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How to Clean A Sharpening Stone: 8 Crucial Tactics

One of the maintenance routines you should give your sharpening stone is cleaning. You should clean them periodically. If you notice that your sharpening stone has some glittering grey streaks, it is time to clean it. Grey streaks are accumulated debris and flecks of metals from your regular knife sharpening exercise.​8 Tips to clean a sharpening […]

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12 Best Knife Rolls in 2020 [Latest Guide]

Expert says, the best knife bag not only protects the sharp knives but also keep their edge intact for a long time. Knives roll is a leather or a similar holster that rolls out flat for use. It can hold several knives for secure and safer storage and transportation. Once the product rolls out, it becomes […]

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5 Actionable Steps to Remove Rust from Knives

Kitchen knives are taken through a variety of hard cutting jobs on daily basis. And eventually, it has become one of the most essentials in the kitchen. So, you must have to know how to remove rust from knives. But there are some people who keep complaining about the durability and dullness of the knives that […]

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