difference among hotel,motel and restaurant

Here’s the Difference Among Hotel, Motel and Restaurants

When you're out on a journey far from home, you'll need desperately a place to stay and take meals. And so far, the options are concerned hotels, motels, and restaurants are most common solutions.

But did you ever know that what is the difference among hotel, motel and restaurant?

The Hotel


A hotel is a place where mainly you’ll have the accommodation facility along with some other ones like dining, indoor sports, swimming, gymnasium, transportation and some more.

Not every hotel offers the same facilities. But the accommodation and food are the two common facilities in every hotel.

The Motel

Best Motel

Motels are similar to hotels in many terms. But in practice, they refer to smaller and medium budget hotels that provide accommodation and food service

Usually, motels are located alongside the roads and highways. There is a parking area on the outside and that’s how you can recognize a motel and a hotel.

The Restaurant

Best restaurant

Restaurants are quite different in terms of services and built. These are the places where you go only when you're in need of food and beverages.

Food is served there either by the staff or by the customer himself. And the only accommodation you get there is the place to seat and eat.

So, practically, there are no other services like accommodation, gymnasium, transport, sports etc in a restaurant.Although, some modern restaurants have launched live music, mini in the indoor.

Well, in case you don’t this article is entirely written for you. In this discussion, we’ll be focusing on the core differences among hotels, motels, and restaurants. Stay tuned.

In the following section, we’ve added some details discussion on the differences among hotels, motels, and restaurants.

Differences in the Architecture

One major difference is in the architecture of these three commercial spaces. The hotels usually contain about 50-200 rooms in the usual sense, along with several floors. But motels have a lot fewer rooms, mostly on two floors.

Hotels have staircases, lifts and internal corridors that will lead you to the rooms. And motels, on the other hand, let the guests access the rooms directly through one stair and one long corridor.

There are parking lots right in the yard of motels. But in hotels, parking takes place on quite a different floor. Also, some modern hotels adopt a specific style of design, architecture, and interior. Where motels are usually inbound between utilitarian construction style.

The restaurants are quite different in structure form both hotels and motels. These are usually one storied or two storied indoor complexes.

Usually, there is a zone where the kitchen, the reception, and the stuff are in. Another zone, mostly the larger one is filled up with tables, chairs, and lounges for the guests. 

Differences in the Personnel

In terms of the persons that hotels, motels and restaurants employ, there come some major differences. In hotels, you will find receptionists, hotel boys, management stuff, and cooks.

Where in motels, the types of employees are almost same, but less in numbers. As they have fewer rooms, and fewer guests in numbers, they don’t have to employ that many people as a hotel do.

The number and types of employees in case of restaurants in quite different actually. The only type of person they need is the cook and the servers. One or two extra people may need for the reception or maintenance.

Some modern restaurants are providing home service this year. So, they have to accommodate a few delivery persons as well. 

Difference in the Services

As all these three are commercial institutions, there should be major differences in the service they provide. And there are some actually.

Firstly, the hotels use to provide both accommodation and dining services. In addition, the offer a few more amusement services with them. The motels on the other hand, only provide accommodation and dining services. It's a rare case where you will find something more than these two.

The restaurants are most likely to offer foods and drinks. Some special versions of restaurants have a few entertainment services along with it. But their main funnel of business is the dining service.

Bottom Line

As per all these three commercial spaces are concerned, there are a lot of differences among hotel,motel and restaurant though some similarities among them.

Although, at the end of the day, the target customer of all three is almost the same sort of people.

When you'll go out and figure the experiences yourself, the differences would be demonstrated more clearly.

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