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10 Best Omelette Maker Reviews of 2021 [Top Models Compared]

If there’s something most people love eating at any meal in the day, it is an omelette. You can prepare one of these in many ways, with thousands of ingredients, and still provide a very nutritious and tasty meal.

However, making an omelette is not so easy – especially when it comes to flipping it and making sure it is cooked correctly. That’s why you need an omelette maker, the product that will help you avoid making a disaster when preparing one of these. I have a related guide to choose the best non-belgian waffle maker.

With the best omelette maker, you won’t have to flip the omelette traditionally, you won’t have to worry about the right cooking point, and you may not even waste much of your time.​​

Why Omelette Maker?

Using an omelette maker is all about convenience at its peak. Similar to a rice cooker or even more so to a pancake maker – having an omelette machine improves exponentially how fast, and efficiently you make one.

Apart from saving time, avoiding a disaster and not having to worry about the right cooking point, an omelette maker is merely the best way to cook.

Whether you have to make several omelettes at the same time or even creating nicely rounded omelettes – with an omelette machine, you will be able to do all that and more.

That’s why you need one of these. Creating lovely omelettes is sometimes more of an art than a simple cooking activity. If you don’t know how to make one the right way, you may not enjoy eating it later.

With one omelette maker, you won’t have to worry about anything than just getting the omelette out when it’s done. So, are you ready to learn more about these amazing devices? See our omelette maker reviews and find out the perfect one!

Top 10 Best Omelette Maker Reviews:

Here we have a list of the top quality omelette makers on the market. Each one of these is reviewed thoroughly, from its brand to its features, considering ease of use, effectiveness while cooking and additional convenience.

So don’t hesitate and keep reading to find out more about them!               

1.Holstein Housewares Omelet Maker

Holstein Housewares - Non-Stick Omelet & Frittata Maker,...
14,705 Reviews
Holstein Housewares - Non-Stick Omelet & Frittata Maker,...
  • MANY DELICIOUS CHOICES - Makes two fluffy omelets in just minutes. And this handy maker isn’t just for omelets: you can make frittatas, pizza pockets, apple turnovers and so much more! You can make...
  • QUICK & EASY - Cooking and cleaning are easy with the non-stick coated cooking surfaces. No more flipping mishaps or dirty frypans; just insert your ingredients, close the lid, and go. You’ll be...

Is there something more convenient than a device which does almost everything for you? Leaving you with only the need to prepare the mix, the Holstein HH-0937012SS helps you cook those frittatas faster than with any other device, creating the fluffiest and tastiest omelettes out there.

By merely pouring the mix inside, closing the lid and letting the device cook – you will have the perfect meal in a matter of minutes.

It is so simple to use that even a kid can use it safely and without problems. You’ll just have to teach him how to prepare the mixture, and that’s it.

The design is based on two cavities large enough for two-eggs preparation each. This means you can cook up to four eggs at the same time without problems.

Also, the pan construction is outstandingly useful, heating up really fast, and providing a non-stick coating that does the cooking and cleaning a lot easier.

One of the good things about it is what you get with almost all Holstein omelette makers – an incredible fluffy result.

Its cooking method is so efficient yet so tasty at the end that you won't believe it. Having to taste such a soft and delicious creamy omelette is an entirely enjoyable experience.

The entire device is also small enough to fit in most countertops and comes with a non-slip base to keep it stable while using. What’s more, it comes in three different colors: black, red, and blue teal.

This way you can match it precisely to your kitchen’s style and have an even more fantastic device.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional spacing for up to two eggs per side
  • Non-slip base promotes a more reliable cooking
  • Excellent non-stick coating helps you cook more conveniently
  • Handy indicator lights for pre-heating and cooking states

2. Lekue Omelette Maker

Lekue Omelette Maker, Model # , Red Small
2,715 Reviews
Lekue Omelette Maker, Model # , Red Small
  • Makes omelets in the microwave in 3 easy steps: beat eggs and milk, add ingredients, cook and eat
  • Includes a recipe booklet to make a variety of omelets within 5 minutes

Making a good breakfast or a tasty dinner does not mean having to spend half an hour in the kitchen. Just prepare your favorite omelette mix and pour it all down the Lekue omelette maker. Lekue is the best omelette maker for beginner.

Let it sit on the microwave for a few seconds, and that’s it – you will have a perfect omelette in a matter of minutes.

Not exactly a “maker” how most people think makers are, but one of the most convenient without a doubt. In addition, its affordability and outstanding ease of use make it an exceptional choice for low-budget buyers.

All omelettes will come out the maker in the perfect shape. You won’t have to spend time flipping, and thanks to the silicone construction, the omelette won’t get stuck in the pan.

Apart from that, you will be reducing the amount of butter or oil you use in the pan. This means fewer calories and better nutrition. No matter the mix you create for your omelette, this product will make sure it never gets stuck.

The silicone maker is also very resistant and durable. Despite being the most affordable in the whole list, it is outstandingly reliable and keeps contaminants out, from microbes to germs. And of course, you can clean it so quickly and fast you won’t have to worry about anything with it.

In short, you get a product that delivers efficiency in the kitchen, more cleanliness, faster preparation, and perfectly rounded omelettes at the same time.

And if you want a product that lasts a lifetime while being used every day – the Lekue omelette maker will fit perfectly into your needs.

Key Features:

  • Totally Easy 3-Step Cooking.
  • Less than 5-Minute Omelet Making.
  • Clean and Hygienic Build.
  • Non-Stick Silicone Construction.

3. Better Chef Double Omelette Maker

Better Chef Electric Omelet Maker (Red)
1,165 Reviews
Better Chef Electric Omelet Maker (Red)
  • PROFESSIONAL LOOKING OMELETTES: It has never been easier to make delicious, fluffy omelets with your favorite veggies and cheeses in minutes--no flipping, no pans, and no mess! The Better Chef IM-477R...
  • EASY CLEAN UP: The Better Chef IM-477R Non-Stick Double Omelet Maker features a non-stick interior cooking surface which makes up the clean up process a breeze. To clean, just wipe the interior using...

As soon as you start pouring the mixture into each cavity, you will see how amazing this device is. With two excellent-sized oval circles to pour the omelet mix and a well-made pan entirely, you can solely rely on this device to produce the tastiest and most beautiful omelets you can think of.

Thanks to the professional quality the IM-477R from Better Chef offers! You will get the ability to cook faster and much more conveniently.

The cleaning process is also 100% easier with this, as the oval cavities are totally accessible and the non-stick material makes it effortless.

If you’ve ever thought of never using the frying pan again, then this device will surely meet those wishes. Without having to flip anything, you can cook as many omelets as you want without fearing over-cooking or still raw eggs.

The cavities are large enough for two eggs omelet mix in each. This means you get a meal for two people without problems. In a matter of minutes, cooking the perfect frittatas is a total piece of cake.

And thanks to the excellent construction, the exterior will stay cold enough for manipulation when needed. So, this is a device with almost no downsides. You can make any type of preparation from omelets to fry eggs or even mini cakes or pocket pizzas.

Just add the mix and let them cook and that’s it. Add the convenience of cleaning and how fast it cooks, and you won’t have anything to complain about at a fantastic price.

Key Features:

  • Excellent-quality pan delivers fast cooking
  • Non-stick coating makes the device more convenient for cleaning
  • Cooks in a matter of minutes without having to flip the omelets
  • Really cool exterior even after several minutes of use
  • Cooks anything from omelets to mini pizzas and more

4. Cuisinart WAF-B50 Omelet Maker

Cuisinart WAF-B50 Breakfast Express Waffle/Omelet Maker, Stainless...
456 Reviews
Cuisinart WAF-B50 Breakfast Express Waffle/Omelet Maker, Stainless...
  • Creates deep-pocket 1-inch Belgian waffles and fluffy, flavorful omelets
  • Also cooks pancakes, fried eggs, grilled sandwiches, sausages and much more

With the perfect design to make fantastically rounded omelets and Belgian waffles, the Cuisinart WAF-B50 is easily the best electric omelette maker. It is not for non Belgian waffle.

Why? Just because it is the most straightforward and most reliable version in the market, with thousands of features to enjoy and magnificent results you won’t get with any other.

It flips your food automatically and works for a wide variety of preparations from omelets up to sandwiches and even sausages or steaks.

Just make sure you use the settings right, following the LED lights when the food is done, and that’s it. You will have a perfectly cooked omelet in just a matter of minutes.

For preparation, you just need to pour the ingredients inside, and that’s it. The size is enough for a two-person preparation. And thanks to its 1,400 watts capacity, it heats up really fast and cooks faster than any other.

Both pans are also incredibly useful. With a non-stick coating, you won’t have to worry about using butter or oil. Add the extremely easy-to-use rotary feature alongside the preparation knobs, and you won’t have any problem making the perfect omelets or any other preparation.

The Cuisinart WAF-B50 is the perfect choice for those users who want superior convenience, less cooking time, and a wide array of cooking choices.

Having the ability to cook thousands of meals while still being more comfortable and extremely reliable, is a set of features you won’t get with many makers. So, this one is just magnificent.

Key Features:

  • Cooks two things at the same time Belgian waffle & omelet maker.
  • Totally easy to use rotary feature and cooking levels.
  • Offers up to 1400 watts for faster and more effective cooking.
  • Entirely convenient LED lights and beep tones for cooking states.
  • Excellent non-stick coating on both pans.

5. Dash Omelette Maker with Dual Non-Stick Plates

Dash DOM001RD Nonstick Omelette Maker, Red
1,113 Reviews
Dash DOM001RD Nonstick Omelette Maker, Red
  • Easy to use - green indicator light signals when the Omelets Maker is preheated
  • Unit flips over for dual side cooking

The Dash omelette maker is merely fantastic, helping you prepare any type of frittata you want, and a wide variety of other meals.

Even though it is slightly smaller than others, its excellent efficiency will keep you hook to it, as it is faster, easier to use, and delivers more versatility than any other.

The versatility of this device, in fact, is outstanding, capable of cooking things such as pocket-pizzas, cookies, sandwiches, salmon, meat, and more.

In just minutes, it can make any type of preparation to be well-cooked entirely, and leave the most delightful texture and composition.

Use it is as simple as just pouring the mix and closing the lid. That’s it, wait for the indicator light to tell you when the device is ready to cook and you will have the perfect meal in no time.

The design of this maker is also exceptional. With an oval cooking pan inside with a non-stick coating and the perfect resistance to years of use, it will give you the reliability and convenience you deserve.

Something that makes it stand out is how easy it is to store. With its flat yet compact design, you will find a place to store it practically anywhere, from a drawer to a cabinet, or just stood on your countertop. It also looks terrific and provides a specific chic style to your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding design makes the device convenient and easy to store.
  • Excellent oval pan helps to cook more things without problems.
  • Exceptional quality delivers a reliable and durable device.
  • Totally easy to use with indicator lights.

6. Frigidaire 2-in-1 Microwave Omelette Maker

Smaller than most options in the market, the Omelette maker from Frigidaire is one you shouldn’t ignore. It comes with two small trays for you to cook two eggs at the same time, or remove them and cook a large omelet according to your needs.

It is made of the highest-quality silicone out there, so you get a product that delivers the reliability and resistance you need for constant using.

The material is also BPA free, so you get delicious and convenient meals without any contaminants or harmful chemical, even after years of use.

Let’s not forget it comes from a brand such as Frigidaire, which is not only known for expert-like devices of all kinds, but also for being the safest and most reliable products out there as well.

With this Microwave maker, you just have to pour the mix inside and let it cook, you will have the perfect meal in seconds. Totally easy entirely, foolproof, and safe enough for children to use it – that’s what Frigidaire offers with this one.

If you are looking for a device that does not demand much effort to use, that is entirely safe, and incredibly reliable over time – then you have found the right one. And what’s even better – it is the most affordable in the list. You could easily say this is the best microwave omelette maker in the market.

Key Features:

  • Easiest to use on the list: just pour the mix and cook in the microwave.
  • Comes with a large-sized cavity for omelets and an egg poacher for two.
  • Highest-quality plastic delivers durability and safe cooking.
  • Frigidaire product quality provides durability and resistance.

7. Holstein Housewares HF-09010B Fun Omlet Maker

Holstein Housewares HF-09010B Fun Omelet Maker, Black
256 Reviews
Holstein Housewares HF-09010B Fun Omelet Maker, Black
  • With the Omelet Maker, using your fry pan is a thing of the past
  • Easily make delicious and fluffy omelets without flipping

Even though you won’t have perfectly rounded omelets or the largest ones, the two-cavity Holstein HF-09010B fun maker is outstandingly fast and reliable.

In just a couple of minutes, you can have perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, frittatas, whole eggs, or just whatever.

It is maybe the simplest among all omelet makers. Just add the preparation to the cavities without going too far, and let it cook for a few minutes and that’s it.

After closing, you won’t have to stay for flipping or making sure the eggs are done. It will automatically tell you when the cooking is enough, as well as tell you when the device is pre-heated and ready to cook.

The entire construction is also reliable, resistant and incredibly easy-to-clean. With a non-stick coating, cooking with it is a total piece of cake.

Of course, mini-cakes are also part of the vast array of meals you can cook with it, including mini-cakes and more, as it delivers a fluffy finish to any egg-related food.

Another thing to think about is how compact the device is. In contrast with others, this one is smaller for smaller portions, yet it works for tiny kitchens or countertops where you don’t have as much space. And of course, it is more convenient when it comes to storing.

Despite the small portions on each cavity, you will have excellently-cooked frittatas in just a matter of minutes. From a brand such as Holstein, you won’t have anything to worry or complain about with this fantastic omelet maker.

Key Features:

  • Speedy cooking with a 5-minute timer.
  • High-quality infused ceramic build.
  • Scratch-resistant and non-stick surface.
  • Comes with its own spatula for convenience.

8. OXO Good Grips Microwave Omelet Maker

OXO Good Grips Microwave Omelet Maker
2,240 Reviews
OXO Good Grips Microwave Omelet Maker
  • Quickly and easily make an evenly cooked, fluffy omelet
  • Large capacity accommodates 2 and 3 egg omelets, that can be mixed directly in omelet maker

Look at the hindsight and think how many times you have ended up with scrabled eggs while making an omelet? Yes, most of us have been there and done that.

Those puritans among you who think cooking a folded omelet in a microwave won’t be as good as making it on a fry pan, here’s a product that’ll pleasantly surprise you.

OXO omelet make lets you make chicken omelet, cheese omelette with your favorite ingredients such as bacon, ham in about 5 minutes.

If you like veggies in your omelet, put them in the maker, secure the latch, pop it inside the microwave and wait for 3 minutes (or more depending on how well cooked you want them to be).

After that, put 1-3 eggs, nicely whisked, pour the mixture on to the flat open omelet maker. While it’s cooked halfway through, fold the Maker and tada! Your customized breakfast omelet is ready!

Note that while the appliance is completely dishwasher safe, we would recommend hand washing. Also do not forget to use non-stick cooking spray to grease the cooker. That’ll make sure your omelet doesn’t stick to the surface.

Key Features:

  • Easily fold able design accompanied by a latch.
  • Can be used for steaming vegetables too.
  • Can accommodate up to 3 whisked eggs at a time.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Easy to clean up with soap and water.
  • Dishwasher safe as well.

9. Cook’s Essentials Nonstick Pancake Quesadilla and Omelete Maker

Another breakfast maker worth mentioning, the Cook’s Essential with everything you need for perfect omelets.

It comes with four rounded compartments that allow anyone to cook the most amazing omelets without problems, as well as quesadillas, pancakes, or just whatever.

It is maybe the easiest to use overall. With a fantastic cooking system that provides an outstanding heat delivery, your meals will not only be made faster but also better.

You won’t have any raw piece like other machines do, and each will be fluffy and with the incredible texture and taste.

To use it, just pour the mix in and close the lid. For its price, you won't find any device as useful as this is. Whether it is for faster cooking or easier cleaning, this well-made breakfast maker is exceptional.

Apart from that, the compartments come with a high-quality steel material with a non-stick coating. This means that you won’t have to worry about sticky meals or disastrous results. They will all come perfectly shaped and cooked.

When you consider the compact and excellent design, you get even more convenience. It is not the smallest out there but thin enough to be stored anywhere you want, horizontally or vertically.

It also looks good enough to keep on your countertop. With non-slip legs, this one won’t ever fall or give you a bad result. It will cook reliably and without making a fuss of your kitchen.

So, it is almost the perfect omelette maker, with top-notch construction, design, and excellent results not many can offer.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional 4-compartments design for more omelets.
  • Cooks faster and more effectively with quality insulation.
  • Really convenient non-stick coating for faster cleaning and better cooking.
  • Excellent indicator lights for power and ready.
  • Totally easy to use and to store due to significant design.

10. Bulbhead Red Copper 5 Minute Chef  Omelette Maker Includes Recipe Guide

No products found.

Known for many as the coolest omelette maker in the market, the Bullhead Red-Copper 5-minute chef is outstandingly reliable, efficient, and easy to use.

It cooks well enough for a wide variety of preparations, from poached eggs up to pancakes or the best of all: tasty and fluffy omelets.

The perfect inside will cook your food so evenly and fast that you won’t believe it. This makes it incredibly compelling, not only because it cooks really fast, but because your food will be amazingly tasty in the end. All thanks to the ceramic infuse cookware build.

Its oval shape also helps to create a better omelet, not only it will look better when you take it off the device, but it will also be more convenient to place anywhere on a plate. You will be able to eat your omelet along with any other food without problems.

Apart from all that, the device comes with a very reliable exterior construction. It looks terrific as well, and despite looking large, it is compact and very suitable to fit in practically any place.

Cleaning it is also a total piece of cake. Having an excellent ceramic-like material, wiping off the residues is more comfortable and faster.

And due to its light brownish color, you will be able to see even the smallest waste to clean it even better.

Key Features:

  • Top-notch non-stick material for more natural cooking and convenient cleaning.
  • Useful light indicators for pre-heating and using.
  • Spacious cavities for up to one egg each.
  • Compact and well-made design for storing options.
  • Prepares fluffy omelets due to heating mode.

No products found.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Top Quality Omelette Makers:

Is there a way to buy omelet makers more effectively? Yes, as you know, we’ve given several details about each in the above section, yet we haven’t told you why precisely all that information is essential.

Here, we are going to go over each necessary feature to help you understand more about them.

1. Cooking Speed

There’s no better advantage of having an omelet maker than how fast they prepare things. Even a microwave omelette maker is a fantastic choice to cook this meal faster.

You need to make sure that the one you choose does it in 5 minutes or less. That’s the standard, and that’s what you should go for. If it is less than 5 minutes, it’s just perfect.

2. Controls & Settings

Apart from having an on/off button, these devices should come with an Alarm and Timer, and essential indicator lights.

This way, you will be able to cook your omelet or just whatever more efficiently and conveniently.

Especially if you already know how much time it takes or the exact point of cooking for your meal, these features come really handy.

3.Quantity & Compartments

One of the most significant things to take into consideration is how much space you have inside the device to cook your omelets.

Not only the space but also the number of compartments are essential to know whether the device works for you or not. If you have a big family, anything with less than two-egg capacity may eventually become annoying to use.


Apart from having enough space for various omelets at the same time, it is essential to have a device that cooks more things than just omelet.

It means to get a product that works for sandwiches, pancakes, quesadillas, frittatas, etc. This way you get more versatility and don’t have to leave it on your countertop until you need omelets only.

4. Lifespan

Not only needs the device to be resistant and reliable, but it also needs to last a lot of time. There’s no use for an omelet maker that does not last a lifetime.

It should be entirely reliable, provide an excellent construction of plastic, ceramic or steel, and eventually offer real quality overall. Without all that, you may not find a product that lasts at least 3 years of use.

5. Size & Storing

Make sure the device does not take much space, even if it is large. Some of these devices come with excellent removable parts that make storing of the device easier.

Others come with flat designs or rounded ones for easier storing as well. Typically, we recommend a product that can stand on your countertop without taking much space even when not using.

6. Cleaning

It is a crucial thing to consider how easy it is to clean the cookware. No matter what product you choose, it must come with a non-stick feature, so food does not get stuck, and cleaning does not become a headache.

If you take into account all these features, and you should be buying good-quality omelette maker for your needs.

How To Use An Omelette Maker?

There are several ways to use an omelette maker, but it usually all comes down to simply pouring down the mix and letting the device do its work.

However, not all devices are an easy omelette maker like you think.

To make it easier for you, here’s a set of steps to use most omelet makers;

  • Prepare the omelet mix
  • Open the device
  • Wipe the cavity or compartment where you are going to pour the omelet mix with a soft cloth
  • Pour the mix and make sure it is not too much to avoid a disaster
  • Set the settings according to your needs and close the lid
  • Let it cook according to your needs (2 to 5 minutes)
  • Take out the omelet when it is done and serve
  • Clean the device well afterwards
  • Place it where it belongs in your kitchen

How To Take Care of Your Omelette Makers?

The most effective way to take care of your things is always cleaning them after using and not misusing them. And guess what, that’s exactly what you need to do with your omelet maker to have a durable and reliable product.

Most experts recommend cleaning the device just after cooking to avoid food sticking up to the sides and possibly making it harder to clean when dry.

Also, it is essential to never wash the device with moist cloths or water when it is electrical (unless it is specifically ready for that).

Another vital tip to take care of omelette makers is not to overburden the trays or compartments when cooking. Whether it is omelet mixture or any other meal, excess food may eventually get out of the cavity and go into the interior of the device and short.

Lastly, keep it away from humid places, ants, and high temperatures in the outside. You could store it in a safe place as well, far from the reach of kids and animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make anything with my omelet maker?

A: While an omelet maker may offer hundreds of meal options to cook, it will not be able to cook everything. You may use it for anything similar to an omelet such as a pancake or a mini cake, but rice, pasta or sauce will be entirely out of place and even dangerous.

Q: Is it safe to use an omelet maker every time I want one?

A: There is no downside to using an omelet maker each time you need a meal. It will not make a difference from cooking in a regular pan or with one of these, whatever meal it is.

Q: Will the device keep the omelet warm for a few minutes?

A: Yes, most omelet makers come with insulated construction that keeps the heat for at least 2 to 3 minutes. This way you can leave the device cooking and then turn off while you do something else.

Q: Do I need a space tool to take the omelets out of the device?

A: Not really, but it is always recommended to use something large to keep away hands from the heated elements. Some options actually come with an additional spatula.

Q: What is faster – an electric omelet maker or a microwave omelet maker?

A: Even though a microwave may have more potency than an electric omelet maker, it usually takes less with the latter. Electric is made especially for that, so they do it more effectively, but it is not exactly the rule.

Final Word​

Don’t let time turn you off from having the best omelette maker at home. You can have the most delicious and fast omelettes without having to spend too much.

They are also totally easy to use and utterly reliable. So, do you want a product that helps you cook omelets much more effectively and still come like a blessing for your pocket?​

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