12 Best Knife Roll (Reviews of 2020)

Expert says, the best knife roll and bag not only protects the sharp knives but also keep their edge intact for a long time. Knives roll is a leather or a similar holster that rolls out flat for use. It can hold several knives for secure and safer storage and transportation.

Once the product rolls out, it becomes easy for you to pack and unpack your treasured knives. These knife bags are used by chefs worldwide to easily carry their kitchen knives from home to workplace.

Most knife carriers in the market can contain 5 to 30 knives, depending on the features. Home cooks, especially those who frequently live off the grid, can use knife roll up bags for outdoor cooking.

we have reviewed top 12 best knife rolls. So, you can take your decision easily.

12 Best Knife Roll and Bag Reviews:

1. EVERPRIDE Knife Roll Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag Carrying Case Holds 10 Knives PLUS Zipper for...

This is the best knife roll bag for transporting your chef knives and it bolsters your confidence by guaranteeing more great chops everywhere you go. The knife blades are protected from dirt and dust based on the fact that they are neatly organized during storage.

With this professional grade knife roll, you can quickly and conveniently hold 8 kitchen knives and other accessories. Scissors, ceramic, carving, paring, and other relevant chefs’ tools and utensils can be easily carried with this bag design.

This everpride knife bag offers a travel-friendly design by the availability of a shoulder strap and an easy-carry handle offering you great portability and convenience.

With this bag, you can easily carry your knives for barbequing, camping or work-related activities. With this design, you are guaranteed quick and secure storage for your knives and utensils.

This knives roll bag can hold blades of up to 17 inches in length, a sharpener, and other appliances. You can always use the buckle for a firm grip to maintain your knives and tools in place.

It is ideal for sous or personal chef not forgetting culinary students and aspiring enthusiasts. This knife bag offers tough puncture and cut resistance which translates into extended kitchen durability.

With this design you can easily store your knives safely and secure. The blades are protected from moisture, scratches, or nicks by a canvas. Also, the secure roll stores your blades more securely compared to other brands.

Key Features:

  • Durable zippers guard accessories
  • 8 slots for storing both western and Japanese knives
  • Leather shoulder strap and a portable handle for convenience
  • Reinforced zippers for durability
  • Has the capacity to hold up to 17 inches knives
  • The bag has extra room for excess culinary tools
  • When open the bag offers 26 inches by 18.5 inches of space and 18.5 by 7 inches when rolled.

2. EVERPRIDE 13-Slots Best Chef Knife Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag Holds 10 Knives PLUS Slots for Culinary Tools (Bag...

Whether you are heading out for work, a cooking lesson, traveling, catering, or backyard entertainment, then this culinary organizer is the mainstay of your undertakings.

This is one of the best knife roll bags for chefs and it can hold 10 kitchen knives and other additional accessories such as scissors, ceramic, carving and paring among other chefs’ tools and utensils.

The bag also has 3 small pockets and a zipper for storing tasting spoons and small culinary devices. This knife roll boast of a travel-friendly design which integrates a shoulder strap and an easy to carry handle.

The plan guarantees you convenient portability while carrying your knives for work, barbequing, camping, and or culinary schooling.

The ergonomically compact design technology used in manufacturing the EVERPRIDE knife roll offers easy and quick storage for your knives and culinary tools.

This product provides secure storage for utensils and a knife sharpener with a tight turn when buckled.

This knives bag offers tough puncture and cut resistance translating into kitchen durability. The bag is ideal for sous or personal chefs not forgetting culinary chef students and other aspiring enthusiasts.

This bag always keeps your knives and other tools safer and secure compared to other big brands. You can safely store your knives in the high quality waxed water-resistant canvas tight roll.

The material discourages your blades from ripping or sliding your bag hence providing ultimate safety, durability, and long lasting service.

Key Features:

  • 10 storage slots for both western and Japanese knives
  •  3 additional small slots for holding tasting spoons and small culinary tools
  • A durable zipper for holding accessories in place
  • A shoulder strap and a portable handle for traveling convenience
  • Reinforced zippers for durability
  • The capacity to hold up to 18-inch knives
  • The bag has extra room for additional utensils
  • A bag size of 28.5 by 18 inches when open and 18.5 by 7.5 inches when closed.
  • The zipper compartment and the front bears a EVERPRIDE logo

3. 14-Slots Budget Knife Roll Bag Holds 10 Knives

Chef’s Knife Roll Bag (14 slots) Holds 10 Knives PLUS Meat Cleaver,...

The spectacular design used in manufacturing this knife bag enables it to hold up to 15 tools or knives. It has 10 slots with the ability to hold up to 18-inch blades. Extensive tools, meat cleaver, and or scissors can be safely packed in the large pouch.

The bag also has other 4 slots for holding tasting spoons or utensils. With both removable shoulder strap and a handle, this knife bag is easy to carry from one point to the other. These features make it the best chef knife bag.

Both the handle and the detachable strap aids in creating comfort and convenience while choosing your ideal mode of transport.

You should never worry about durability since this knife bag offers many years of service while subjected to daily use. Rather than using delicate fabric which cuts and punctures easily, this design is made of 600 denier canvas.

The canvas is woven out of hardened sturdy polyester guaranteeing you the worth service ever. With a slot for your business card or name tag, you can easily keep track of your knife roll.

Placing a business card or a name tag at the slot enables you to identify your bag easily as compared to opening several bags while searching. You can also throw in some business cards for referrals in the provided slot.

Your knives are always safer and secure in this bag. This has been made possible due to the availability of 2 cover flaps made of sturdy canvas, adjustable straps, and sturdy metals zippers which secure your tools tightly.

This knife roll design features chefs and culinary students who find it spectacular. It bears all the necessary features relevant in their profession.

Key Features:

  • It holds a wide variety of knives.
  • Carrying from one point to the other is easy.
  • It is durable. 
  • It has a name tag making it easy to track your bag.
  • Keeps your knives safe and secure.
  • It has an additional utility pocket and slots
  • Adjustable straps.

4. 8 Slot Shun Knife Roll

Shun Knife Roll, 8 Slot

This knife bag is created to remarkably protect your treasured knife investment while on transit, at work, school, or home. It holds all your “treasure” in one convenient place.

With this 8-Slot design, you can comfortably hold a wide variety of knives with different sizes, shapes, and designs among other factors. The slots are laced with elastic straps which hold the blades tightly to discourage falling out.

Once open this product offers a generous size to enable comfortable and convenient packing for knives and other cutlery tools. The design assumes a compact state once rolled and tightly closed to allow for easy transportation.

This bag has a zippered cover meant for keeping dirt and dust at bay; ideally your knives and cutlery remain clean. Secure closure is attained by using Velcro straps which are stiff enough to hold the bag tightly closed.

You can comfortably hold other additional items in the mesh and zippered pocket which creates little extra space. Transporting the knife roll is eased by the availability of firm handle positioned at the topmost position of the bag.

Based on the sophisticated technology used in designing this knife roll it is highly recommended for traveling chefs, culinary professionals and for storing unused cutlery.

Based on the features below, this knife roll turns out to be the best you will ever want!

Key Features:

  • 8 knife slots
  • Zippered cover to keep off the dust
  • Zippered and mesh pocket for more items
  • Perfect for storing cutlery and traveling

5. 8-Pocket Messermeister Padded Black Knife Roll

Messermeister 8-Pocket Heavy Duty Nylon Padded Knife Roll, Luggage...

Messermeister is one of the leading fashion-forward designers who feature high-quality knife products.

High quality felt fabrics, canvas, cotton, and nylon are the primary materials used in manufacturing knife bags for chefs. The 8-Pocket Messermeister knife roll is ideal for both professional and home-based chefs. It holds up to 18-inch knives perfectly well.

The Messermeister’s padded knife bag features a foam core exterior with a fully lined interior. This padded bag is made of 600-denier water-resistant nylon which is also luggage-grade laminated.

This bag has 8 elasticized and reinforced knife pockets with the capacity to hold up to 18 inch long knives. Besides, it has 3 pen/pencil pockets, 1 large pocket, a culinary tool pocket, and 4 pockets for business cards.

Heavy-duty YKK racquet coil zippers are used while assembling the bag. The zippers are explicitly designed for luggage applications with the ability to resist abrasion.

The YKK zippers are engineered to thrive in the most robust performances, therefore, being indeed a high-quality product. You are assured of comfort padding presented by the sturdy nylon handles and a deluxe shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap is accommodated by metal D-rings which are located at both ends of the knife bag.

This knife bag offers you a lifetime warranty, thanks to the advanced technology and high-quality materials which can survive in harsh operational conditions.

Key Features:

  • It holds up to 18-inch knives.
  • Is has 8 elasticized and reinforced knives pockets
  • YKK racquet coil zippers
  • Sturdy nylon handles and deluxe shoulder strap
  • Lifetime warranty

6. Chef Knife Roll Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag - Handmade Waxed Canvas and Leather Knife Bag...

Designed with functionality, durability, and toughness as well as style and character creating a beautiful and timeless roll that you will always handle with pride.

It is made of waxed canvas which enables the bag to be water resistant and breathable. Made of waxed canvas with 11 OZ makes this bag among the top durable designs in the market.

The ultimate durability and style are made possible by the cotton canvas backing integrated into the bags manufacturing process.

Your knives and other culinary tools will always be safer and secure while using this knife roll bag. The roll achieves the security and safety features up design and a leather buckle which hold your knives firmly to hinder unnecessary movements and sliding.

Carrying the knives bag by the shoulder strap or handle offers you travel comfort and a classy design. Friendly portability enables you to carry along your knives when going, camping, culinary schooling, RV, or participating in a backyard BBQ.

A storage pocket is available for carrying your spatulas, tongs, grater/zester, garlic press, meat thermometer, sharpener, peeler, scissors, utensils, and other culinary tools.

The pocket is made of a heavy duty zipper to facilitate the carrying of many extra accessories. This knife bag offers you a fantastic measurement for convenience in parking a transporting your knives alongside other culinary tools.

When rolled it translates into 17.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall bag and 28 inches wide by 17.5 inches tall when unrolled. It also can store 10 knives of up to 17 inches length.

Key Features:

  • It is highly durable, thanks to the waxed canvas with 11OZ.
  • It keeps your knives always safer and secure.
  • It offers all the necessary travel-friendly features.
  • It has a massive duty zipper storage pocket.

7. UC1183 United Cutlery Knife Roll

United Cutlery UC1183 Knife Roll

Wow! This is the perfect knife bag for your small knives. It holds over 50 knives of varying sizes making it your better option.

United Cutlery knife roll is the best deal for you. It can safely carry over 50 knives. Every knife or tool is held securely and firmly by elastics straps making it possible for you to pack both thin and thick sized knives.

The exterior of the knife roll is made of PVC which makes it more durable and stylish. The PVC exterior gives the design a spectacular look and at the same time protect your knives from rusting due to its water resistance capability.

A felt-lined interior protects  knives. The interior is designed to protect your blades from scratching as you roll the bag for exterior strapping. The blades are held tightly by elastic straps on the felt liner which protects them from wearing out.

Elastic straps are used to hold your knives and the entire knife roll in place. These straps hold the blades tightly to their respective positions hence discouraging disarrangement leading to loss of smaller pieces.

You can easily carry your knife roll by the swing handle. The swing handle is placed at the top to enable you to move the knife roll more easily and conveniently.

Key Features:

  • Elastic straps
  • PVC exterior
  • Felt-lined interior
  • Capacity to hold over 50 knives
  • Swing handle

8. 6 Slots Knife Roll Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag (6 slots) is Padded and Holds 5 Knives PLUS a...

Whether you are a chef or a culinary student hitting the outdoors for a vacation or extreme camping, then this knife bag is the best for transporting your knife set.

This knife carrier enables you to hold up to 5 knives/tools ranging from 18-inch knives to paring knives. Also, a slot is provided for your knives’ sharpening steel which is a valuable tool.

Your tasting tools or utensils are provided with 3 slots within the knife roll bag. You can easily carry the knife bag since it has both a removable shoulder strap and a handle.

You can easily swap the carrying method from the handheld handle to the shoulder strap and vice versa for convenience. This chef knife bag is padded for extreme protection and designed to offer many years of service.

The bags durability is attained by using 600 denier canvas which is made out of tough, sturdy polyester rather than using delicate fabrics that cuts and punctures easily.

You can hardly lose your roll since it has a slot for a name tag or a business card. This makes it easy to identify your bag in case of mix-ups. Clients and other individuals can also use the business card to conduct you whenever a need arises.

A sturdy canvas cover flap is used to offer extra protection for your knives or tools with a zipper in place to secure them. Also, the adjustable straps hold your tools in place, therefore, discouraging distortion.

key Features:

  • Holds a wide range of knives/tools
  • It is easy to carry
  • It is more durable compared to other brands
  • It has a slot for a name tag or business card
  • It is safer and secure for your knives/tools

9. EVERPRIDE 14 Slots Chef Knife Roll Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag Stores 10 Knives, Meat Cleaver and Kitchen Tools...

EVERPRIDE understands the necessity of chefs traveling with their own set of knives. The design team features reputable chefs who aid in providing high quality innovative and improved brands for the culinary industry.

This knife bag harbors a wide assortment of culinary devices. It can hold 10 kitchen knives, scissors, ceramic, carving, paring, and other chef tools and utensils. You can also store tasting spoons in the 3 additional small pockets.

Thanks to the easy to carry shoulder strap, the design offers you portability and convenience guarantee in carrying your knives for work, camping, barbequing, or culinary schooling.

The ergonomically compact design offers you quick and secure storage for your knives with up to 19 inches in length. The bag can also store kitchen utensils and knife sharpener forming a tight roll after buckling.

The bag offers kitchen durability based on its tough puncture and cut resistance capabilities. Also, the packet is an ideal choice for culinary chef students and sous or personal chefs not forgetting other aspiring enthusiasts.

Your knives safety and security is attained by the tight roll made of 600D polyester fabric and an extra PVC backing.

The design hinders knives from accidentally sliding or ripping the bag, therefore, offering ultimate durability, safety, and long-lasting experience of the best service.

Key Features:

  • Capacity to hold up to 11 Japanese or western chef knives.
  • 6 and 8 inches EVERPRIDE knife guards
  • A room for 1 honing steel
  • Has a separate mesh meat cleaver pouch
  • The bag has a place for paring knives, scissors, or serrated utility knives
  • 3 tasting spoons or utensils slots
  • Made of top quality rugged fabric
  • The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Front EVERPRIDE logo

10. Waterproof Waxed Canvas Chef’s Roll Up 6 Slots Multi-purpose Knife Bag

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Chef's Roll Up Knife Bag with 6 Slots,...

This is an ideal choice for professional chefs and culinary students. It is made of waterproof waxed canvas with 6 slots offering a multipurpose experience.

This 6 slots high capacity bag holds scissors, ceramic, carving, paring, and other chefs’ tools and utensils. The design has a modest size of 22 by 19 inches in width while open with the size reducing spectacularly while closed.

For durability issues, this is the best design for you. It is made of heavy-duty 16 OZ waxed canvas offering spectacular abilities such as water resistance and easy to clean.

You can quickly and securely store a wide range of tools ranging from different sized knives to sharpening tools and screwdrivers.

The Velcro cord permits neat roll folds securing your knives from fallouts. The roll folds create an easy to carry and compact design for convenience and easy portability of your blades while heading out for work, barbecuing or camping.

The bag offers guaranteed satisfaction based on the high-end technology used in manufacturing. However, the design can act as a perfect gift for your friend, relative, and or parent who is in the culinary industry.

This 6 Slots water proof knife bag has impressive features compared to other brands in the market.

Key Features:

  • It has an open size of 22 inches in width and 19 inches of height
  • It is made of 16 OZ waxed canvas which is a more durable material
  • It has Velcro cord for neat roll folds and a secure knife storage
  • The bag offers guaranteed satisfaction

11. EVERPRIDE 16 Slots Knife Roll Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag (17 Slots) Holds 12 Knives, Meat Cleaver and...

This design can hold 12 knives, 3 utensils, and a meat cleaver. Therefore, the bag is a perfect choice for mobile chefs heading out for cooking demonstrations or shows, catering events, and work among other culinary activities.

The brand offers you convenient accessibility with the ability to accommodate a wide range of culinary instruments. It can hold 12 kitchen knives, scissors, ceramic, carving, paring, meat cleaver, and other chef accessories or utensils.

The shoulder strap with an easy to carry handle offers a travel-friendly experience while transporting your knives and culinary tools from one point to the other.

Also, the design provides sophisticated portability and convenience as you undertake your daily routines ranging from work to barbequing.

With this brand you can quickly and quickly store your knives and culinary tools, this is possible due to the availability of an ergonomically compact design.

The bag forms a tight roll once buckled and safely store utensils and a knife sharpener.

Durability is attained by the presence of a tough puncture and cut resistance interior and exterior design which makes the bag ideal for sous or personal chefs, culinary chef students, and or other aspiring enthusiasts.

Your knives are guaranteed of safety and security with the presence of a tight roll made of 600D polyester fabric also integrated with an extra PVC backing. Therefore, your knives are prevented from ripping or sliding your bag.

Key Features:

  • Can hold up to 13 Japanese or western knives
  • 6 and 8-inch EVERPRIDE knife guards
  • Knives are prevented from sliding by fasten fabric
  • It has I honing steel slot
  • The design holds a meat cleaver and other relevant kitchen devices with 2 separate mesh zipper pouch
  • It has 3 additional slots for tasting spoons and or utensils
  • Bears an adjustable shoulder strap and a detachable handle
  • The bag has a nametag or a business card holder for easy identification
  • An EVERPRIDE logo in the front

12. Durable Leather Knife Roll (8 Pockets)

Hide & Drink, Durable Leather Knife Roll with Durable Water Resistant...

This leather knife roll is best for chefs' who travel frequently. It has 8 pocket durable water resistant handmade canvas lining with full grain leather for a stylish and a safe home for your treasured set of knives.

This vintage knife roll design adds a sense of class and chic for your set of treasured kitchen knives, thanks to the stylish rustic leather material. It is made of full grain leather which is the ideal type of leather around. Also, it has a rich olive green canvas that is both water resistant and highly durable.

Full grain leather has a fantastic property of improving appearance with age. It provides your knives with a reliable, sturdy, and elegant storage by attaining a unique patina over time.

You can quickly and safely store you “treasure” in this 8 pockets classy design.

This knife roll is designed to withstand extremely harsh kitchen conditions, making it a better choice for professional chefs, culinary students, and all the other individuals who treasure knives and culinary tools.

Key Features:

  • A vintage style
  • Made of full grain leather material which improves appearance with age
  • The model is ideal for all types of chefs
  • It has finely stitched seams 
  • The bag is easily portable and durable

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Knives Roll Bag:

1. Material

This is one of the primary considerations you will need to inquire before making any purchase. There is a wide range of materials available in the market, with the most common being leather or plastic. Leather materials last longer compared to their counterparts plastic or nylon.

2. Size

It is critical to identify the ideal size for your knives and culinary tools. You should highly consider the number of blades and tools to be transported, together with their sizes and designs to acquire the best match.

3. Carrying handle and shoulders straps

You should always consider the mode of carrying your knife roll. Some models have removable handles and adjustable shoulder straps which brings forth convenience and a sense of style.

4. Build quality

With many brands in the market, quality varies from one design to the other. You should always consider the best quality which in turn offers safety and secure storage for your knives.

Why Knives Roll Bag Crucial?

1. For secure and safer knives and culinary tools storage. You should acquire a knife tool with the capacity and capability to safely and securely hold your knives and culinary tools intact.

2. To protect your devices from damaging and increase their life cycle. The best knife bag protects your knives from any cause of damage, therefore, extending their lifetime.

3. To enable you to transport your knives. A good design will allow you to easily carry your knives set and cutlery tools from one point to the other.

4. To protect your devices from extremely harsh kitchen environments. The materials used in manufacturing the knife roll should discourage your treasured tools from harsh surroundings which shorten their lifetime.

5. To save your money meant for replacing various knife rolls. Some brands offer lifetime service with others improving their appearance with style.

By selecting the best chef knife bag saves you the pressure and money for acquiring their replacements.

6. To enable you to hold a wide variety of knives and culinary tools. With an knife roll, you can keep a wide range of knives and cutlery tools of different sizes and designs.

7. To enable you to track your knife roll bag easily. Some brands come with a slot for a name tag or a business card which can act as a loophole to identifying your knife roll in case of mix-ups.

How to Transport your knives?

As a culinary expert, you are likely to be partial to your favorite instruments. Your blades are tools of the trade, and you undoubtedly have preferences about the size, brand, and style of knives you use.

Traveling with your equipment might be necessary when you want to perform brilliantly.

In this post, we give you some of the best tips for traveling with chef knives. These ideas can help protect your belongings and keep others safe.

1. Sheathing the blade is essential for safety

Your tools need a precise edge for times when you want to cut rosettes in radishes and filet fine pieces of salmon. To secure your equipment, you will want to cover the cutting surface with a cardboard cover at the very least.

If you have a sheath for your blades, then this is the best option to minimize scratching. You will also reduce the chances of your tools damaging the rest of your luggage with a blade cover.

The New York Times says that many experts suggest using a Pelican case for transporting expensive items. This way you can lock your knives up and make sure nothing slips out during transport.

Plus, no one can get into your bag and rifle through it with a locking carry case.

2. Pack several blades in Chef's knife bag

When you are taking many knives to another destination, it is always good practice to bundle each one separately. You can easily wrap each blade in a knife roll that has slots for each instrument.

A knife bag or roll will keep your tools safe and secure while you are getting on and off from a bus, taxi, or airplane. Besides the sheathing, a knife roll or bag will ensure that the rest of your belongings remain intact.

You will also protect your blades from getting bent, nicked, and damaged during transport. Bubble wrap and zipper bags are excellent items for wrapping single knives.


1. Are there knife rolls offering lifetime durability?

Answer: YES, there are several brands offering lifetime durability in the markets.

2. Can I use a dry cleaner to wash my knife bag?

Answer: It entirely depends on the material used and the user guide provisions.

3. Can I iron either my knife roll or bag?

Answer: You should always read the user manual carefully or conduct the supplier/manufacturer for more excellent details on ironing.

4. Can I place my knife bag on extremely hot kitchenware?

Answer: NO, most knife bags are made of leather or nylon and PVC which can quickly get burnt.

5. Where can I acquire a good knife roll or bag?

Answer: There are a million websites, and dealers across the world offering good knife rolls your job is to identify the best.

And, the winner is...

Knives roll bag is a great deal for professional chefs, culinary students and all the other interested individuals who treasure knives and culinary tools.

There is a vast variety of knife bags in the market. You only need substantial knowledge of their material, size, durability, price, and quality among other crucial factors.

If you are looking for the best knife roll, go for the everpride chef knife roll bag and make your cooking tour comfortable.

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