Best Kitchen Sink Strainer (2020 Reviews)

The best kitchen sink strainer can keep the food particles from pouring into your sink drain. Sink drains have to be effective every time. They need to drain water off the sink effectively when needed. However, sometimes this is not the case. Sink drains are clogged with food particles. Water would not flow freely. Then you begin to get unpleasant smells and insects in your kitchen.

It is impossible to overlook a clogged sink drain. It is also impossible to work from a clogged sink bowl. You need to ensure that your sinks are in perfect working conditions every time if you want to keep your kitchen hygienically clean. You can maintain your sink drains well by installing the best kitchen sink strainers. It's one of the smallest items in the kitchen yet very important.

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Editor's Choice
OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer
Best Seller
Fengbao 2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer - Stainless Steel, Large Wide Rim...
Editor's Choice
A AULIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer, Large Wide Rim 4.5"...
High End Pick
Good Cook Touch Kitchen Sink Stopper Set (2 Pack), White
Premium Quality
Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer Stainless Steel Drain Filter...
Name of the Product
OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer
Fengbao 2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer
A AULIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer
Good Cook Touch Kitchen Sink Stopper Set
Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer
Editor's Choice
Product Image
OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer
Name of the Product
OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer
Latest Reviews
Best Seller
Product Image
Fengbao 2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer - Stainless Steel, Large Wide Rim...
Name of the Product
Fengbao 2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer
Latest Reviews
Editor's Choice
Product Image
A AULIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer, Large Wide Rim 4.5"...
Name of the Product
A AULIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer
Latest Reviews
High End Pick
Product Image
Good Cook Touch Kitchen Sink Stopper Set (2 Pack), White
Name of the Product
Good Cook Touch Kitchen Sink Stopper Set
Latest Reviews
Premium Quality
Product Image
Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer Stainless Steel Drain Filter...
Name of the Product
Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer
Latest Reviews

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Kitchen Sink Strainer

If you need to invest in a sink strainer for kitchen, there are some features you need to look out for. Price is one thing but you need a strainer that is not only affordable but also efficient. You need a strainer that suits your needs and preferences.

Here is a list of features to look out for in a strainer before making that order.

1. Strainers’ material

The most important factor to look out for is the material. What Material is the strainer made from? Most strainers are made of steel whereas some are made of plastic or brass.

Choose a material to suit your needs as well as considering such factors as cleaning the strainer, durability of the material, and ease-of-use.

2. Size

Always check the size of the strainer you want to purchase with your sink drain size in mind. This is because strainers are not one size and do not fit all drain sizes. Know the measurement of your drain before buying a strainer.

3. The design of the strainer

Strainers come in many different designs. Some have small holes while others have larger holes. Depending on the sink you want to use the strainer on, choose the design the suits its use.

For a kitchen sink, you may consider a strainer with smaller holes to trap small food particles. However small holes may block water from flowing easily through the drain and may cause a blockage.

Bigger holes, on the other hand, may allow particles to pass through and cause problems too. We prefer medium to small holes.

4. The Ease of Use

Ease of use entails fixing and moving of the strainer. Are you able to remove the trainer easily in case you want to clean it?

You would prefer a strainer that will not take a lot of energy to remove and to place it back in its position. Strainers with ergonomic designs and handles as easy to use.

5. The durability of the strainer

Choose a strainer that is made from sturdy material that will serve you for long. Strainers are one of the items that are used often in the house. Therefore, it is important to choose one that can withstand a lot of action.

A good strainer should be resistant to bends, dents, and should be rust free.

6. The Function of the Kitchen Sink Strainer

The main function of a sink strainer is to filter out solid debris from used sink water. They ensure that the pipes and the drainage systems are not clogged with particles and the water flows through easily.

Some strainers are used to batch feed disposal. They empty the waste to a designated garbage collector. It is important to ascertain the function of any strainer before buying it.

15 Best Kitchen Sink Strainer Reviews:

1. Fengbao 2 PCS Best Kitchen Sink Strainers

Fengbao 2PCS Kitchen Sink Strainer - Stainless Steel, Large Wide Rim...

The Fengbao Kitchen Sink Strainer comes in two pieces. It'll be best kitchen sink strainer to keep your sink from clogging.

It gives you a chance to enjoy using your sink at all times. Its features include a double –sheeted metallic rim. This double rim helps to secure the strainer at the bottom of the sink.

The Fengbao Kitchen Sink Strainer is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, easy to clean and rust resistant. Since the strainer comes in 2 a piece pack, it is ideal for double bowl stainless steel kitchen sinks.


  • The strainer comes in a 2 piece pack, which is ideal for double sinks.
  • The strainer has very small holes of 2 mm, which filter out even the smallest food particles.
  • The double metallic rim of the strainer secures the strainer firmly onto the sink draining hole.
  • It is rust free.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • The small holes may cause water to drain slowly if there are a lot of particles.
  • It is not very easy to remove once it I securely in place.

2. Good Cook Touch Kitchen Sink Stopper Set

Good Cook Touch Kitchen Sink Stopper Set (2 Pack), White

If you would like to leave some water in your kitchen sink to soak utensils or you just need to save some water; you need an effective stopper.

A good stopper holds water well, does not leak and is easy to use. That is why we suggest the Good Cook best kitchen sink stopper.

This white set of stoppers are one of our favorite stoppers. They easily cover the drain to stop water from flowing. If you need to fill your sink with water, all you need to do is move its handle and close the stopper.

The stoppers have flexible out rings that create a tight seal over the sink strainer. It fits most of the sink openings with a diameter of 3.25 inches.

The stoppers are made of a sturdy long lasting material. The handle makes it easy to operate. It comes in a pack of two so you will always have an extra one if you lose one.


  • The stopper holds water in the sink as long as you want, it does not leak.
  • Works well both garbage disposals and regular sinks.
  • The handle makes the stopper easy to use.
  • It is Durable.
  • Affordable.


  • The white surface may stain or discolor over time.

3. OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer

OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer

OXO is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen accessories. Oxo is a trusted brand. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer is one of the best sink strainers in the market.

It is not only because it is a brand name but also because of its amazing and quality features. The OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer is designed with a stainless steel rim and a silicone basket. The stainless still rim holds it in place securely.

The basket strainer is flexible and stain resistant. The silicone material is also great for protecting your sink from scratches. It is effective in catching debris and food particles.

The basket has a built-in post at the center that allows you to pull it and invert the basket to empty waste. This feature makes the OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer easy to clean and maintain.


  • The silicone basket protects the sink from scratches.
  • The strainer basket is easy to empty and clean.
  • The strainer is durable.
  • The rim and other body parts of the basket are made of stainless steel that is free from rust.


  • Some center post built in the strainer basket may cause some inconvenience to some people.

4. The A AULIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer

A AULIFE Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer, Large Wide Rim 4.5'...

If you are looking for the best lightweight kitchen sink strainer, pick the A AULIFE Stainless Steel Strainer. This strainer is very similar to Fengbao Kitchen Sink Strainer. It also comes in a pair.

It has a large wide rim of 4.5 inches. The bowl area is 2.8 inches wide and 1 inch deep. It is made of stainless steel. This strainer fists in most kitchen sinks. It's holes a very small it allows you to trap very tiny food particles.

You will not have to worry about a clogged sink anymore. The stainless steel material is easy to clean and rust free.


  • The strainer comes in a pair, which is beneficial if you have a double sink of two sinks that need strainers.
  • The strainers are simple and easy to fit.
  • The stainless steel material is rust free.
  • It secures firmly on the sinkhole.
  • They are durable.


  • The strainer is not fitted with a post to easily lift or remove the strainer.
  • The small holes may drain water very slowly if the water is very dirty.

5. Keeney Deep Thread Complete Sink Strainer

Plumb Pak K1439BLK Keeney Deep Thread Cast Brass Sink Power Ball...

If you need a heavy-duty strainer to fit your kitchen sink, the Keeney Deep Thread Cast Brass Sink Power Ball Basket will be your perfect investment. It made of a heavy-duty brass body that will serve you dutifully.

The strainer comes as a complete that is ideal for a replacement or first-time installation. It comes with all the necessary parts such as nuts and washers.

This strainer features a power ball basket to allow to easily connect it to the drains at any time. This quality product is made of a strong material of brass. It fits with most sink drain with a standard 3.5-inch measurement.

You can choose from a variety of finishes that include oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, white, and black.


  • It comes complete with its nuts and washers.
  • It is a well-built heavy-duty strainer.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It includes a power ball that is easy to lock.
  • It fits standard sink sizes.
  • A choice of up to six color finishes.


  • You will need to purchase a plumbers putty to install the strainer.

6. Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer

Helect 3-Pack Kitchen Sink Strainer Stainless Steel Drain Filter...

The Helect Kitchen Sink Strainer comes in a 3-piece package. This strainers are perfect for kitchen sinks. The 3 pieces is an added advantage if you have more than one sink in your kitchen.

This strainer has a wide 4.5 inches rim that fits most standard sink drains and garbage disposals. The strainers are suitable for everyday use. They are easy to remove and place it back on the sink.

The strainer is 2.95 inches deep allowing you to collect garbage effectively for some time before you need to dispose of it.

The strainers’ holes are small at 0.08 inches. This allows you to trap small food particles effectively to prevent your drains from clogging.


  • They are made from rust-free stainless steel material.
  • The strainers are easy to clean.
  • The strainers are easy to use.
  • They have small holes that are effective in catching small food items.
  • It is affordable for a 3 pack purchase.


  • The strainer comes in a 2 piece pack, which is ideal for double sinks.
  • The strainers may not be the same size and may not fit all sink sizes.

7. Everflow Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer

HIGHCRAFT 9738 Kitchen Sink (3-1/2'') Stainless Steel Drain Assembly...

This Everflow Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer fits our list of favorite strainers. It is a premium product that is well built from quality material. This product is suitable for heavy-duty purposes.

The Everflow 7516 Drain assembly comes as a complete package for installing in a new drain system. It is also ideal form strainer baskets replacement. The strainer fits in the most sink openings of 3.5 to 4 inches.

The strainer is made from heavy brass. This durable material ensures that your strainer lasts long. Its assembly features include a metal post, a heavy locknut, a rubber water stopper, a thick washer, and machine-cut threads.

Its locknut washer is 8mm. This is extra thick compared with other strainers.


  • The Everflow Sink Strainer is durable.
  • Effective rubber stopper that works as both a strainer and a stopper. 
  • It stops water effectively with no leakages.
  • The strainer’s material is easy to clean and does not stain.
  • It is easy to fit and to empty the basket.
  • The strainer fits in standard sink drains


  • Sometimes the rubber knob may be hard to move.

8. Sinkology Best Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket

Sinkology Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Drain TB35-01

If your kitchen gadgets antique decor and you want to complete the look with a fitting strainer for your sink, pick this beautiful Sinkology Sink Basket Strainer Drain.

This Basket Strainer Drain is crafted from antique copper. It coordinates well with copper or antique looking kitchen sinks and fits for a classy look.

This sink basket strainer features a removable strainer, a 3.5-inch drain size, and a basket. The removable strainer makes it easier to drain water while straining food particles and debris. It is easy to clean and install. The sink drain is made from a brass material that is going to last you for a lifetime.


  • It is nice looking.
  • It is made from quality and durable material.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • The movable strainer is easy to remove, clean and use.
  • It is durable.
  • It fits standard sized sink drains.


  • You need to crosscheck the strainer’s color well before purchasing as the color may be a little different.

  • You cannot use the strainer with a garbage disposal.

9. CORNERJOY Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer

CORNERJOY 4.5 Inch Diameter Rim Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen...

The CORNERJOY Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Basket Strainer is another basket strainer you can consider for your undermount kitchen sink. This basket strainer is heavy duty. It is ideal for a home sinks and daily use.

It is made of stainless steel. This makes it easy to clean and free from stain. The strainer has a beautiful mirror finish.

The rim diameter of the CONERJOY basket strainer is 4.5 inches. It fits most of the farmhouse sinks. The rim fits perfectly onto the sinkhole sealing off the edges around the drain.

It has tiny holes of 2mm in diameter. The tiny holes provide sufficient protection against clogging for your drain. They can trap tiny food particles while allowing water to drain through the system.

What is more, the CONERJOY Heavy Duty Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer comes in a pack of 2 basket strainers. You can fit two sinks with only one order and save some money.


  • The basket strainers fit perfectly over kitchen sink drain.
  • The holes are small enough that almost nothing slips.
  • They are durable and attractive.
  • They very easy to clean.
  • A come at a great price for 2 heavy-duty basket trainers.


  • They are a bit shallow, a little less than an inch deep.

10. EverFlow Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer

HIGHCRAFT FAUC97333 Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Replacement for...

The EverFlow 75111 Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer is one of the Everflow kitchen supplies. It is an ideal pick for home use.

If you need a basket strainer that you can place over your drains and it is ready for use, pick this basket strainer. It is mainly made of chrome-plated stainless steel. Its diameter is 3.5 inches; therefore, the basket strainer fits into most kitchen sinks.

It has a stopper placed in its center. The stopper knob helps to open and close the strainer.

When the knob is closed, the strainer is used as a stopper and it prevents water from flowing through the sink into the drains. When the knob is opened, it strains particles from dirty water.

The basket is not perforated all over its body rather it has 32 bar holes around the basket base that allows water to drain while holding back debris.

The underside of this basket strainer is made of silicone to protect your sink basin from scratches.


  • The strainer is easy to use. Just place if over the sink drain.
  • You can use it either as a strainer or as a stopper.
  • It is easy to remove.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is made of durable stainless steel material.


  • The center knob is made of plastic.
  • It is hard to reposition the basket strainer if it is not draining well unless you remove it off the sink.

11. ROBINSON HOME PRODUCTS Blue Squish Sink Strainer

ROBINSON HOME PRODUCTS Blue Squish Sink Strainer, Blue (41035)

We love this blue squishy sink strainer from ROBINSON HOME PRODUCTS. It is a break from the common metallic strainers in the grocery stores or online shops.

The Robison sink strainer is a great choice if you prefer plastic strainers. Plastic strainers are easy to use and clean. They are durable and safe to use on a dishwasher sink.

This Robinson product features a blue strainer and its complementing stopper. The stopper has a suction cup feature that allows it to adhere well onto the sink to stop water or when the sink is not in use. The stopper and the strainer are made from BPA free plastic material.

The strainer is 4.75 inches wide, to ensure complete cover over the sink drain, the opening of the cup is 2.5 inches, whereas the stopper lid is 4 inches wide and fits over the strainer perfectly.


  • It is made of durable plastic.
  • The material is BPA free.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It does not leak at all when the stopper is fitted on.
  • It can tolerate hot water usage.


  • It can lift up a little when releasing water and this can cause some food particles to escape into the drain.

12. Betwoo Plastic Sink Strainer

Betwoo Plastic Sink Strainer Kitchen Easy Clean Sink Drain Filter...

Add some color to your kitchen with these colorful plastic strainers from Betwoo Kitchen Products. They are crafted in a beautiful petal design on their rims and holes. The Betwoo Plastic Sink Strainers and drain filter baskets are a great choice.

The Betwoo basket strainers are made from a sturdy plastic material. This material is durable, easy to clean and stain free.

Its overall diameter of the basket strainer from the petal shaped rim is 4.5 inches wide. It is about 1.4 inches deep. The holes in the basket are a 2.5mm diameter.

These holes are sufficient for trapping particles and protecting the drains from clogging. The baskets are fitted with a handle rod at the center for easy removal from the sink drain in case it gets clogged by large particles chunks.

The Betwoo Plastic Sink Strainer Kitchen Sink Drain Filter Basket comes in a set of four pieces. This makes it one of the most cost-friendly kitchen sink strainers in our list of favorite strainers.


  • The strainer is lightweight but sturdy.
  • They are made in attractive bright colors.
  • They are cost effective.
  • They fit perfectly in a standard sized kitchen sink.


  • The holes are a little larger than most strainers.

13. Slop Utility Kitchen Sink Strainer

3 Pack - 2.125' Top / 1' Basket, Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink,...

If you are looking for a small sink strainer then the Slop Utility, Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Strainer will be your ideal choice. It is ideal for bathroom and kitchen sinks. It comes in a pack of three strainers.

This strainer is designed to fit into small sinkholes. Its top diameter is 2.25 inches. Its basket is 1 inch deep. It will keep your drains free from particles and you will not have to deal with system clogging again.

Its rim is flat and designed to fit securely on the sink’s drain. The strainer is made from stainless steel. Its basket design includes small holes measuring 1/16 inch in diameter. It is ideal for daily use.


  • It fits well in small sinkholes.
  • It has small holes that effectively stop debris and food particles from flowing into the drain.
  • The stainless steel material is rust free and durable.
  • It is easy to use, as you do not need any installation.
  • Good quality.


  • When the faucet is on, the strainer may move a little and let some particles into the drain.
  • May not be ideal for larger sinkholes.

14. SOSUO Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer

4.5 inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer

The SOSUO Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer is one of our favorite picks. It is a Kitchen Sink Strainer that allows you to work with your sink longer. The strainer basket is deep. It is its most outstanding feature.

The strainer basket is 1.5 inches deep. Therefore, it collects a lot of garbage before it gets full and needs emptying. The strainer is made of a mesh stainless material. The mesh allows water to pass through easily while trapping garbage and food particles.

Its rim is beveled to allow the strainer to fit firmly onto the sink base without moving.


  • The mesh design allows the strainer basket to catch even the tiniest food articles.
  • The rim of the strainer is beveled to secure it onto the sink base.
  • It has a deep basket of 1.5 inches deep that allows more garbage to be collected.
  • It is durable and rust free.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The mesh design makes the strainer harder to clean if the food particles are stuck in the mesh holes.

15. 4 PCS Good Grips Silicone Kitchen Sink Strainer By CORNERJOY

kitchen sink strainer

This premium sink strainer is worth every coin. If you are looking for an alternative to a plastic built strainer and would not like to buy a metallic strainer, pick this quality strainer by CONERJOY.

The strainer is made of premium silicone material and some plastic. The body of the strainer is silicone whereas the rim is made of durable plastic. It has a center post for ease of use, removal, and emptying.

The silicone body protects your sink drain from scratches and keeps the sink clean. The strainer does not deform with continuous use or due to use of hot water.

The silicone material also makes the basket strainer easy to empty by pulling a center post and turning the basket.

Good Grips Silicone Kitchen Sink Strainer is 4.5 inches large in diameter. Therefore, it fits onto most kitchen sink drains.


  • It is made from premium quality materials.
  • Its rim edges are beveled down so that food particles cannot squeeze through the rim into the drains.
  • Easy to use, empty and clean.
  • It is rust resistant.
  • It fits in most kitchen sinks of standard size.


  • A little bit too lightweight.
  • A smaller/shallow basket size.

Types of sink strainer

There are different types of kitchen sink strainers. They are distinguished by their function or designs. Here is a list of strainer types you may want to explore or try.

1. The Back Nut Strainer

The back nut strainer joins the sink to the plumbing system. The body of this device is a strainer that is connected to the bottom of the sink.

The strainer is secured in place using a rubber gasket. It is held in place with a nut that is referred to as a “back nut”. The strainer is called a back nut strainer because of the nut that holds it in place.

2. The Double Cup Strainer

This strainer has two cups that secure it into position. One cup sits securely in the sink, and the second cup is removed and placed into the sink when needed. For example, when there is a need to fill or to drain the sink.

3. The Level Strainer

A level strainer is a plastic stopper that is placed over a sink to prevent water drainage when the sink is full. This stopper uses suctioning to keep the water from draining from the sink.

4. The Drain Strainer

A drain strainer is a stainless steel stopper constructed in a cup shape. It is placed securely in the drain. It is easy to insert and remove to fill or drain the sink respectively.

5. The Stopper-Strainer

This is a combination strainer. It is placed and left in the sink drain. When it is closed, it prevents large particles from going into the drainage system, when it is opened or turned its stops water drainage.

6. The Flange Strainer

A flange is a type of rim used on a draining system to strengthen it. It keeps the draining system secure.

A flange strainer is secured at the bottom of the sink to prevent water with the particles from flowing through the sink until all the particles have been physically removed.

Process to Replace with a New Sink Strainer:

You moved into a new house or you are just concerned about your sink' s drainage system. Your sinks are no longer draining water effectively.

You are experiencing more frequent clogging in your drainage system than usual. Smells are beginning to build up.

You need to clean up your drains. Cleaning the drain is not enough, if you retain the same strainers the problem will recur after a while.

If you do not have a handyman or a plumber within reach, you may have to install the strainers yourself.

We are here to help you install new strainers to your drains with ease. Assemble all your tools and by the end of this simple guide, your sink will be more efficient.

Things you need:

1. New strainer basket set
2. A pair of Pliers
3. Screwdriver
4. Plumber’s putty
5. Putty knife

Step 1. Removing the old strainer

1. Remove the Sink Trap and the Drain Parts: To replace the sink strainer, first, you need to remove the parts that hold it in place. First, begin by removing the draining pipes that are connected to the strainer using a pair of pliers.

Make sure to put a bin or a bucket under the sink drain to catch any water spillage from the P-trap. Once the slip nuts are out of the way, pull the drain trap off to reveal the sink strainer assembly.

2. Remove the Old Sink Strainer Basket: Once you have removed the fittings, remove the old strainer assembly starting with the nut using a large pair of pliers. If the nut is rusty and tight on the tailpiece, apply some penetrating oil to loosen it.

Once the nut is out of your way, pull out the old strainer from the top of the sink. Pry it a little bit to break its hold from the old plumber’s putty.

You can dispose of the old gaskets and washers that fall from the basket strainer. Your new strainer comes with its own replacement parts.

Step 2. Preparing to install the new strainer

1. Clean Drain Opening: Clean the sinkhole that connects sink to the drain. Clean both the top and the bottom side of the sink around the hole. Scrub off any gunk or old putty from the opening.

It is important to ensure that the hole is thoroughly clean. Use a putty knife to scrape off any stubborn dirt, gunk or putty. Finally, clean the area with a soapy water and a sponge.

2. Separate the parts of new basket strainer: The basket strainer comes with various parts. Disassemble the parts and spread them out within reach. Keep in mind the order the parts were assembled. Loosen any screws on the underside of the retainer.

The parts of a strainer entail the ink strainer basket itself. This is used to catch any large particles from the water that flows into the drain.

The second part is the flat rubber gasket. The rubber gasket is attached immediately after the strainer basket. It is usually black in color.

The third part is the plastic gasket. It is always white in color. It is attached after the rubber gasket to protect the rubber from the strainer nut.

The strainer nut is the last part that holds the strainer basket in place.

3. Prepare Plumbers Putty: If you have some plumber’s putty warm it in your hands until it is soft. If your putty is too old and dry to use, you need to buy a new putty. Knead the plumber’s putty until it is malleable and form it into a thin rope-like thread.

Install the plumber’ putty on the sink's opening by pressing it in gently. Place the putty all around the opening from both the top and the bottom of the drain’s lip.

Step 3. Installing the new strainer

1. Install the Strainer Basket: Collect the New Sink Strainer Basket Parts in order. The sink basket, the large round flat rubber gasket, the large round flat plastic gasket, and the sink strainer nut.

Set the strainer basket into the sink drain opening gently. Align it well in the hole and push it down to allow the putty to hold on to the sink and the strainer basket.

Press the basket with some pressure into the sink drain to ensure it attaches well.

2. Install the gaskets and nut: Once the strainer basket in place, begin to thread in the gaskets. On the bottom side of the sink, slide the large rubber gasket on, followed by the plastic gasket.

Finally, put the nut in place and screw with moderate pressure using a screwdriver or a wrench.

You can place some putty on the upper side of the rubber gasket that will attach to the underside of the sink. This will provide extra security to the drain attachment.

The plastic gasket protects the rubber gasket from the nut roughness and tendency to etch into the rubber gasket. It allows the nut to adhere firmly on to the bottom of the sink.

Ensure that the nut is firm enough, not too tight to destroy the gaskets but not too loose to allow leakage and instability.

Once the nut is held tightly, scrape out the excess putty. As you tightened the nut, some putty is squeezed out of the hole. This need to be cleaned. Use a putty knife to remove the excess putty. 

Clean the basin of flecks using a rag.

3. Re-install the drain pipes: Finally, you need to reconnect the Sink Basket to the Drain by reattaching the pipes. Install the pipes from the last removed to the first.

Re-attach the pipes at all points securely. You may attach them loosely first and then tighten them after putting all of them in place.

Check for leaks by filling the sink with water and opening the stopper. If there are leaks, you may need to tighten the drain more.


Hopefully you have found the best sink strainer for your kitchen sink. An efficient drainage system is important for any home. It is what makes the difference in a kitchen.

If the drainage system is clogged, you will experience unpleasant smells from the sink. It is not healthy to work from a clogged sink.

It is easy to keep the kitchen clean when the sink works properly and effectively. You can hold water as much as you want for a particular period and you can drain the water easily.

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