Best Undermount Kitchen Sink (Reviews of 2021)

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10 Best Undermount Kitchen Sink Reviews:

1. Kraus KHU100-30 Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink

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Key Features:

1. Stainless Steel

This sink features extremely high-grade stainless steel that will resist scratching and daily wear and tear. The T304 16 gauge stainless steel is resistant to all dents and major damage too. Because of this high quality, this sink is unlikely to rust or stain with repeated use.

2. Extra Depth

The extra depth of this undermount sink provides plenty of room to run water at full blast without any worry of splashing water outside the sink. The extra depth can come in handy when washing large items in the sink too.

3. Satin Finish

The beautiful satin finish on this stainless steel sink creates a muted look that is understated and modern. The lasting finish will also reduce any scratching or minor dings that may be incurred over its lifetime. Unlike a high shine finish, this satin finish is less distracting and can blend into the decor of your kitchen.

4. Standard Drain Size

This model has a standard drain size as well as some drain accessories like a basket strainer. You won't have to worry about any odd sizing or whether it will match typical kitchen plumbing hook ups or pipes.

5. Dish Stacking Grate

To protect the beautiful satin finish of the stainless steel, a dish grate has been provided. This grate can sit on the bottom of your sink. You can either stack up dirty dishes on it or allow washed dishes to drip dry. Though the stainless steel is naturally resistant to damage, the grate will offer an extra layer of protection.

6. Dish Towel

Finally, a dish towel is provided as an extra with this sink model. The Kraus accessories that are included in this package are all of the highest quality. The towel is black and emblazoned with the Kraus logo. Like the sink, it is meant for repeated use and will most likely last for a long while.


  • T304 16 gauge stainless steel will endure heavy wear and tear
  • Satin finish offers an understated, elegant appearance
  • Comes with standard drain holes
  • A strainer basket is included
  • A protective and useful dish grate is included
  • A black dish towel with Kraus logo is enclosed
  • The depth of the sink prevents splashing or mess
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean and wipe down
  • Sink is dent-resistant and unlikely to rust or stain


  • Satin finish may scratch more easily
  • Grate insert may rust eventually
  • May require extra drainage due to large size

2. The Best Ruvati 32-inch Undermount Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink for Granite Countertops

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Key Features:

1. Single-Tier Track Workstation

Maximize your work space with this multi-functional sink. The single-tier track allows you to move different accessories into place for use or out of the way when not in use. The subtle lips in the sink hold this track and all the accompanying accessories.

2. Cutting Board

Cut vegetables or prepare food easily with this wooden cutting board that is included with this sink. The cutting board fits onto the rolling track and can be locked into place when in use, saving your countertops. This feature makes it one of the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops.

3. Sound Guard

This sink offers an impressive undercoating and rubber padding to prevent noise. If you accidentally drop a dish or glass, this sound guard will prevent any unpleasant loud sounds from disturbing others in the room. This feature can make washing dishes or doing other chores in the sink that much less irritating.

4. Dish Drying Rack

A rack for drying dishes comes in handy on a daily basis. This accessory, like the others included with this sink, fits onto the ledge and rolls along to wherever you need it within the sink. Simply remove it and store it when not in use, or leave it in the sink for easy access.

5. Stainless Steel Finish

The stainless steel finish makes this sink durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and other damage that occurs with daily wear and tear. The classic modern finish complements the wood accents that accompany the accessories, such as the cutting board.

6. Sloped Bottom

You could always be sure your sink is draining fully and properly with this model's sloped bottom. Since it lacks hard and sharp corners and edges, the softly sloping sides and bottom encourage the water to flow toward the center drain every time without extra rinsing.


  • Sloped bottom makes draining quick and easy
  • Accessories can easily fit and adjust to where you need them
  • Wooden cutting board is included
  • Stainless steel construction is durable
  • Great for kitchen multi-taskers
  • Sound guard softens loud noises
  • Dish drying rack and stainless steel colander included
  • Can fit most drains and garbage disposal hookups
  • Protective dish rack is included


  • Satin finish may encourage water spots
  • Attachments may be in the way if not used frequently
  • Sink is very deep, which may make washing dishes difficult

3. Ruvati 30-inch Top Rated Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Key Features:

1. Single Bowl Design

This single bowl design makes for a convenient sink where you can stack up dishes or wash large items. The bowl has softly sloping sides and edges for complete drainage too.

2. Removable Protective Grate

Not only does this removable grate make for a great place to drip dry dishes and cups, it protects the bottom of your sink. Keep the bottom of your sink looking like new by using this grate that comes with rubber feet. The grate can be lifted out at any time and washed or stored separately.

3. Hidden Sink Strainer

The drop-in sink strainer fits into this model's drain perfectly and creates a seamless appearance across the bottom of the sink. All food particles are caught on the sides and underneath, and this strainer can be pulled out at any time and rinsed.

4. Brushed Stainless Steel

The brushed satin finish of this sink has a timeless appeal that is easy to keep clean. Simply use some baking soda and a wet sponge to wipe down periodically. The finish discourages water spots and other staining from occurring and contributes to a modern, contemporary look.

5. Deep Nine Inch Bowl

Prevent splashing and other kitchen spills with this deep bowl. Nine inches deep, this sink should be able to hold a whole dinner party's worth of dirty dishes if necessary. You will also be able to maneuver large or bulky items in and out of the sink with ease.

6. Sound Reduction

This sink reduces the noise of cleaning dishes or pots and pans by offering a rubber padding and undercoating that sound-proofs the surfaces. Even spraying won't cause ringing noises like some metal sinks can.


  • Deep nine inch bowl can hold a lot of dishes
  • Padding and undercoating provide noise reduction
  • Comes with removable dish rack and protective grate
  • An attractive drain strainer is included
  • Single bowl design multiplies the sink's uses
  • Unobtrusive logo is on inside of bowl
  • Modern look has classic appeal


  • May be too basic for some
  • Brushed satin finish may need to be periodically shined up
  • May arrive with chemical smell that eventually goes away

4. ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink for Granite Countertops

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Key Features:

1. Superior Thermal and Sound Insulation

This Moderna model offers excellent insulation against fluctuating temperatures. You may pour boiling water down the drain, set hot pans inside the sink, or switch from boiling hot to freezing cold water without worrying about damaging your sink. This model also features soundproofing technology.

2. Colander Strainer Set

These white trays can hang over the top of your sink and enable you to easily rinse and drain or strain fruit, vegetables or other food items quickly and conveniently. They require no additional hookups and can be removed at any time.

3. Large Scratch-Proof Grate

Protect the bottom of your sink and set your dishes to air dry with this scratch-proof grate. This grate matches the bottom of your sink for a uniform appearance and even has a hole cut to accommodate the sink drain. Feel free to leave this item in your sink at all times for maximum protection.

4. Impressive Width and Depth

At 32 inches wide and 10 inches deep, this sink is great for those who want to maximize their sink's utility. Wash many items at once, and spray away without worrying about spills or spots from overflow. The large size also makes the accessories included all the more usable.

5. Sink Strainer and Cover

Do away with unsightly drain covers forever with this sink. This model includes an attractive drain strainer that hides away within the drain, and a cover allows water to disappear without any mess. Simply pull it out periodically to rinse and wipe, then replace and enjoy.

6. Wire Basket

A small wire basket that can attach to the side of the sink is included. This basket can hold anything from extra sponges, rags, kitchen utensils, or even a small bottle of cleaner. Remove the basket at any time or leave it on for convenient all in one storage.


  • Wide and deep bowl makes for maximum versatility
  • Wire basket holder is included
  • A hidden sink strainer and drain cover are included
  • Contemporary satin finish offers a classic appearance
  • A removable colander and strainer could streamline food prep
  • Soft, rounded edges make for easy cleaning and quick draining
  • Thermal insulation against extreme hot and cold pans or liquids
  • Reduces sound and noise from clanging pots and pans


  • May be too large for some counters
  • Should not be cleaned with acids or bleach
  • Warranty does not cover outdoor installation

5. Kraus Standart PRO Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

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Key Features:

1. Double Bowls

With the dual bowl design you'll be able to wash and dry dishes easily and quickly. You may also perform one task on one side while reserving the other side for a different task. Save money on water consumption and increase your efficiency by filling one side quickly while leaving the other side empty.

2. Grates and Drain Covers

Two protective grates are included, one for each side of the sink. These grates can help you drip dry dishes or simply be left in the bottom of each bowl to protect the stainless steel from potential scratches or damage.

3. Lifetime Limited Warranty

Kraus is a reliable name in the industry, and this model comes with a lifetime limited warranty for your peace of mind. This brand prioritizes customer service, so if anything should go wrong you can seek and receive help right away.

4. Premium Grade Stainless Steel

The T304 stainless steel is 16 gauge. Higher gauges usually mean thinner or less durable materials, but the 16 gauge is guaranteed to last for a long time. This material is dent resistant and will not stain or rust. With proper care stainless steel can last a lifetime.

5. Satin Finish

The brushed satin finish is a classic sink design and can make your kitchen and countertops look modern. Most contemporary kitchens feature stainless steel appliances with satin finishes. This finish will also disguise any water spots or other minor staining that may occur between regular wipe-downs.

6. Sleek Square Design

The square design of the sink bowls create a super modern and sleep look. This design signals cleanliness and bold lines. The slight curve of the corners makes cleaning and draining a snap.


  • Sleek, contemporary finishes will blend in to any kitchen
  • Stainless steel is premium grade
  • Rounded square edges create a bold, modern look
  • Non-toxic soundproofing technology makes dishwashing quieter
  • Lifetime limited warranty provides peace of mind
  • Drain strainers and covers included
  • Double bowl design increases versatility of sink
  • Dual bowls help conserve water and fill faster
  • Comes with protective grates for each side of sink


  • Squared-off corners may need extra cleaning
  • Wire racks may rust if not cared for properly
  • May drain slower due to flatter bottom

6. Kraus 32 inch Undermount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Key Features:

1. Identical Double Bowls

Some double bowl sinks feature different sizes, but this model has perfect symmetry. Each bowl is 16 inches wide and allows for plenty of room to wash, dry, rinse or perform any task that involves a sink without limitation.

2. Soft Rounded Edges

The rounded edges of this model create a softer appearance that can be less harsh than sinks with bold, straight lines. This model still has a contemporary feel while looking elegant and welcoming. This style may be great in kitchens with an eclectic or rustic decor.

3. Rubber Padding and Undercoating

Make noisy dish washing a thing of the past with this model's soundproofing qualities. A pad of rubber and stone undercoating reduce any clattering or sharp noises significantly. Vibrations and ringing are also reduced with this technology.

4. Fast Draining

The sloping sides make for superior draining compared to sinks with straighter sides and flatter bottoms. The big advantage to rounded corners is that they encourage water to flow toward the drain at all times. That can also reduce edge cleaning.

5. Grates and Sink Stoppers

Like its competitors, this model includes dish racks that fit on the bottom of both bowls. These racks can be used to protect the stainless steel finish at all times. Sink stoppers and drain strainers are also included.

6. Satin Finish Resists Water Spots

This model may be one of the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops because it resists all stains, including water spots. Depending on your preferences, the rounded edges and soft satin finish look great contrasted with the hard, shiny surface of granite.


  • Satin finish resists dents and damage
  • Rounded sides make draining easy and fast
  • 16 gauge stainless steel will last a long time
  • Bowls are of equal size and depth
  • Grates are included
  • Drain covers are included
  • Kraus black towel comes with sink
  • Condensation is reduced with Stone Guard technology
  • Sounds are reduced with rubber padding


  • Rounded edges have a more casual look
  • Satin finish may need extra care to avoid dull appearance
  • May be too wide for some countertops

7. BLANCO Diamond Super Single Silgranit Drop-in Undermount Kitchen Sink

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Key Features:

1. Offset Drain

Eliminate the need for a double bowl sink with this unique design. The drain sits off to the right instead of in the middle of the sink, yet the bottom of the sink is angled to drain properly. This design allows you to stack dirty dishes or other items up on one side while using the drain on the other side. Without a partition in the middle you can still wash bulky dishes with ease.

2. Striking Appearance

The all black coloring provides a beautiful and unusual visual feature to any kitchen. A black sink may hide stains a little more than a gleaming white sink too. For those who want their sink to have an artistic flair and functionality, this sink may be for you.

3. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ease your mind with this limited lifetime warranty. BLANCO prizes customer service and pledges to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied with their purchase. If your sink runs into any problems, a warranty provides peace of mind.

4. Faucet Mount Option

This sink comes with a hole where a faucet can be installed within it. This construction makes it one of the sturdier models on this list since its lip is wider. This longer ledge also makes for easier installation as well.

5. Unique Silgranit Material

The Silgranit material is a composite of mostly granite dust with ceramic or acrylic materials added in. It is scratch and dent proof. This smooth surface is easy to wipe down and clean and resists water spots. Unlike other materials like stainless steel or copper, Silgranit is not reactive with certain materials like cast iron or silver, so you won't have to worry about leaving those dishes in the sink for too long.

6. Optional Accessories

This model comes with optional accessories like a cutting board, extra drain strainers, and protective grate.


  • Silgranit is attractive, durable and dent-proof
  • Provides faucet hole for sturdier installation
  • Offset drain looks unique and provides double bowl functionality
  • Surfaces are easy to clean
  • Large width and depth make this sink versatile
  • Black color has modern and striking look
  • Lifetime limited warranty offers peace of mind
  • Optional accessories can be included
  • Comes with mounting clips


  • May react negatively with extreme temperatures
  • Finish is matte, not shiny
  • Sink strainer is not included

8. BLANCO Double Bowl Best Undermount Kitchen Sink

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Key Features:

1. Heat Resistant Diamond Silgranit

This Silgrant material can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot or cold pans can go directly in the sink with no waiting period for maximum convenience. The Silgranit material is also highly durable and solid.

2. Double Bowl Design with Low Divider

Have the best of both worlds with this dual bowl functionality with a low divider. With this design you'll be able to work separate in either side of the sink or easily wash large items due to the lower divider.

3. Asymmetrical Bowls and Drains

The irregular shape of each of the bowls can add a funky touch to any kitchen or countertop. This model requires a special shape to be cut into the countertop and can be a refreshing departure from more traditional units. Likewise, the drains are placed at angles instead of in the middle of each bowl, which adds visual interest.

4. Cinder Color

Go against the humdrum norm of stainless steel or white porcelain with this nontraditional cinder color. It is a bluish gray that can complement almost any color scheme, and provides a more casual look to your kitchen.

5. Easy to Clean Surface

The Silgranite has a smooth and scratch resistant surface, and it is extremely easy to wipe down and clean. Make sure to use only non-abrasive sponges or rags. Things like steel wool may mar the finish of the sink. With proper care the Silgranit is meant to last for years.

6. Deep Basin

These bowls are at least nine inches deep, which can increase your working and washing area. Clean more dishes at once with this sink's depth, and prevent any splash-back from the sprayer or full-blast faucet.


  • Low divider offers best of both worlds
  • Cinder color offers more casual look to kitchen decor
  • Diamond Silgranit is heat-resistant up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Deep basin allows you to wash more dishes at once
  • Easy to clean and wipe down
  • Irregular shape is a fun alternative to more traditional designs
  • Asymmetrical drains offer visual interest
  • Can accommodate garbage disposal
  • Double bowl increases versatility of sink usage


  • Drains not included
  • Requires special cut-out in countertop
  • Non-abrasive cleaners only should be used

9. Elkay Quartz Classic Single Bowl Undermount Sink

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Key Features:

1. Neutral Color

Whether you have white, black or some other color featured in your kitchen, the neutral color of this sink will go with almost anything. The color name is "greige," meaning somewhere between gray and beige. This makes it the ultimate neutral hue that can complement nearly any color palette.

2. Quartz Surfaces

Made from molded quartz dust, this sink resists chipping, staining and denting. Quartz will naturally stand up to wear and tear over time. Clean it easily with a non-abrasive soap and sponge to keep it looking nice.

3. Single Bowl

The single bowl allows you to move big dishes or pots and pans in and out of the sink with ease. Scrub large dishes without feeling cramped, and hide dirty dishes from immediate sight in this model's deep recesses.

4. Matte Finish

A matte finish can create an understated and beautiful look to any kitchen, Sometimes a matte finish can look especially nice when contrasted with high-shine or polished surfaces such as granite or quartz countertops.

5. Heat Resistant Materials

The quartz building materials are resistant to heat damage up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit. With this model you can avoid scorch marks or discoloration that may occur in other sinks when hot pans or ice water contacts the surface. This quartz sink has been treated to withstand such temps.

6. Smaller Width

This sink is just over 24 inches wide, which is smaller than other models on this list but may be just right for smaller kitchens. What this sink lacks in width it makes up in depth and beauty. This width still provides plenty of space to wash dishes and other items freely.


  • Smaller width could be good for smaller kitchens
  • Matte finish creates elegant and understated appearance
  • Quartz is scratch, stain and dent resistant
  • Sink can withstand high temperatures of up to 535 degrees
  • Surfaces are easy to clean
  • Single bowl design for simple use
  • Neutral color matches almost every kitchen palette
  • Non-centered drain adds visual interest
  • Quartz is non-reactive with metals


  • Drains are not included
  • Garbage disposal may need extra accommodations
  • May require extra sink brackets

10. Frigidaire Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Key Features:

1. 16 Gauge Stainless Steel

This model uses the thickets and highest grade of stainless steel out there. The 16 gauge stainless steel ensures that no warping, staining or denting will happen. Stainless steel is also a durable that can look like new for years with the proper maintenance.

2. Accommodates Garbage Disposal

The drain hole in this unit can easily accommodate for a garbage disposal, and the noise-deadening features are also conducive to garbage disposal use. Reduce the noise of regular dish washing, too, with the padded undercoating technology.

3. Frigidaire Lifetime Warranty

Frigidaire is a leading name in the appliance industry for good reason. This sink has a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. The company also offers superior customer service in the unlikely event that something go wrong or if a part needs to be replaced.

4. Accessories

Plenty of accessories come with this sink that maximize your convenience in the kitchen. A large stainless steel protective protective grid, a dish drying rack and a three-piece basket strainer all are included with this sink. The drying rack can double as a counter protector.

5. Brushed Finish

The brushed finish of this sink offers a modern, contemporary look. Not as muted as a satin finish but not as bold as a polished finish, the brushed stainless provides just the right amount of shine. Scratches and stains are a thing of the past with this particular finish as well.

6. Solid Construction

Each corner of this sink has 10 millimieter radius edges, meaning they are slightly rounded and easy to clean. The wide open single basin provides plenty of room to wash and dry items in, and the sink drains quickly and thoroughly. Overall this sink should make cleanup a snap.


  • Brushed finish offers modern look
  • Frigidaire name signals reliability
  • A lifetime warranty is available
  • Wide, deep basin makes dish washing easy
  • Rounded corners prevent dirt or mildew from building up
  • Quick and thorough drainage
  • Can be adapted to accommodate garbage disposal
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Resists stains, corrosion and rust


  • Does not come with drain parts
  • Food may stick in the grid
  • Requires non-abrasive cleaning agents

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Undermount Kitchen Sink

Building Materials

The materials your sink is made of can make all the difference in every day use. Timeless and durable materials like stainless steel will last for a long time without rusting or scratching but may not fit your style.

Plastic or acyrlic sinks are less expensive, but they may stain over time. Fireclay and copper sinks are beautiful and classic, but they may need special care and cleaning. Each material has its pros and cons when it comes to expense, durability and care instructions.

Depth of Sink Bowl

The depth of ideal undermount sink bowl depends on your needs. If you want to wash large or bulky items in your sink, a deep sink basin is ideal. Practical issues like a person's height or water consumption also come into play when thinking about how deep a sink should be. Convenience is the key here.

For example, larger sink bowls will require more water to fill up. You will want something that you will be able to easily reach, clean and use according to your needs.

Partition vs No Partition

Some sinks offer one or more partitions. These separate compartments can be perfect for washing and drying dishes, or for those who wish to use a sink for more than one purpose at a time.

For example, you may wish to hand-wash clothing on one side of the sink while soaking dishes in the other. Single basin farmhouse kitchen sinks, however, can have multiple uses too. Read my detailed guide to choose the best farmhouse sink.

Installation Requirements

The best undermount kitchen sinks come with careful installation instructions. Occasionally you may encounter some issues. A porcelain sink may need a larger drain hole, for example, so time and materials allowances should be made for installation. The right brackets and sealant should also be used.

Drain Capacity

While most sinks come with standard drain capability, some are smaller and others are larger. Be aware of the different draining methods and choose one that works best with your plumbing. If you wish to have a garbage disposal, be sure to choose a sink that can accommodate it.

Tips for Installing an Undermount Sink

  • Have a helper nearby to hold the sink or maneuver other items as needed
  • Measure and cut support planks prior to installing your undermount sink
  • Don't skimp on the silicone sealant
  • Trim away excess sealant after it has dried
  • Use enough sink clips or brackets to secure sink within the cabinet
  • Use screws large and strong enough to hold brackets in place
  • No brackets or screws should be visible from above
  • Align sink bowl and countertop so they are flush
  • Be sure sink is securely attached before removing support planks.


If you want to have a contemporary look with maximum versatility, an undermount sink can offer it all. Whether your kitchen boasts granite, wood or tile surfaces, the best undermount kitchen sinks can maximize the beauty of any countertop.

Their subtle charm and hidden finishes can give a sleek look to any decor. With proper installation and care an undermount sink will keep your kitchen looking and functioning at its highest level for years to come.

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