How to Get Rid Of Kitchen Sink Smell

You can naturally clean and remove these stinks in the sink. You should use natural ingredients that will not pose a health risk to your children or pets.

The common supplies you can use in cleaning include baking soda, liquid soap, vinegar, a sponge and, lemon juice to get rid of kitchen sink smell.

Although some commercial degreasers can clean the sink, they can also leave some residue behind which might cause illnesses in your family.

4 Ways to Eliminate Kitchen Sink Smell:

1. Initial Cleaning

Use vinegar to clean and wipe the outer parts of the sink. Then, pay extra attention to the contact between your countertop and the sink, the connection between the sink and the faucet and the ring around the ring that is adjacent to the drain. Use a brush to clean any regions with minor cracks.

If there is mildew or stubborn stains, mix baking soda and water to get a baking soda paste. Apply this paste on the blemishes and allow it to sit for approximately 15 minutes. Then remove the paste with white vinegar.

2. Unclogging The Drain

Often, kitchen odors may be caused by the build-up in the drain or the garbage disposal. The debris and food particles may attach themselves to the walls of the drain.

These particles will then provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew and when the issue is not dealt with immediately, the build-up might cause a stench.

To unclog such a drain, pour half a cup of baking soda in the drain followed by a half a cup of vinegar. The forming action that will be produced by the two components will churn up all the gunk and flush out any food debris.

3. Pouring Salt Down The Drain

Grease attached in the drain system usually cause awful odors. To get rid of smell caused by grease, you will only require hot water and some salt.

Boil two liters of water and add one cup of salt to it. Stir the solution until the salt has completely dissolved then, pour the salty water down your drain.

The brine will flush out and dissolve all the greasy residues, discourage the formation of grease in the future and create better water flow.

4. Garbage Disposal

The methods of getting rid of a stinking smell originating from garbage disposal will vary.

If your sink has a garbage disposal, use the following techniques;

i. Hot Water And Soap

Put a stopper in your apron front sink then add some hot water in it. Later. add some soap in hot water. You can use regular soap in kitchen soap dispenser.

After a few minutes, unplug the stopper so that the water runs through the kitchen sink strainer. The hot water will flush out any debris in the drainage!

ii. Lemon Peels, Ice Cubes And Salt

In case the stinky smell is still persistent, throw some salt and some ice cubes in the drain. The salt will scrub the sides while the ice will get rid of the food particles that have attached themselves in the drain.

Afterward, ground a few lemon peels and flush them off the sink. The lemon will freshen up the odor. Alternatively, you can freeze lemon peels in vinegar and then crush them in the disposal.

If the sink does not have a garbage disposal, you can use;

1. Boiling Water, Salt, Vinegar, And Baking Soda

Pour a cup of salt, a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar over the kitchen sink strainer. Cover the drain with a stopper so that the bubbles can only work on the drain.

After around one minute, pour hot water in the sink. The hot water will dissolve all the salt.

2. Lemon Juice, Boiling Water And Baking Soda

Mixing baking soda and lemon juice will create a bubbling reaction. You can choose to use vinegar or lemon juice in the mix, but with lemon juice, you will surely get a better smell.

Nonetheless, lemon juice will be more expensive as compared to white vinegar.

3. Boiling Water, Essential Oils And Baking Soda

After cleaning the drain and the sink, you may want to have a better fragrance in your kitchen.

To achieve this, pour some baking soda down the drain and then add a few essential oils to it. Let the mixture sit for either one hour or overnight then rinse it with hot water.

With the above tips, your kitchen should have a better smell. According to WebMD, the sink strainer is one of the dirtiest part of the house. Cleaning your sink on a daily basis is very recommendable.

When left unattended, your sink could be a feeding grounds of micro-organism that cause illnesses.

Again, the sponge should be washed regularly. Make sure you disinfect the bottom and sides of the sink because they harbor a lot of dirt.

What's Next?

After reading this article, you have now acquired the necessary knowledge on how to keep your sink from stinking.

Your sink can be blocked or clogged for several reasons, therefore; it is recommendable to clean the drain on a daily basis to avoid food or grease build up.

In case you have trouble in unclogging your undermount sink, you should always seek help from a professional.

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