5 Best Rocket Stove in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Whether you are camping in the woods or dealing with an emergency, you can cook a full meal by using a rocket stove.

Shopping for the new rocket stove can be overwhelming. All rocket stoves are not same. There are some stoves that live up to their descriptions, but there are also rocket stoves that are destined to fail. Read my related detailed guide for choosing the best butane stove.

After a comprehensive research, We came up with a list of the 5 best rocket stoves in 2021.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Rocket Stoves in 2021

5 Best Rocket Stove Reviews:

1. MSR Pocket Backpacking Rocket Stove

This rocket stove is perfect if you need something lightweight for adventures such as camping, hiking and backpacking. It allows you to cook a warm meal without increasing your baggage.

You don’t need to worry about priming, preheating or pressurizing this stove, which makes it easy to use when you are in outdoors. The stove runs on a high-performance isobutane-propane fuel canister.

Waiting hours to eat a warm meal is not an option when you have been hiking or camping all day.

You only have to wait 3.5 minutes for the stove to boil 1 liter of water. The flame adjusts to a rolling boil without using a lot of energy.

When it comes to the design itself, this stove is a great choice if you want something simple but functional.

The stove supports pots of various sizes and styles, which allows you to bring your own cookware on your trip.

It can also be folded into a smaller size for easy traveling and storage.


The package includes a hard-shell carry case to keep your stove safe when it is not in use.


  • No priming, preheating or pressurizing.
  • Boils 1 liter of water in just 3.5 minutes.
  • Light, compact size for easy traveling.
  • Collapses to fit in hard-shell carry case.


  • Isobutane-propane fuel canister is not included.

2. Ohuhu Camping Stove

The Ohuhu Camping Stove is ideal for picnics, cookouts, camping and hiking. It features a lightweight, collapsible design to make carrying this stove a breeze.

The stainless steel construction creates a product that burns regardless of the weather conditions.

The three-step process makes it easy to use this stove in any situation. Start by placing the chamber on top of the bottom and adding the stove base plate.

You are going to use natural kindling such as dried twigs, wooden branches and leaves to fuel your stove. All you have to do is place the kindling into the pot rack.

Once you fire up the stove, you can place your cooking pot on the burner and prepare your food. If safety is your concern, you can rest assured that this stove uses a three-arm base support system.

It distributes an equal amount of heat while creating a stable cooking area. The stove is safe to use in environments ranging from a grassy area to windy conditions.

You can also rest assured that this stove is an eco-friendly product. The product does not use any fuel or alcohol that leaves behind harmful chemicals. The stove includes a mesh bag for easy carrying and storage.


  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Stable for safe usage.
  • Uses natural kindling.
  • Distributes an even amount of heat.
  • Collapses for easy storage.


  • Pot stand legs are a little sharp.

3. EcoZoom Survival Best Rocket Stove

The quality materials and well-built design of this stove is just what you need for your outdoor adventure. It features stainless steel handles wrapped in silicone grips to prevent burns while cooking.

The interior and exterior elements are easy to clean and maintain, which allows you to spend more time focusing on your adventure.

You can cook your meal using wood, charcoal or solid biomass as your fuel. The vertical combustion chamber is fully insulated to mix the gases with the flames, which means you are not using a lot of energy to cook your food in a short time.

The durable construction, user-friendly operation and natural fuel make this stove the ideal appliance in most outdoor surroundings.

It is a convenient product for cooking food during a camping or hiking trip, but you can also use it to prepare food during an emergency situation.


  • Built with durable materials.
  • Uses wood, charcoal or solid biomass as fuel.
  • Offers a fast cook time without using a lot of energy.
  • Elements are easy to clean and maintain.


  • You need to keep feeding the fire.

4. KampMATE WoodFlame

The kampMATE WoodFlame is a stainless steel rocket stove designed for camping, backpacking and emergencies.

You can use wood, charcoal, cedar pucks, Esbit Tablets and any kind of biomass as fuel. The air ventilation allows you to cook your food at a higher temperature.

The stove comes in a larger size for easy cooking, but it is made of a lightweight material for easy traveling. When you are finished using your stove, you can fold it down and place it inside the carry case for easy storage.

Manufacturer of this product offers money back guaranty. For details about this, you can contact with manufacturer.


  • Uses wood, charcoal and other elements for fuel.
  • Provides ample air ventilation.
  • Can be folded down to fit inside the carry case.


  • Size may not be ideal if you are looking for a compact stove.

5. M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove

The M-5000 Envirofit is an eco-friendly rocket stove that uses small sticks as fuel. It boils water in just several minutes to provide a fast cook time without using too much energy.

The stove also features an emissions reduction ring to ensure you are not harming the environment.

It includes several features that make cooking an easier and safer task, such as the wooden handles, sturdy legs, locking pot skirts and cast iron drip pan.

The stove also includes a patented heat-resistant alloy chamber, lightweight heat reflecting shield and high firepower chamber design.

When it comes to the model itself, the compact, lightweight design is great for transporting and storing the stove. You can also pair this stove with the GoGrill accessory unit, which is sold as a separate product.


  • Uses small sticks as fuel.
  • Boils water in just several minutes.
  • Sturdy handles and legs.
  • Features an emissions reduction ring.
  • Compact design.


  • Does not include the GoGrill accessory unit.

What to Consider before Purchasing A Rocket Stove?

If you are a casual shopper, you may feel most rocket stoves look and cook the same. However, the wide selection of rocket stoves is sure to include different features and designs.

We have put together a buyers guide to help for choosing a rocket stove. The guide features key points to consider when comparing the stoves on our review list.

You can use this information to determine which stove offers the best value for your money.

1. Power

The power is a key aspect of most appliances, but you are going to be thinking of the fuel rather than the wattage.

There are many rocket stoves that use an isobutane-propane fuel canister, and other rocket stoves use wood or charcoal.

You can even find rocket stoves that use elements such as dried twigs and leaves. The key is to make sure your rocket stove is offering a fast cook time without using too much fuel.

2. Precision

The way a rocket stove cooks your food determines the precision of the product. There are some rocket stoves that boil your water in just several minutes, but you may need to keep feeding the flames on other rocket stoves.

A rocket stove with great air ventilation allows you to cook your food at a hotter temperature.

Remember, a rocket stove does not usually include a lot of modes and settings. You are using the rocket stove manually to cook your food, so you need to stay near the stove to ensure your food does not overcook.

3. Convenience

Rocket stoves are convenient for outdoor adventures such as hiking, backpacking and camping. You can even use it to cook outdoors during an emergency or power outage.

It was stated in the previous section that a rocket stove does not have a lot of modes and settings.

However, there are rocket stoves with extra features and pieces for your convenience. You may even decide to splurge on a stove that supports your own cookware.

There are also rocket stoves that feature a compact and collapsible design. This makes it easy to transport and store the stove in your carry case or mesh bag.

If you want a rocket stove with a faster cook time or extra pieces, plan to spend a little more money on your product.

4. Safety

You need to consider the safety features of a rocket stove before deciding on a product.

There are many rocket stoves that feature stainless steel handles with silicone grips, and this is a popular feature because the handles are safe to touch while cooking.

A three-arm support system keeps your pot in place to avoid an accidental spill or burn. You also want to be able to use your rocket stove in different outdoor areas.


It is important to compare the safety features of each rocket stove. You want to be sure it is safe to use regardless of the area or situation.

5. Reliability

You should always think about the future when you are buying an appliance, and your rocket stove is not an exception to this rule.

Your rocket stove should be made out of durable materials to ensure it lasts for years. If there is a problem with the stove, you want to make sure the manufacturer is going to take care of it.

A rocket stove should always be purchased from a reliable manufacturer who honors their warranty.

There are several manufacturers who allow you to request the warranty with their customer service. Other manufacturers may offer the warranty information on their official website.

There are also brands such as kampMATE that offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.

If your manufacturer does not offer a warranty or guarantee, you may want to think twice about purchasing a rocket stove from them.

How Does A Rocket Stove Work?

A rocket stove uses wood, charcoal and solid biomass as fuel. When the kindling is burned, compounds such as smoke and soot are sucked into the insulated burn chamber for combustion.

The burn chamber makes sure the combustion is nearly complete before the flames reach the cooking surface.

Once the combustion is complete, the remaining heat is used for boiling water and cooking food.

How to Cook on the Stove?

A rocket stove is commonly used for cooking worldwide, and it uses wood as the source of fuel. The advantage of using a rocket stove is that you can take it with you wherever you go.

If you are going outside or camping for outdoor activities, and need to cook there, just put it in your car and take it with you. It’s a portable stove with a wide variety of uses.

Step 1: Collect some wood

Wood is the most important thing in using the rocket stove. Wood acts as the source of heat for this stove. If you buy the rocket stove from a premium seller, the rocket stove also comes with a small rack which can be used to keep the wood in place.

It is not necessary to use a well-cut wooden timber; the sticks available in your backyard can do the trick.

Step 2: Set up the stove

To avoid any accidents, place the stove on a flat surface. This is very important. When the wood starts to burn inside, the stove will get very hot.

Don’t place the stove on something which melts with low heat like plastic. Place the stove on a solid platform. Most rocket stoves are coated with heat resistant paint. It helps the stove to withstand high temperatures for long.

Step 3: Feed the fuel

Wood or sticks can be fed from the opening at the bottom of the stove which is called the burn chamber.

There are two openings at the bottom. One to feed the fuel and another one is to allow the flow of air – this is known as airflow chamber.

Airflow is very important for the wood to burn. Don’t just fill all the sticks through both the openings. To burn wood, a lot of oxygen is required.

By leaving a clear opening, you are allowing the wood to burn efficiently which in turn, produces more heat. It is always better to use the small sticks to get the flame started and then feed some larger ones.

Step 4: Keep the pot on the stove

Once you get the fire started, put the pot on top of the rocket stove. Because of the continuous supply of air from the airflow chamber, the wood will continue to burn.

Make sure that the pot you place on the stove is not very big in diameter. Use a small pot with the same diameter as the stove or a little more to maintain the balance.

Step 5: Cook food

Once everything is set up, cook whatever you need in the pot.

How to Clean a Rocket Stove?

Rocket stove uses wood as fuel. When wood is burnt, it produces carbon. When you cook using the rocket stove, the excess of carbon produced by the wood stick on the stove making it appear black in color.

Burnt wood leaves some coal in the top and some burnt ash at the bottom, which can be easily cleaned.

1. Wait for the stove to cool down

This step is very important and plays a very important role in your safety. Don’t just start with cleaning the stove as soon as you finished cooking.

Wait for the stove to cool down. Rocket stoves can reach extreme temperature that can quickly wound your hand.

It is always necessary to take caution whenever you are working with the rocket stove. Rocket stoves can build-up temperature of thousands of degrees. Give the stove a considerable amount of time to cool down before even touching it.

2. Remove the coal and the ash

After cooking, the wood you used will leave the residues – the stove will be painted with black color inside. In this case, it is coal and ash.

If you are using a portable rocket stove, it is easy to remove the coal and the ash. To remove the coal and the ash, just pick up the stove and dump the waste.

If you are using a large rocket stove, which cannot be picked up, use a brush to scrape off all the residues left by the wood.

3. Use a blower to remove excess residues

If the stove still contains some ash or coal inside and you can’t reach it, the blower will be your helper.

Take a blower and blow a good amount of air inside the burning chamber, airflow chamber and the chimney to remove all the excess residues inside.

4. Cleaning the cast iron top

The top of the rocket stove is made of cast iron. Cast iron is a great choice to withstand a high amount of heat.

Due to the use of wood, which produces a lot of carbon, the top will be completely covered with dirt. The carbon residue makes the top look black in color.

After cooking, the top will be covered with smoke particles, some ash and carbon residues.

The smoke particles and ash can be easily removed by blowing air or by just wiping it using a clean cloth.

It is not recommended to completely remove the carbon formation since it occurs every time you use the stove. If you have to remove the carbon formation, follow the manufacturer’s guideline.

5. Removing the carbon formation

The best and simple way to clean the carbon formation is to use vinegar and baking soda mixture.

Spray the mixture on a clean cloth and rub the cast iron top to remove all the carbon formation from it.

Rocket Stove vs. Wood Stove

The main difference between a rocket stove and wood stove is the combustion process.

When cooking on a rocket stove, compounds such as smoke and soot are sucked into the burn chamber. It offers a complete combustion that does not result in smoke or wasted energy.

A wood stove releases the smoke and soot into the air through the chimney. This results in too much smoke and wasted energy.

Safety Tips While Using Your Rocket Stove:

Safety should always be your number one concern when cooking. It is important to keep the following safety tips in mind when you are using your rocket stove.

If you are wearing gloves while lighting the stove, be careful because you may not have the same agility as when your hands are free.

You should always be careful when using an isobutane-propane fuel to light your stove. You do not want to let too much gas out because it could cause a flame-up that results in an injury.

Remember to use your stove on a level surface to prevent accidental spills and burns.

You should never cook without enough ventilation because your stove releases carbon monoxide, and you do not want to put yourself at risk of illness or death.

Do not put your stove away until it has cooled down. Touching your stove too soon can cause you to burn yourself.

Maintenance Tips

If you want your rocket stove to last for years to come, you need to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to maintain it.

The following tips can help you maintain your rocket stove.


You should always clean out the burn chamber after it has cooled down. If you use your rocket stove often, try to clean it out once a week.

You may need to reach down into the chamber to remove the ashes and kindling, so you may want to wear gloves for this task.

The stove may get wet in the rain or snow, but you can prevent rusting by drying it with a cloth.

The directions for wiping down your rocket stove may vary per brand, so it is important to read the care instructions that come with your rocket stove.

Avoid using detergent, soap or cleaning products on your stove. You do not want these products to harm the surface. It is best to use a wet, soap-free cloth to wipe down the stove after each use.

A tough stain on your stove is inevitable, but you can remove it with a cloth and coarse sea salt. If your stove is made of cast iron, you can keep it from rusting by using linseed or flaxseed oil.

Remember to dry your stove before you put it away to prevent rusting. There is a chance your rocket stove came with a carry case or mesh bag, which you can use to store the stove when you are not using it.

If it did not come with a case or bag, you should cover it with newspaper and store it in a dry place. Another idea is to place your rocket stove inside a 5 gallon bucket with a lid.

Advantages of Using a Rocket Stove:

1. Portability

Whenever I talk about the rocket stove, the first thing comes to mind is portability. You can just carry it anywhere you want. It is the best option if you are thinking of camping and need to cook there.

You don’t even have to carry wood with it since you can cook food with the sticks which are readily available in nature.

2. Efficiency

Using the rocket stove is one of the most efficient ways to cook food. There is a small wastage of heat energy here; the heat energy which is absorbed by the metal.

The stove is designed in such a way that it channels the heat directly towards the vessel at the top.

If you have used a campfire to cook food, you would know that it disperses heat everywhere. It is one of the least efficient ways to cook food and this can be easily solved using the rocket stove.

3. Natural fuel

One of the biggest advantages of using the rocket stove is that it uses wood as the fuel. Wood is a natural resource which is readily available almost everywhere.

You don’t have to spend any money to get the fuel. Go to your backyard and you can find enough sticks to cook for a day.

What is the point of a rocket stove?

The point of a rocket stove is to prepare food when you are outdoors regardless of the weather.

You can use it for activities such as hiking, backpacking and camping trips. You can also use your rocket stove to prepare food during an emergency situation.

A rocket stove can also be used as a space heater. It is convenient for emergencies such as a power outage or extreme weather.

The heater is also an energy and cost-efficient way to heat up your home.

Remember, the exhaust gases of the rocket stove must be passed out of your home through a chimney.

Do rocket stoves really work?

The rising popularity of rocket stoves shows that these outdoor appliances really do work.

A rocket stove is designed to create an efficient way of cooking outdoors, and there are many customers who can vouch that their rocket stove does serve its intended purpose.

How hot does a rocket stove get?

Using a rocket stove for cooking is one of the most efficient ways to cook. It makes the efficient use of fuel provided to it. Rocket stove has a pillar-like structure which channels almost all the heat produced towards the vessel on the top.

Wood is burned in a simple burning or combustion chamber which ensures almost complete combustion. Rocket stove uses 20% to 30% less fuel compared to the traditional stoves and can produce more heat than the traditional open three-stone fire.

When wood is burned in the combustion chamber, it produces a lot of heat. Rocket stoves can build-up temperature thousands of Fahrenheit.

A well-built rocket stove can reach up to 350 degree Celsius in 15 minutes. It is always advised to take precautions while using a rocket stove. Because of the extreme heat generation, it is always wise to leave the stove for few hours to cool down before cleaning it.

Which is The Best Rocket Stove?

It is important to get the high-quality rocket stove, and we believe the EcoZoom Versa Rocket Survival Stove is at the head of its class.

EcoZoom Versa, High-Efficiency, Wood-Burning, 14.25 lbs Portable...

We believe this rocket stove is a great option for both beginners and experts who are not looking for anything flashy or complicated.

Benefits of the EcoZoom Versa Rocket Survival Stove:

The quality of this stove is the one thing that can make or break your experience.

Luckily, this stove is well-built using durable materials to bring you a long-lasting product. Once you set it up, it stays in place until you are ready to put it away.

It is also easy to clean and maintain the elements, so you do not have to worry about spending hours cleaning your stove. If you are looking for a portable stove that is energy efficient, this is the best stove.

The clay and ceramic fiber insulation keep the heat inside the stove, and the combustion chamber moves the heat towards the bottom of the stove.

This means you can cook your meals faster without using too much energy. The stove is also a great option if you are looking for an eco-friendly product for cooking outdoors.

You can prepare a fully-cooked meal without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment appliance. You can use the stove in different outdoor scenarios, such as preparing a meal when you are hiking or camping. The stove is also convenient for cooking a full meal during an emergency situation, such as a power outage.


We hope you have found our in-depth look at the best rocket stove reviews on the market interesting and helpful.

Using a rocket stove is one of the most efficient, less time-consuming ways to cook food. With a little caution, rocket stove can be used to cook almost anything.

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