Ceramic knives vs stainless steel knives

Ceramic Knives vs Stainless Steel Knives – The Ultimate Comparison

Today our mission is to demonstrate the difference between the ceramic knives and the stainless-steel knives. These are not only variation of knives, but as long as a homemaker’s need is concerned, these are the most common ones.

Ceramic Knives

ceramic vs stainless steel knife

Ceramic knives are made of hard ceramic, chemically named as zirconium oxide. With dry pressing zirconium powder and firming it through solid-state sintering.

Afterward, the blades are sharpened with a grinder tool. The tool is a diamond dust coated grinding wheel if I am specific about it.

Zirconium is a hard element, as long as the material hardness is concerned. It has a 4.5/7.5 score in terms of hardness. Also, because it's made to be hard, you need not sharpen it over and over.

Stainless Steel Knives

ceramic vs stainless steel knifes

Stainless Steel knives aren’t made of only one type of materials, as the ceramic ones do. Usually, they are made of two different metals. Among many types of metals, there are iron, carbon, titanium and some more.

Based on the composition, the hardness and durability of the blade vary. Not to mention, the price also varies a lot.

Ceramic Vs Stainless Steel Knives: Differences in Sharpening

One of the sole differences come with the sharpening period and frequency of these two types of knives. As we mentioned earlier, to sharpen a ceramic metal, you need a diamond-coated grinding wheel. And the knives that are made in a good way, needs a minimum number of sharpening.

On the other hand, let's have a look at how much sharpening do the stainless-steel knives require.

Once you buy a good quality stainless steel knife, it comes out to be too sharp to last for at least two months. After a couple of months of usage, the knife will eventually turn to be dull. And as you go for sharpening it, you can use two methods.

The first method is to use rods or steel bar on regular basis. And the second method is to sharpen it after each long-term use with a sharpening stone. But remember, sharpening a knife made of stainless steel can damage its lifetime. So go for more regular but less harsh sharpening, if you are a home user.

Differences in Durability

When it comes to durability, ceramic knives have several advantages. As they are not made of metal, they are less likely to get corrosion or rust. Also, the expectancy of long life is quite more for ceramic knives.

But there are some drawbacks as well. Ceramic knives are great an durable until you cut something hard with it on regular basis. So, if the items are something hard or solid, I suggest getting a steel knife instead.

Now let’s check how much durable the steel knives are. The thing about steel knives is, you can use it for years, as long as you are dealing with vegetables, fruits etc.

All you need is to sharpen it after a few months. But no matter how many times you sharpen it, it can work with as efficiently as it was new.

Bottom Line

Well, the summary line is, it depends on the purpose that whether you will buy a ceramic knife or a stainless steel knife. Keep the price, durability, and sharpening in mind. To keep them long lasting, using a knife bag is best.

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