How to clean a nut milk bag: My complete guide

how to clean a nut milk bag

A nut milk bag is a versatile kitchen tool. It comes in handy at all times when we are up to making some great recipe, teas, or juices.

The all-time nut milk strainer helps to keep nuts and pulp off the milk during straining.

One can also do some sprouting for stews using the nut milk bag, strain some juice and tea, and make some nut cheese too. A nut milk bag can conveniently be your juicer, cheesecloth or coffee maker.

Because of its many uses, a nut milk bag should be kept clean. Free from particles, residue, and smells.

The best time to clean the nut milk bags is right after using them. They also need to be cleaned before first using them, after purchase.

Cleaning a nut milk bag before the first use

  • Wash the nut milk bag with organic or natural soap. This removes dirt, dust, and germs that could have been picked from the store.
  • Turn the bag inside out to wash all parts of the bag. Ensure all seams are out for proper and thorough cleaning.
  • Rinse well in clean running water.
  • The new bags can be sanitized in boiling water before hanging them out to dry.
  • Hang it out to dry in a ventilated area or outdoors if possible, in direct sunlight.
  • During the first wash, there is no need for soaking for stains or smell removal.

Cleaning a nut milk bag after use

To start the process of cleaning the nut milk bag, first, empty the nuts or the pulp in the bag to another container.

The pulp or nuts can be used later for other lovely recipes. It is never a waste.

These are simple steps to clean a nut milk bag for your next use. 

1. Turn the bag inside out

First, you need to turn the nut milk bag inside out so that the seams are out. This makes the bags easier to clean. It also ensures that no particles remain in the seams and corners.

2. Pour running water on the nut milk bag

Open the tap onto the bags. Make sure the water is running with some high pressure. The running water ensures that all the nut particles are washed away. Run the water until all the nut particles are washed off the bag.

3. Apply some mild/natural soap

To keep the smell and some stains cleaned off, you might need to apply some soap. Make sure to use mild and natural soap.

A very strong scented soap or detergent will leave smells on your nut bag that may be sensed in your milk the next time you use it.

4. Soaking and sanitization

If the bags have some stains or smell, soak the bags in grapefruit seed extract and water. The bags can also be soaked in vinegar and water to remove the smells.

If the bags are not made of nylon, they can be dipped in boiling water for sanitization. Hanging them out in direct sunlight, after rinsing also sanitizes the bags naturally.

It is very important to sanitize the nut milk bags to avoid the milk from souring prematurely.

5. Bleaching

If the bags are discolored because of its uses, you will need to bleach. The most economical and available bleaches are oxygen bleaches. Oxygen bleach kills mold an bacteria and is non-toxic.

You can add a teaspoon of oxygen bleach to 2 cups of water to make a bleach solution for the bags. Soak the bag in the solution until you seek the stain and the mold removed then rinse the bag well in clean water.

Bleaching should be done only when necessary. This is because too much bleaching weakens the bags.

6. Mold and bacteria prevention

When the bags have been re-used for some time, they could develop mold or some bacteria. Before rinsing the bags, the following actions can be taken to keep the mold and bacteria away,

Dipping in boiling water:

Boiling water also keeps bacteria and mold away. Keep the bag in the boiling water for some 15 minutes. Boiling can only be done on cotton nut milk bags but not on nylon bags.

Oxygen bleaching:

Oxygen bleaches kill mold, bacteria and help to remove stains. The bleach can be bought from the store. The bleaching has been explained above.

Soaking in an alkaline solution:

An alkaline solution is a mixture of water and salt. The salt is dissolved in hot water and used to soak the bags for at least 30 minutes. The solution kills germ and smells from the bags.

Soak in vinegar:

Soak in vinegar to remove smell and mold and bacteria. Vinegar is very effective in killing the mold and getting rid of smells. Soak the bags in undiluted 6% acid vinegar for at least 20 minutes.


Sundry the bags after the final rinse. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that are effective in killing mold. It is also readily available.

7. Rinsing

Rinse well. Make sure all soap foam is rinsed off and no particles remain on the bag. If there are stubborn stains, soak the bag in grapefruit seed extract and water to wash off the stains.

8. Drying

Hang the nut milk bag to air dry. Hanging them out in the sun is mot preferable. The can also be hanged on windows and open area with adequate fresh air.

6. Storage

Clean and dry nut milk bag should be stored in a clean and dry surface. They can be stored in clean breathable containers or kitchen bags.

Nut milk bags are better hand washed than machine-washed.

However, tossing them in the laundry machine, in the delicate cycle alongside the laundry, washing them on the top rack of the dishwasher still washes them clean.

The proper steps to ensure clean and hygienic bags are proper washing, sanitizing, and complete drying.

If you have worried how long does nut milk bag last,you can see this article.

Nut milk bags need to be cleaned well. Bags with smells and particles are not hygienic for re-use. They transfer smells and residues to the next recipe or juice to be extracted.

To avoid transfer of smells, one can buy different nut milk bags for different straining purposes. The bags are readily available and come handy at all times.

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