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Best Nut Milk Bag (Reviews of 2021)

Purchasing the best nut milk bag should be easier. Nut milk bag is a versatile kitchen product. It comes in handy at all times when we are up to making some great recipe, teas, or juices. The all time nut milk strainer helps to keep nuts and pulp off the milk during straining.

One can also do some sprouting for stews using the nut milk bag, strain some juice and tea, and make some nut cheese too. A nut milk bag can conveniently be your juicer, cheesecloth or coffee maker.

Top Quality Nut Milk Bags Comparison:

Best Nut Milk Bags 2020:

1. 2 Pack Large & Medium Reusable Almond Milk Bags

My Best Nut Milk Bag 2 Pack With Recipe eBook | Food Grade Nylon Mesh...
646 Reviews
My Best Nut Milk Bag 2 Pack With Recipe eBook | Food Grade Nylon Mesh...
  • ★ PREPARE DELICIOUS HOMEMADE MILK EFFORTLESSLY: Enjoying a healthy and nutritional diet is easy again. Prepare the most delicious nut milk in the comfort of your kitchen with a little help from our...
  • ★ QUALITY FOOD GRADE MESH BUILD TO LAST: All of our nut milk filter bags are made of the highest food grade nylon mesh so as to withstand some heavy duty use. No more stitching coming loose. No more...

Super foods are super easy to make at home when you have a set of the best nut milk bag.

This multipurpose nut milk is made from a sturdy, food-grade nylon mesh. No matter how many times you use it and how hard you squeeze it, it won’t stretch or tear like cheesecloth.

Apart from its ability to strain creamy, frothy milk from nuts, another feature that stands out is the quality of yogurt it produces.

Unlike our top two near-perfect products, it does not let whey seep in through the pores. You can also use it for straining seeds from blended fruit for make really smooth smoothies.

It has several other uses as well such as drying herbs, sprouting, filtering tea and coffee. If you want to strain soft cheeses like cottage cheese, goat cheese or ricotta, we bet you will be quite happy with the outcome.

The U shape design makes cleaning the nut milk bag chore-free. If large size, heavy-duty construction, ease of use and maintenance aren’t enough reasons to consider this product, then know this.

You are getting two nut milk bags that can be used over and over again for the price of one. Sounds enough value for money, now?

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from 200-micron fine mesh.
  • Versatile use- strains nut milk as well as smoothies, cheese and more.
  • U shape design for easy cleaning.
  • The edges have double enforced stitching for extra durability.
  • The package contains two different sizes of bags.


  • One large and one medium bag at the price of one.
  • Fine filtering.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Simple to clean, dries quickly.
  • Can be used for fermentation as well.


  • The bottom is not seamless. This makes collecting solid content like cheese a bit difficult.

2. Meshberry Nut Milk Bag

Meshberry Nut Milk Bag - Cheesecloth and Food Strainer - Almond Milk,...
435 Reviews
Meshberry Nut Milk Bag - Cheesecloth and Food Strainer - Almond Milk,...
  • ☀️A UNIQUE OFFER - the best price for one PREMIUM QUALITY DURABLE & REUSABLE nylon fine mesh Almond Nut Milk Bag. This Nutmilk Bag works better then traditional cheesecloth bag.
  • ☀️Perfect 200 micron FOOD GRADE nylon mesh to be found inside. Control the amount of PULP to come up with the best smooth creamy structure of the milks by our PROFESSIONAL nutmilk bag strainer....

12”x12” is the perfect nut milk bag size since it’s not too big to handle but big enough fit most jars and bowls in your kitchen.

Like all the previously reviewed products, this one too is made from 200 microns, food-safe, BPA-free nylon mesh. If you like your nut or soy milk creamy, just increase the amount of pulp and reduce the amount of water you use.

You can also use it to strain grated cauliflowers, carrots, beetroots etc. Make fresh smoothies, cold brew, and herbal tea in large batches to save multiple trips to the kitchen.

The mesh is strong enough to withhold robust squeezing and can be reused multiple times without the fear of bacteria or mold growth.

All you have to do is wash the bag with a mild detergent after use and you are good to go!

Moreover, it is the perfect alternative to cheesecloth bags for making homemade cheese like cottage cheese and ricotta. Wait! There’s more! The package also includes a nice measuring cup that makes pouring the content into the bag very convenient.

It also helps you measure the right amount of starter so that you can get the desired amount of strained milk or juice every time.

Highlighted Features:

  • 200 microns food-grade mesh nylon.
  • Large size, fits over the mouth of medium to large jars, bottles, , and bowls easily.
  • The package includes a measuring cup.
  • Has a round bottom.
  • Several filtering applications.


  • Strong mesh nylon that doesn’t let even the finest particles through.
  • Solid stitching adds to the durability.
  • Can be turned inside out for easy cleaning.
  • Has a plethora of straining and filtering applications.
  • Great size and shape.


  • Not the best yogurt strainer around.

3. Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag - Super Smooth Almond Milk Maker - No Seam...
545 Reviews
Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag - Super Smooth Almond Milk Maker - No Seam...
  • ★ BETTER THAN NYLON - WAY BETTER! This nut milk bag makes it so easy to strain your milk. Squeeze away and don't worry about busting a seam. Results are silky smooth and delicious! And super easy to...
  • ★ WE ARE ORGANIC, BECAUSE WE GET IT! Founded by a working Mom with two toddlers, a chicken coop & backyard vegetable garden, Organic Family Products' vision is to provide the best natural and...

In a segment increasingly crowded with nylon variants, the Organic cotton nut milk bag comes as a welcome change of products made from natural ingredients. The nut bag ensures that you can strain milk from nuts easily.

The high-quality cotton ensures that the bag does not burst at the seams as a result of excessive squeezing.

As a way of testing product quality, we tried milking a variety of items like cashews, almonds, and even a coconut. Not only did the bag bear all of it, but also held up appreciably when subjected to boiling.

Cleaning up the bag is easy and the fact that it is non-toxic confirms that no chemicals are involved in the process.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from high-quality cotton to ensure consistent performance
  • No seams at the bottom to ensure that the seams don’t burst under high pressure
  • The product is recyclable and can be used multiple times
  • The bag is machine washable and can be air dried


  • Patented attached loop
  • Heat resistant and can be boiled
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Machine wash safe
  • No-frills design.


  • Sewing is slightly inconsistent.

4. Ecopeaceful Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

EcoPeaceful Strainer Nut Milk Bag Organic Cotton Cold Brew Coffee Bags...
1,133 Reviews
EcoPeaceful Strainer Nut Milk Bag Organic Cotton Cold Brew Coffee Bags...
  • 🌎SEWN in USA from ALL 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton (fabric, stitches, drawstring, loop). The EcoPeaceful Filter Bags are THE ONLY* Bags Made From 100% Certified Organic Cotton (Fabric,...
  • ✔️NO HIDDEN SYNTHETIC (PLASTIC) in: stitches, tags or elastic. ✔️SPECIALLY DESIGNED WITH DRAWSTRING & SILICONE BAND: Silicone band is for easy and tight closing, since drawstrings do not work...

Unlike most other variants which are either shipped from India or China, the unique selling point of the product is the fact that the bag is manufactured in the USA with locally available materials.

This is quite important since this assures that the bag lives up to the quality the makers swear by and are not inferior products made in a sweatshop.

The Organic Nut Milk bag happens to be one of the only few bags which are completely made from organic materials including even the drawstring.

However, what sets the product apart from numerous other competitors is the fact that the bags are certified to be of commercial quality. You can thus use the products in a restaurant and be completely satisfied with the outcome.

The Organic Nut Milk Bag is a product with a difference and for reasons more than one, it’s here to stay.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from certified organic cotton grown in the USA
  • No plastic content even in stitches and tags
  • Organic stitching
  • Minimal shrinking even after washing
  • Thin mesh to ensure no pulp passes through and only grit free milk is squeezed out


  • Natural ingredients
  • Tight mesh
  • No plastic
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Commercial quality


  • ​​​​​​​Can’t be used to make rice milk.

5. Nutiana Organic Nut Milk Bag

The Nutiana Nut milk bag is a tad bit smaller in size than some of its competitors. However, that does not affect the performance or general quality of the product. The bag unlike a lot of variants is made from nylon.

The manufacturers are clear on the fact that the material is BPA free. Given the hullabaloo around synthetic variants, we decided to give it a shot and weren’t disappointed at all.

It has a rounded bottom which can be turned over and rinsed easily to ensure a thorough clean. It does hold up to multiple uses and the stitching is one of the strongest that we have seen in this segment.

The key strength of the product, however, is the sealable storage porch which can be used to store the bag when not in use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from food grade nylon and is BPA-free
  • Rounded bottom makes for easy cleaning and efficient squeezing
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Double stitching to ensure durability and no leakages
  • Sealable storage porch to keep the bag clean when not in use


  • Food grade nylon
  • Double stitching
  • Rounded bottom
  • Sealable storage porch
  • Can be used for brewing


  • Synthetic material may be unacceptable to some users

6. Gaia Guy

Nut Milk Bag 2 Pack! Commercial Quality & Reusable - 12'x12' - Hemp...
164 Reviews
Nut Milk Bag 2 Pack! Commercial Quality & Reusable - 12"x12" - Hemp...
  • 2 NUT MILK BAGS FOR THE PRICE of ONE – These bags have all your nut milk, cold brewed coffee, sprouting needs and more covered! You get an organic cotton bag and a hemp (not certified organic,...
  • VELVETY SMOOTH NUT MILKS – The hemp strainer bag has an incredibly fine mesh and the cotton strainer bag is a very fine mesh. Both make great milks, juices, cheeses, cold-brewed coffee but play...

The pack comes with an organic cotton bag and a hemp one. They are free of any artificial dyes and made of biodegradable and vegan material.

I would recommend trying out the hemp bag to make cold brewed coffee. The cotton might get stained after leaving the coffee overnight.

You can use a course or medium grind and let it sit for as long as you like. None of the residues is left behind. And this is easier to clean than regular cheese cloths.

The cotton one too has a fine mesh and you can use it for making cheese or sprouting.

These bags come with a rounded bottom though there is a seam. It makes it easy to turn it inside out and clean and air-dry it within a short time. And it will be ready to be reused soon enough. There are no corners for the pulp to clog if you are not careful while rinsing it.

They are also durable enough and you can just pop it into the washing machine instead of cleaning manually. You don’t have to hand wash it every time to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of vegan and biodegradable material that is organic cotton and hemp.
  • Comes two in one pack.
  • Can be reused without intense rinsing as it is very easy to clean.
  • Strong enough to withstand a washing machine
  • Hemp cotton bag is safe to use as well, as hemp does not require too many pesticides or water.


  • Durable
  • Organic cotton material
  • Rounded bottom
  • Very fine mesh
  • Includes 2 bags


  • The hemp is not certifiably organic.

7. Utopia Kitchen Superior Quality Bag

The Utopia Kitchen Nut Milk Bag is an all-purpose strainer that is used for juicing, filtering almond milk, straining and other purposes.

You get two 12-inch nylon bags made of the finest eco-friendly fabric that uses no chemical dyes. The large square shaped construction allows for no spillage or tearing. It’s durable, flexible and easy to clean- what more can you ask for?

The first thing that we noticed about the Utopia Nut Milk Bags was the simple, squeezable framework. The nylon mesh clothing is compatible with all sorts of food processing equipment including a coffee maker, juicer, and even blender.

The wonders of this bag aren’t just limited to milking almonds and cashews. You can filter coffee, prepare iced tea, brew beer, strain cheese, and juice just about anything with this all-in-one strainer.

Highlighted Features:

  • The nut milk bag doesn’t leave any residue
  • It requires no maintenance- the pulp can be easily washed off with water
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to store
  • Fits on most average-sized mason jars, bowls and pitchers
  • Made from eco-friendly fabric, doesn’t use chemicals


  • Comes with drawstrings at the seam
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Great for boiling almond milk and brewing coffee
  • No clogs by the pulp or foam on the surface
  • Waterproof design


  • Heavy seam makes it a tad difficult to clean.

8. The Amazing Organic Cotton Milk Bag

Nut Milk Bags for Straining Reusable, Organic Cotton and Food Grade...
775 Reviews
Nut Milk Bags for Straining Reusable, Organic Cotton and Food Grade...
  • ORGANIC COTTON,100% NATURAL, SUPER-DURABLE: Our sturdy, resilient cotton mesh strainer bag is food grade, unlike some other nyIon, cotton and hemp bags. Reuse this strainer bag again and again!
  • CRAFTSMAN DOUBLE-STITCHED, EASY TO CLEAN: Outward seam makes our bag MUCH easier to clean and less messy than classic cheesecloth. Our craftsman doubIe-stitched bottom makes it EXTRA-STRONG and...

The Amazing Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag is an all-natural solution that features a simple, hassle-free design that is effective and lasts pretty long.

The double-stitched seams of the bag and base protect the bag against wear and tear. And it’s made from organic GOTS certified cotton that doesn’t use any toxic chemicals.

The eco-friendly fabric is tough, reusable and made from biodegradable materials.

The organic nut milk bag is a multipurpose bag that can strain or filter through pretty much everything- coffee, tea, cheese, juice and of course almond/cashew milk.

The bag is a perfect fit for small kitchen equipment like coffee makers to juicer blenders. Plus, it’s easy to clean, the fine mesh network of the bag traps the tiniest bits of pulp which can be washed off with water.

What’s more, the milk bag comes with a cheesecloth that prevents the growth of mold.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eco-friendly natural GOTS-certified design
  • Leaves no residue or pulp
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Works well for all kinds of nuts, fruit pulp, coffee, tea and cheese
  • Durable, solid double-stitched design


  • Organic design, bio-friendly, and reusable design
  • Excellent quality and solid stitching
  • Apart alternative to cheesecloth
  • Comes with a readymade seal to close the bag
  • Great after-sale services and customer support


  • Considerably smaller than its peers

9. My Big Fat Organic Nut (milk) Sacks

My Big Fat Organic Nut (milk) Sacks. Set of 2 Bags (12'x12')...
136 Reviews
My Big Fat Organic Nut (milk) Sacks. Set of 2 Bags (12"x12")...
  • Our bags are easy to use, strain & clean. Huge opening fits over nearly any container. More convenient than cheesecloth strainers. Rounded bottom & outside seams equal easy cleanup. Other bag shapes...
  • TRIPLE STITCHED FOR STRENGTH. Never again buy low quality, commercial boxed brands of watery nut milks i.e. almond, hemp, coconut, cashew, flax, rice or soy milk; make your own from scratch, enjoy the...

The Big Fat Organic nut milk sacks are more like tea-bags, only that they can strain through anything that’s liquid. The huge openings can fit over any kitchen equipment, thereby adding on to its versatility.

The rounded base and strong stitches make the bag durable, less susceptible to damage and an effective alternative to the traditional cheesecloth.

At a glance, the organic bags look like pretty much any other strainer. A closer look reveals the high-quality fabric, rough and triple-stitch design and fine mesh base that traps even the smallest bits of pulp.

What’s more, the bag is made from 100% natural material and uses none of the artificial dyes and chemicals of its competitors. All you have to do is soak it, strain it, blend and then enjoy your drink.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact and portable design great for trips and outdoor use
  • The largemouth can fit any equipment
  • Come with an instruction e-book and tutorial
  • Triple-stitch design for greater solidity and longevity
  • Fine mesh network for trapping pulp
  • Organic design; doesn’t use chemicals


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Available in both hemp and cotton material
  • Small and portable, can be easily carried around for outdoor trips
  • You can squeeze it as hard as you want without damaging the bag
  • The strained liquid has a smooth texture and is residue-free


  • Compact design, not suitable for large-scale straining

10. MIHOB Premium Cotton Nut Milk Bag

Why spend a fortune getting a strainer, cheesecloth, filters and a whole assortment of other equipment, when you can get the job done with just one bag?

Yes, the Premium Cotton Nut Milk Bag is an all-in-one solution to all your juicing, filtering and straining problems. The bag is designed for handling both hot and cold concoctions- you can brew coffee, filter iced tea, juice among other things easily.

The base is U-shaped which means it prevents any residue from sticking inside the bag. And secondly, the mesh network of the fabric keeps away the pulp- you can rinse it off with warm water and some soap.

The thin cotton-like fabric is eco-friendly, chemical-free and dries quickly.

The double-stitched design lasts very long and can sustain enough wear and tear. No more store-bought milk substitutes for you, with the MIHOB milk bags you can prepare homemade drinks in a jiffy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fine mesh, a double-stitch design that lasts long and filters anything
  • Suitable for both hot and cold brews
  • Easily washable and quick to dry
  • U-shaped base provides more space
  • No trace of toxins or chemicals in the bag


  • Versatile option- great for all kinds of devices and ingredients·
  • Time-saving, cost-effective option
  • Easy maintenance- washable fabric that dries quick
  • Comes in hemp, cotton and nylon variants


  • Could have been larger.

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Nut Milk Bag:

There are just a couple of things that you need to look into while purchasing the nut milk bag:

1. Food Grade

You are using nut milk as a healthy substitute for normal milk. And on top of that, you are making it yourself at home. So, of course, you don’t want any chemicals, lint, or colors in a regular cloth to seep into the milk.

Most nut milk bags are made of nylon that has to be food grade. And some are made of hemp. If you are buying one that is made of hemp, check if the hemp is organic or not.

Try to get the best organic nut milk bag that you can find. Nylon is very easy to clean and dries fast as well.

2. Straining Capacity

If you are straining the milk in the first place, you must want it to be as creamy and smooth as normal milk right?

The mesh of the bag should be such that it allows only the milk to seep through while straining out the pulp.

3. Size

Consider the amount of milk you will be straining every day and choose the bag accordingly. If the nut milk bag is too small, you will have to make multiple batches, and who wants to do that?

Also, most nut milk bags will have a drawstring which lets you hang it up if required. Look for this tiny but important feature when buying the bag though.

4. Design

Some nut milk bags are rounded while others come in a V shape. The V-shaped ones fit well into funnels or bottle and are easier to squeeze.

5. Durability

Choosing a nut milk bag only to have it burst is just a waste of money. Because they are made of fine mesh, nut milk bags can be delicate.

Most hemp bags that you find will be anti-mold and will last you long. You just need to make sure of the quality of the material. They should have a solid look so that they do not come apart after all the stretching they would undergo.

Some come with double seams or ultrasonically welded seams that make it stronger. This also allows easy cleaning.

It is not just a matter of durability, though. You need to know how to use the nut milk bag without tearing it apart and also successfully straining out the milk.

How to Use a Nut Milk Bag?

It will take some time but the effort required to make nut milk is really minimal. 

  • Soak the required amount of nuts in water with a ratio of 1 cup of nuts in 3 to 4 cups of water. Ensure that the water is filtered first and soak for around 5 hours.
  • Blend this for 30 seconds in a blender.
  • Spread out the nut milk bag in a bowl and pour in the blended nuts.
  • Wait till the liquid is strained before you lift it.
  • Then start squeezing the bag to strain out the residual liquid.
  • Refrigerate the milk.

Now all of it must sound similar to how a cheesecloth works right? But trust us, while, cheesecloths can be a nut milk bag alternative it is just not as good.

Nut Milk Bag vs Cheesecloth

Cheesecloths, the most widely used traditional strainer, can be quite annoying too use and clean. It strains poorly with the pulp getting stuck in the mesh.

And it can be expensive. Moreover, good luck cleaning it out. Thus, the dilemma about nut milk bag vs cheesecloth.

Nut milk bags on the other hand are:

  • Easy to clean. Just rinse it in the sink or throw it in a washing machine.
  • You can just use a larger one to strain out more nut milk if you need.
  • Less expensive than a cheesecloth
  • The mesh is fine and strains pretty well and more importantly, fast.

And the excellent part about nut milk bags is that they are not just used for making nut milk.

You don’t have to buy a cheesecloth separately for everything else. You can just use the nut milk bag for just as many purposes.

7 Alternative Ways to Use Nut Milk Bag

1. Cold Brew Concentrates

Strain out the cold brewed coffee or tea with the nut milk bag instead of a cheesecloth. While for most teas a normal strainer might work, straining out coffee would need a finer mesh.

2. Making Juice

If you don’t want to invest in a juicer, just blend the fruit pulp in a blender and squeeze out the juice with a nut milk bag.

3. Sprouting Nuts

Instead of buying a sprouter, just soak the ingredients in a nut milk bag, overnight, drain and hang it. Make sure to rinse it every day for sprouting the nuts or grains.

4. As a Herb Strainer

Put the herb you want to flavor your broth or stock within a nut milk bag and dip that part into the pot. It will be easier to take out than a ball of cheesecloth.

5. Making Cheese

A nut milk bag truly replaces a cheesecloth as it can be used to strain out cheese as well.

6. Hot Tea or Coffee

If you are out of filter papers, just brew the tea or coffee in a pot and pour it into the cup with the nut milk bag over it. It strains finer than a normal strainer anyway.

7. Yogurt

It is easy to get creamy and thick homemade yogurt with a nut milk bag.

There are a few commonly asked questions about nut milk bags that we thought you might be curious about.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get milk out of nuts?

To get milk out of nuts, soak the nuts in filtered water and after a few hours, blend them. Then strain out the pulp or if you don’t want to strain it, have it as it is.

2. What provinces have bagged milk?

You can get 3 bags of milk stored in a large bag, mostly in eastern Canada. However, it is not found in western Canada.

3. What is a nutbag?

A nutbag is a bag made of nylon or hemp that makes it easy to squeeze out nut milk.

4. Where can I find a cheesecloth?

While you can find cheesecloths at grocery stores, they can be of poor quality. It is better to look for them at fabric stores or stores for bed linens.

We don’t buy a nut milk bag just to use it once and throw it away. We would also like to reuse it as long as possible.

5. Can you Reuse Nut Milk Bags?

Since nut milk bags are made of nylon or hemp, they can be washed and reused easily.

In fact, as mentioned before, making nut milk is the least of their uses. You can apply it elsewhere as well. If you like cold brewing your coffee with these, there may be some harmless staining though.

However, they do tear after a period of time. So it probably won’t last you forever.

6. Are Nylon Nut Milk Bags Safe?

The nylon nut milk bags that we find in the market are generally food grade. But if you are not buying a reputed brand or from a reputed store, just look it up online first.You really don’t want to take any risks when it comes to this.

It is easy to apply as much pressure as you can just for the fun of it while squeezing out nut milk. But that might not always be the correct technique.

7. How to Squeeze Nut Milk Bag?

You can use the one hand method to squeeze the nut milk bag. Or, you can use the two hand method as well.

But just focus on the control and don’t put your entire strength on it. All that will do is tear the bags faster.

Wrap Up

The perfect combination of durable construction, shape and size help our nut milk bag products to process a large amount of nut milk at a time.

Thanks to the fine-quality mesh. These best nut milk bags are made from, the milk you get is chunk-free and as smooth as store-bought milk.

If you are planning to go vegan or have lactose intolerance, a top fabric nut milk bag is a must-have accessory in your kitchen.

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