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How to Clean an Oil Sharpening Stone?

How to Clean an Oil Whetstone

Over time, your oil sharpening stone will tend to get clogged. The surface collects grime, filings and all manner of debris. For obvious reasons, oil sharpening stones tend to get dirtier more easily and faster than water sharpening stones. This can happen to the extent that the stone is no longer capable of performing its task: sharpening […]

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How to Sharpen a Machete with a Whetstone

How to Sharpen a Machete with a Whetstone

Machete is one of the cutting tools used to slice thick shrub, bush, vines, and tree branches. Unlike a knife, a machete is crafted with a broad blade, and they are available in different sizes. A dull machete is annoying and cannot be used to carry out any cutting job. Sharpening of machete requires a coarse […]

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How to Get Rid of Smells in the Sink?


You can naturally clean and remove these smells in the sink. You should use natural ingredients that will not pose a health risk to your children or pets. The common supplies you can use in cleaning include baking soda, liquid soap, vinegar, a sponge and, lemon juice.Process Of Removing Stinky Odors In Your Kitchen Sink1. Initial […]

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Why is My kitchen sink Gurgling?


You might ask yourself – why is my kitchen sink gurgling and how can I fix it? Okay, Let’s Fix It! Gurgling is an indicator that your kitchen sink is experiencing some serious problems on drainpipes. This irritating noise is caused by air bubbles that are flowing in your kitchen sink drain as a result of the blockage. […]

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How to Clean A Sharpening Stone: 8 Crucial Tactics!

how to clean a sharpening stone

Sharpening a kitchen knife with a stone is one interesting kitchen hacks of all times.These stones are handy, creative and even aesthetic. Sharpening stones come in five different forms. Some are ceramic, some are oil stones, others are diamonds stones, synthetic and water stones.  You can easily acquire a sharpening stone at any hardware store. While they […]

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How to Make Natural Kitchen Degreaser: 5 Proven Steps

How to make natural kitchen degreaser

Ingredients for natural kitchen degreaser: 1 ½ cups warm water. 1 ½ teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent 25 drops Orange essential oil Clear plastic spray bottleInstructions for making a natural kitchen degreasing solution:Step 1:  Measure 1 ½ cups warm water into a clear plastic spray bottle. You can use water directly from the tap or choose […]

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How to Design a Kitchen in Easy 3 steps

How to Design a Kitchen

For a passionate cook, the kitchen is a source of pride. It is not enough to have just a large room for meal prepping. You also need to have space for the latest appliances which would help you easily make the dishes you love.  Moreover, you also need to have space for expanding. There are new appliances […]

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