Car Wash Scratched My Car– 5 Solutions You Can Try Right Now!

When a cash wash damages your car, it can be quite challenging to get the management to pay for the repairs. If you leave the cash wash premises before noticing the damage, it can be particularly hard to get compensated.

When you visit an automatic car wash, there are odds of your car getting damaged. The brushes used in an automatic car wash might have collected rocks and debris from other vehicles, and as these brushes rotate to wash your car, they may leave scratches. 

Apart from that, the car wash’s other moving parts can break your vehicle’s antennae or even rip off a wheel cover.

In any case, these are preventable problems that often result from the car wash management not putting in place the necessary safety measures.

This guide offers you solutions that you can try in the unfortunate event that your car gets damaged in a car wash.

Car Wash Scratched My Car- 5 Solutions:

1.    Examine It First

Before you go into a car wash, I suggest you check your car for any scratches and damages. That’s the best way of ascertaining if there are damages that are indeed caused by equipment in the car wash. 

2.    Enquire About the Damage Policy

When you enter a car wash, first look for a sign outlining the damage policy of the business. Most car washes have a sign that says they’re not accountable for damages, but if it results from negligence by the staff, you might get paid.

If you see any car wash not responsible for damage signs, ask an employee to clarify the message. If you realize they don’t even regard damages resulting from negligence, it’s better to turn around and look for another car wash.

3.    Inspect Your Car Right Away

As soon as the wash is done, examine it for damages. You ought to do this outside the wash bay, if possible where there’s sunlight so that you can see any imperfections and scratches. The manager of the premises shouldn’t object to this, as it ultimately offers both the business and the client a safeguard.

If your car was damaged during the wash, it’s vital to speak to the manager or whoever is in charge immediately. Notice that if you leave the place before discovering and reporting the damage, you might have little to no recourse, based on their policies. 

4.    File A Complaint

When you speak to the manager, you might be asked to fill out a damage/incident form to be kept on file by the business. You can also be asked to write a complaint. Whatever the case, be sure to keep a copy for your records.

5.    Wait for The Verdict

After filing your complaint, there’s a chance that you will be requested to wait for a particular period to get a decision. Also, you may be required to get the repair estimates. That depends on the car wash’s insurance policy.

Once a determination is made, and it’s decided that your complaint will be paid, they might simply write you a check for the lowest estimate. In case your claim is not accepted, the only options are to contact the insurance company or seek the help of an attorney.

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