food from bacteria.

Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation & Sous Vide,...

There is a range of benefits that the vacuum sealers come with and are one of the must-have appliances for the kitchen countertop. Buying a vacuum sealer can be overwhelming as there are various models in the market with varied features. One of the leading brands in the vacuum sealer industry in Weston and their Weston Pro model is best known as a commercial-grade vacuum sealing machine. The stainless steel Weston Pro 2300 with a fan-cooled motor is one of the best examples of the product.

Buyers should remember that the best vacuum sealer can only be bought after a few crucial factors are considered. This buying provides all the information required to spot the best vacuum sealers. Therefore, get ready to vacuum seal your food as the best food saver will soon be on your kitchen counter.

10 Best Food Vacuum Sealer Machine – Everything You Need to Know

Vacuum sealers are gradually becoming popular with the huge range of benefits that they have to offer. Apart from increasing the shelf life of vacuum-sealed food they are also reputed to enhance the quality and flavor of the food intact. These appliances have become necessary for commercial kitchens and are now becoming an imperative part of the household kitchens as well. The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer seems like a perfect example of the product.

However, it is necessary to look at the benefits that these vacuum sealers can provide so that the buyers can get enough clarity towards their needs. Moreover, a clearer rationale behind the decision to buy the best food saver vacuum sealers will help the buyers to arrive at the right model more easily. Let us delve into the benefits of these food-saving machines.

Benefits of Vacuum Sealers

A vacuum sealing machine employs a smarter food preserving technique. Conventional ideas for food storage runs through the act of keeping the food in a refrigerator or freezer. Your refrigerator might as well have an in-built feature of extending the shelf life of the stored food. However, you must have gone through situations in which foods kept in the freezer for days have gone through freezer burn rendering it useless.

A vacuum sealer follows a mechanism in which the air that acts as a catalyst in spoiling the food, is sucked out of it, increasing the shelf life of the item by five times. Moreover, this technique also keeps the flavor and nutrient value of the food intact. A vacuum and seal process also helps to keep the food fresher and prevents further contamination. The benefits of the foodsavers can be listed as follows.

Food preservation

KitchenBoss Food Vacuum Sealer Machine: Vacuum Sealer Machine for Dry...

The appliance facilitates the removal of the air from vacuum bags. This prevents the food from bacteria thriving on it and also reduces the chances of dehydration and freezer burn. The food also remains fresh for a longer period. The KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer machine comes with a starter kit and can be regarded as one of the best products in the market.

Time Saver

A vacuum sealer is ideal for sous-vide cooking. This is because sous vide cooking can be easily executed with vacuum-sealed food as it would not require constant attention. While preparing your food in a sous-vide style the bag storage has to be put inside the hot water bath and then you can continue with the task at hand. Moreover, a vacuum sealer machine enables the chef to be ready with the meal prep according to individual servings, which results in saving time and labor.

Money Saver

Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine with Starter Kit, Automatic PowerVac Air...

The vacuum sealing of food results in enhanced shelf life that in turn reduces the wastage of food. This will certainly save the buyer a good amount of money. You would be surprised by the shelf-life period of some vacuum-sealed items like meat. Frozen cuts of meat after undergoing the vacuum seal process can last for around 2 to 3 years. On the other hand, vacuum-sealed dry food can last for around 2 years. The Inkbird Vacuum Sealer machine seems like a perfect example of the product.

Inkbird Vacuum Sealer
2,197 Reviews

Better marination

The process of marination usually can take hours or even days. However, with a vacuum sealer, that process can be accelerated by leaps and bounds. This is because once the air has been sucked out of the seal bags, the pressure inside the container falls and the food becomes more porous leading it to absorb all the juice and flavor quickly.

Moreover, the leftover food stored in the freezer or the refrigerator might lose its flavor over time. However, vacuum-sealed leftover food retains the flavors and the spices perfectly, and once reheated the food will taste as freshly made.

Saves Space

A foodsaver machine facilitates compact and easy storage of food inside the freezer or refrigerator. This means that in case of family events or occasions of mass gatherings, vacuum packaged food in compact zipper bags save valuable refrigerator storage space and enable neat stacking of food.

Bulk Buying

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Buying food in bulk is always a cheaper option than those smaller units. For instance, a 6-pack of chicken breasts will cost considerably less than a 2 -pack unit. However, you might opt to buy the smaller portion due to storage issues as you would not be able to consume the 6-pack portion sooner. However, with a foodsaver you can save money by vacuum sealing the meat and storing it for a significant time. The No products found. seems like a perfect example of the product.

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Repackaging Food

It happens often that after opening the packet of snacks or avocado, you want to save the food for later. Well, having a vacuum sealer machine helps you take a taste of your favorite and save the rest for eating later without the food becoming stale.

Multiple Use

A vacuum sealer can be used for multiple purposes apart from food preservation. For instance, the machine can also be used to keep silver jewelry and silverware tarnish-free. Moreover, important documents can also be vacuum sealed to keep them from yellowing or deteriorating. Some vacuum sealers come with specialized vacuum ports that are used to vacuum big canisters and seal jars.

Types of Vacuum Sealers

You can only buy the perfect vacuum sealer when you are clear about the need for the appliance or the applications for which it is being bought. The vacuum sealers can be broadly categorized into two types namely the chamber vacuum machine and the external vacuum machine.

Buyers should remember here the type of vacuum sealer that they will pick will depend on the type of sealing that they want, whether there will be a requirement to package liquids and the budget. This guide also provides information about the rare third type of sealer known as the pistol-type vacuum sealer.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The chamber vacuum sealer is perfect for applications that involve a lot of sealing. This means that if you need to seal food in large batches and seal liquids then the chamber model would be ideal for you. These chamber vacuum sealers are expensive but compensate for the price with enhanced performance and a versatile range of uses.

Vacuum Seal FoodSaver

Vesta Precision Vertical Chamber Vacuum Sealer - Vertical Vac Elite -...

The buyer must understand that if his or her day-to-day operations include sealing liquid-rich food then a chamber vacuum machine would be a perfect choice. The Vesta Precision Vertical Chamber Vacuum Sealer seems like one of the best examples of a commercial-grade model.

External Vacuum Sealer

An external vacuum sealer is a light-duty model that can be used for occasional sealing processes. Buyers should be mindful of the fact that this vacuum sealer cannot be used to seal liquid-rich food. They are not as expensive as a chamber vacuum sealer.

The sealing process of these vacuum machines is as good as that of a chamber vacuum sealer. However, they cannot be used for extensive purposes and is not as versatile as the former. They are ideal for household counter space.

Pistol-Type Vacuum Sealers

A pistol-type vacuum sealer has been manufactured for applications that will be done in a better way if the sealer is taken near the vacuum bag rather than the other way around. The machine makes use of a special bag with an integrated valve.

The bag is sealed manually with the handheld vacuum sealer tool and the air is sucked out using the valve. One of the unique features of the pistol-type vacuum sealer is that it draws the air out of the bag as required, which is similar to the pulse mode of the external vacuum sealer.

How to buy the Best Food Vacuum Sealer Machine?

The best vacuum sealer machine that perfectly suits your needs might be right in front of you but you might not be able to identify the unit. This is because there is a range of factors and features that are needed to be considered before buying the right product. If you are considering buying a commercial grade vacuum sealer then you must analyze the bag roll cost, frequency of sealing food, and the requirement to seal liquid-rich food. Here is the list of factors that have to be considered.

1. Vacuum Sealing Liquids

Vacuum Sealer Machine By Mueller | Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System...

It is better on the part of the buyer to know the type of food that can be sealed by his or her machine. A chamber vacuum sealer can seal any kind of moist and dry foods including liquids and moist foods without requiring any other attachments. Buyers can refer to the Vacuum Sealer Machine by Mueller for understanding the product in a better way.

Vacuum Sealer Machine by Mueller
11,451 Reviews

External vacuum sealers cannot be used for sealing liquid-rich foods like soups and stews and marinated items as the air suction hose suck in the liquid along with the air. Some foodsavers might come with an option of marinating on the button panel but it might require a canister and also lead to a longer cycle time. If at all you have to use an external model for packaging liquid, then you might consider freezing the liquid before sealing it.

2. Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer Machine By Entrige, Automatic Food Sealer for Food...

A light-duty model will not be ideal for being a commercial-grade vacuum sealer. Chamber machines are ideal for commercial purposes. If you own a busy commercial establishment then a sealer with a larger seal bar shall be chosen. Some seal bars might be as long as 16 inches. Buyers can refer to the Entrige Vacuum Sealer as one of the decent external vacuum machines.

Moreover, a model with a multiple seal bar can also be chosen. A multiple seal bar can vacuum seal multiple bags or large batches of bags at once. The best vacuum sealers come with an oil pump that facilitates durability and better performance in comparison to dry pumps.

An external vacuum sealer is a light-duty machine and is not ideal for a commercial-grade vacuum sealer. This vacuum sealer machine can be used to seal a few bags and comes within an affordable price range. These models have a single seal bar and do not sport longer seal bars like the chamber machines. Therefore, an external vacuum sealer might take more time to seal large batches.

3. Sous-Vide Cooking

The chamber vacuum machines are more adept for sous-vide cooking because of the wide range of services that they can offer. These chamber models can seal the liquids without difficulty and they come with long or multiple seal bars that lead to faster packaging of the items.

On the other hand, the external machines can be used for vacuum packaging the food for this style of cooking but these models cannot be used for efficiently sealing liquid-rich food as an external machine.

4. Seal Bags

The countertop or the chamber machines come with a built-in bag-cutter and make use of both pre-cut and cut-to-size bag rolls. The bags and rolls are made up of smooth textured fabrics and facilitate better sealing of the food for a longer period. The bag roll used by a countertop machine is expensive. However, a single bag roll contains a greater number of bags reducing the per-unit cost of the bags.

FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Bonus Handheld Vacuum...

The external or handheld machines make use of zipper bags that come with a mesh texture and provides the extra grip which is required by the appliance for sealing the food properly. A handheld bag roll might be cheap but a single bag roll consists of a lesser number of bags, which increases the per-unit cost of the bags. The buyers can refer to the FOODSAVER Bonus Vacuum Sealer for understanding the product in a better way.

FOODSAVER Bonus Vacuum Sealer
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The buyer must remember here that different-sized bags might be needed for packaging different food. Therefore, it is recommended to buy bag rolls instead of pre-cut bags. Moreover, the buyer must ensure that the bag roll is compatible with the roll storage drip tray.

5. Automatic and Manual Vacuum Sealer

This is another crucial factor that has to be considered while buying a vacuum sealer machine. Manual vacuum sealers enable the user to modulate the machine so that the amount of air being sucked out of the bag can be controlled. This is done with the help of a timer.

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer Detachable...

This feature can be of much help when you want to vacuum seal delicate items like muffins, which can come out of shape if all the air is sucked out of them. Therefore, in the case of delicate items, it is beneficial to set the timer rather than pressing the pulse button. GERYON Vacuum Sealer machine seems like a perfect example of the product.

GERYON Vacuum Sealer
10,077 Reviews

An automatic vacuum sealer runs until it has sucked out all the air from the bag. This kind of vacuum sealer can save time as there is no need to set time. However, such a packaging style is effective for durable items. It is recommended to get a vacuum sealer that poses a combination of both automatic and manual foodsaver techniques.

6. Essential Features

After deciding upon the factors, it is crucial to look at some of the essential features that the foodsavers come with like the double seal and gas flush options. Moreover, a pulse mode permits the drawing of air according to the user. It is also important for a model to have a user-friendly interface so that it can be handled with ease. Furthermore, the best vacuum sealers come with a bag roll storage compartment also known as a removable drip tray.

7. Vacuum Sealer Accessories

There is a range of accessories that add to the versatility of a vacuum sealer. Most vacuum sealers come with an integrated accessory port for connecting the machine with the accessory devices. The accessories also increase the productivity of the machine. Some of the famous accessories can be listed as follows.

8. Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll

The buyer needs to pick a bag that matches the type of vacuum sealer machine that he or she is using. The buyer should choose a bag that has a smaller opening in comparison to the seal bar of the machine. It should be remembered here that it is wiser to buy a vacuum sealer bag roll that will enable the user to package the food accordingly.

9. Canister and Filler Plates

In the case of sealing non-durable items, it is advised that a vacuum sealer canister is used. Moreover, a reusable container can also be used for other purposes and can come in handy. Canisters are also easy-to-clean storage containers and should be purchased. The buyer has to ensure that the vacuum sealer can accept vacuum canisters.

When sealing small bags, filler plates can be useful for filling up space, which in turn results in reduced vacuum time. The buyer can also remove the filler plates when the full space is needed for larger-sized bags.


What Foods can be Vacuum-Sealed?

All types of food can be vacuum-sealed including meat, vegetables, and dry foods. However, some foods like mushrooms, garlic, and soft or unpasteurized cheeses should not be sealed.

What kind of foods should be blanched before sealing?

Some notable vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, and Brussel sprouts should be boiled for a brief period and then dipped in icy cold water for facilitating proper vacuum sealing of the food.

What is the best type of Commercial Vacuum Sealer?

A Countertop or Chamber vacuum sealer should be opted for usage as a commercial food saver. This is because these vacuum sealers can handle heavy operations in a short period.


These are all the factors and features that should be considered before buying the food-saving machine. After going through this article, it can be assumed that the buyer will be able to spot the perfect product for enhanced cooking. Moreover, the buyer should remember that it is wiser to get a light-duty model for household use as it would lead to a lower cost of operation with improved cooking quality. The recent times are troubled with Covid tackling policies and one of the basic requirements requires us to be prepared for another lockdown. A vacuum sealing machine will allow you to store as much food as you need without worrying about it getting spoiled. Therefore, get a suitable food saver today for your kitchen counter space. Wishing you all the best. Happy Purchasing!

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