How Long Does Hummus Last in the Fridge – Is it Worth to Eat Now?

We love hummus, right? A bowl of hummus with a savory snack can be the heaven on hearth. So, more or less every one of us always some of this hummus in the fridge. But the big question is, is the hummus that's kept in your fridge safe or not?

Well, in case you don’t know whether the hummus is still safe to eat or not, you are in some serious trouble.

Fresh hummus can be great to eat, but rotten humus can be equally dangerous. So, you need to when exactly is the time when your hummus won’t be eatable or not.

And that’s what this article is all about. We have also guide about when cooked rice has gone bad.

Types of Hummus That We Eat:

All hummus is almost same in terms of taste or health values. But the way they’re manufactured, vary in some ways. There are three types of hummus-

  • The homemade hummus.
  • The store-bought hummus.
  • The frozen hummus.

Based on the type, the time of expiration varies.

The Homemade Hummus

How long does the homemade hummus last? Well, the straight answer to the question is, it’s one week.

But it will be still safe till even 10 days and you can enjoy it on your dining table. But if you ask me, I will forbid to take it until more than a week.

​​​​​The Store Brought Hummus

There are expiration dates on each packet of hummus that you buy. Although they claim that the food will remain fresh and eatable after three or four days of the expiry date.

It's kept best when not boxed, but still, this works even after unpacking the box.

Different companies use different preservatives to make sure that the hummus lasts for long. One of the common element is the salt so that the supermarket can keep it for a longer time.

That's very convenient nowadays, but it’s not that much healthy. So, it’s best to purchase one as soon as it reaches the shop.

The Frozen Hummus

Every kind of food, including the hummus, are kept fresh for a long time. So, if you manage to store it in the freezer, it will last for about 6 months.

But within this six months, you can eat them well. But the flavor loses itself with time. 

Advanced tips to extend lifetime of hummus:

  • Usually, we use plastic containers to keep foods I the freezer. But in the case of hummus, glass containers are better. Especially, if you be able to keep it airtight, that will drive you even better.
  • For providing an extra layer of protection. You can add up a layer or saran wrap. It will be better to enhance the seal.
  • Before you put the hummus in the fridge, you can place a layer of olive oil, it will get you even better results.

Bottom Line

The fact is, if you’re buying hummus for personal family use, we would advise it to the store for least amount of time. Otherwise, if you’re thinking professional, it should be kept in the freezers.

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