How Long Does Cooked Rice Last – Answer Might Surprise You !

We do not buy rice on a daily basis, right? So, apparently, we have to find some way to store it for long days. As long as, it is uncooked rice, storing it does not seem to be a problem. Because uncooked rice is likely to keep fine for months at room temperature.

But when it comes to cooked rice, trouble takes place in stores. And that is all about this article.

In this exclusive guide, you will know how long cooked rice will last for, and how to extend this lifetime. 

Let’s start the discussion!

How long does cooked rice last?


The self-lifetime of cooked rice is not so great. If you keep it open, it may start spreading odor within 24 hours.

If you keep in an airtight container, the lifetime can be maximized to 2-3 days. Make sure that you kept it in a place where the humidity level is minimum.

How long does prepared rice last in refrigerator?

To be straightforward to the question, in the refrigerator, the last for 5 to 7 days in a sealed airtight container.

If you want to use something alternative, you can go in resealable plastic bags. As the space inside a fridge is not unlimited, airtight containers may not be good options.

If you think about storing it for even longer, then it would be a hard nut to crack. Because these type of cooked for won’t hold its nutrient values if you store it for more than some weeks.

However, you can take help of a freezer, and you can have a bit extended lifetime of these foods.

It can last a couple of months, is stored in a proper way. You need to keep it constantly frozen at a temperature of zero degrees. 

Some Tips for Longer Lasting Cooked Rice:

Cooked rice can be stored for several days with the help of refrigerator or freezer. But if you be a little smarter, it would be even better.

Here are four tips to get a maximum lifetime for your cooked rice:

  • To get a maximum lifetime, cover the rice with an airtight container. You can store the container on even the shelf for a couple of days. 
  • To extend the life even more, cooked rice should be stored in freezers. These types of food are safe at 0 degrees of temperature. 
  • After the storage period, when you are about to consume it, make sure you reheat the cooked rice.
  • You can do this reheating task in two ways. One is on the stove top. And another is through the microwave oven. In both ways, have several minutes of with a precisely measured water added to it.

Bottom Line

The summary line is, it’s best if you consider a cooked food as soon as it gets out from the stove top. But if you need to store it anyhow, we've discussed everything you need to know. Follow accordingly and hope cooked rice will never reach your health troubles.

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