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13 Hacks to Sharpen a Machete with a Whetstone

Machete is one of the cutting tools used to slice thick shrub, bush, vines, and tree branches. Unlike a knife, a machete is crafted with a broad blade, and they are available in different sizes. A dull machete is annoying and cannot be used to carry out any cutting job. Sharpening of machete requires a coarse […]

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How to Clean A Sharpening Stone: 8 Crucial Tactics!

One of the maintenance routines you should give your sharpening stone is cleaning. You should clean them periodically. If you notice that your sharpening stone has some glittering grey streaks, it is time to clean it. Grey streaks are accumulated debris and flecks of metals from your regular knife sharpening exercise.How to clean a sharpening stone?Items […]

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