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How to Care and Clean of Fireclay Sink

Cleaning a fireclay sink is something you will want to be fully informed of beforehand. Fireclay sinks carry a vintage, timeless appeal. They are very durable, attractive and complete the decor in any farm style home. Bringing even better news: they are extremely easy to care for. They have lots of added advantages over competing models. […]

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3 Safe Ways to Clean Your Kitchen Sink Stains

Kitchen sink stains look terrible. Stains in your sink can make you feel as if your kitchen is not clean enough. Hard water can cause scaly minerals to harden on the surface making it gritty and yellow. Forget about the worry and finding the energy to scrub for hours. We have a few ideas to help […]

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8 Ways to Wash Dishes without A Sink That You Need to Know

The kitchen is being renovated. Either you’re having everything taken down to the studs, or you’re having the cabinets, sinks, counters, and appliances replaced. You have no working kitchen, so you’re thinking the dining room will work as a makeshift kitchen. Doing dishes without a sink, though takes some thought and methods you didn’t know could […]

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Why is My kitchen sink Gurgling and How can I Fix it

Gurgling is an indicator that your kitchen sink is experiencing some serious problems on drainpipes. This irritating noise is caused by air bubbles that are flowing in your sink drain as a result of the blockage. If the sink drain pipe is blocked, air bubbles arise and they eventually move out through the sink opening. Apart from […]

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10 Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews in 2019

Purchasing the best farmhouse sink should be easier. They have practical features that offer increased cleaning efficiency, deep capacity and bring a classy vibe into kitchen space. It’s not only for farmhouse but can also be used in any kitchen. Designed for modern living, farmhouse sinks are arguably the dreamiest kitchen fixtures today. Moreover, these sinks […]

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Best Kitchen Sink Strainer Reviews in 2019

The sink area is one of the most important areas of a kitchen. It is where the entire kitchen cleaning takes place. You cannot ignore your sink. It determines whether you make a clean or a contaminated meal. When a kitchen sink drains are clogged or are not draining effectively, you have every reason to […]

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