How long does broccoli last

How Long Does Broccoli Last – Answer Might Surprise You

Based on the storage condition, broccoli can last for three to five days in the fridge.

Broccoli is one of our most favorite vegetables. But as it comes to day to day use, you can't eat them every day for lunch and dinner.

So, you need to store it in the fridge as long as it stays fresh. But the real question is, how long does the lifetime of broccoli? How long they stay fresh in storage?

Well, today’s guide is all about answering this question for you.

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How Long Does the Raw Broccoli Last in Fridge?

Well, broccoli must have a life when you don't store it in a customized way (like refrigerators). That lifetime is not more than 2-3 days.

But when you do special customization in the storage, like take help of a freezer, the value will change.

Based on the storage condition, broccoli can have two sorts of lifetimes. If you keep them in refrigerators, they will stay fresh for 3 to 5 days.

If you want to take this lifetime longer, household refrigerators won't work anymore.

For longer lasting broccoli, the best way to store in the freezer. In a properly maintained freezer, broccoli can have a lifetime of 12-18 months at max! Yeah, it’s more than one and a half year!

Of course, to last it for more than one year, you need to have special arrangements.

Typical household refrigerators won’t work at all. And to be straight, homemakers don’t even need a broccoli to last for 18 months.

Till now, we were talking about the refrigerated storage of broccoli. But if you don’t want to use a refrigerator, there is still a way to elongate its lifetime.

Fresh or Cooked Broccoli- Which Last Longer?

A fresh piece of broccoli lasts for 2 two 4 days without any processing.

However, if you cook it and try to eat it for several days, don’t take so long.

Because the lifetime of cooked broccoli is quite less than the fresh ones. And in case your broccoli is spoiled or rotten, don’t process it anymore for any kind of consumption.

How Can I Identify If the Broccoli is Rotten or Spoiled?

In case you are not able to store the broccoli to keep it eatable, it is strongly forbidden to eat it up anymore. So before consuming a stored cooked broccoli, make sure it is up to date for eating.

The way to identify a rotten up broccoli is basically the smell. You can easily mark up a rotten up broccoli is the intense bad smell. Also, you can notice a color change on it. Usually, fresh broccoli is colored as bright green.

In case of a rotten one, the color might change into yellow. Also, the crisp texture will turn limp.

Tips to Store Broccoli for An Extended Time

Now, after all these discussions, let's talk some ideas on how to store and keep the broccoli fresh for longer than its usual lifetime. Go through the tips below and you will figure out-

  • Wash a plastic bag very well, dry it up and store the broccoli in it inside a refrigerator.
  • Before eating or cooking the broccoli, wash it well and make sure it’s safe an hygienic to eat.
  • Keep the plastic bag full of broccoli inside a container like a vegetable drawer of the fridge.
  • If you want to store broccoli for a longer time, use a freezer. And before putting that in the freezer, it should be blanched first and then placed in a safe container.


All of us don't want vegetables like broccoli to get wasted. But in case such thing happens, make sure that you use the extra before it goes bad.

What you can do is, you can quickly cook or blanch the broccoli by boiling it for a few minutes.

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