How long do corn tortillas last

How Long Do Corn Tortillas Last? Check Your Tortillas Still Good or Not

How to tell if corn tortillas have gone bad? Tortillas, the name is generated from a Spanish word named Torta. Torta stands for ‘Little cake" which is quite significant to what tortillas actually are.

They are made in stove or grill and have flour, corn, oil, and salt as main ingredients.

However, as tortillas are one important part of our meal plan, it’s important to know that how long these tortillas will last from the day you buy them from the store.

How Long Do Tortillas Last?

You must have noticed an expiration date on each packet of tortillas of the super shop. But the date on the pack isn’t the actual date of expiration.

What I mean is, usually, it stays eatable till after 1 week of that. But you can keep it in refrigerators and extend the lifetime.

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If we become about corn tortillas, we can explain this method in three ways. Actually, to store corn tortillas, there are three ways- the pantry, the refrigerator and the freezer. Based on how many days you want it to last, the method changes.

Here we explain the basics:

  • If you store corn tortillas in the pantry, it will last for 7 to 10 days usually.
  • If you store corn tortillas in the refrigerator, it will mostly last for 6 to 8 weeks at max
  • And in case you use it in freezers, there’s a good chance that it may run for 6 to 8 months.

How Can You Check  If the Tortillas Are Spoiled or Not?

You may try hard to store the tortillas for long. But sometimes you may not make it and tortillas may get spoiled. Before you consume the spoiled ones, make sure you checked for its quality.

There are some ways to check the health of these as consumable food. Different producers use different types of preservation in their tortillas. But no matter whichever it is, you can sense the rotten ones.

Firstly, it will start to become portable and will start to get stiffer. If you have a close look, you can find some spot of mold on the tortillas.

With consumption of rotten tortillas, there is a good chance of health damage.

The Proper Way to Store Tortillas for a Long Time

Now as you’re aware of the expiration of tortillas, let’s learn something that would increase its lifetime. Here's the following list, you will find some real time tips for storing tortillas:

Once you get the tortillas out of the packet, it's quite hard to store these for a long time. But as long as they are in the sealed packet, saving it for a long time is a lot easier.

You can put them in either refrigerator or freezer. The basic task is to keep it away from temperature. Also, the place that you should store in, should be free of humidity.

But as you open the package once, the expected lifetime will be a bit less. You should always close the packet tight after each of time you get it out.

If you don't find the packaging to be strong enough, there are alternatives. You can get a freezer bag and store it in the bag instead.

Have these tips for tortillas of a better lifetime:

  • Keep the refrigerator temperature below 40 degrees.
  • To consume the stored tortillas, have them in warm state.
  • When corn tortillas are prepared on the dish, they have the least amount of freshness period.


Therefore, that’s the thing about the lasting period of tortillas. With proper storage and hygiene, you can have it even at the eleventh hour of its lifetime.

Happy Meal!

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