How to Clean Your Car’s Interior: Top 5 Tips From Expert!

Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

Let me guess – you want to maintain your car’s value for a very long time. In that case, cleaning its interiors is extremely important.

In case your car’s floor and dashboard get lots of dirt and debris, that not only reduces the car’s value quickly but also obstructs you while driving. The grime on your windows can keep you from noticing an approaching vehicle, especially at night or when the weather is dull, thus putting you at the risk of an accident.

By cleaning the inside of your car, you’re not just maintaining its value and preventing accidents; you’re also bettering its appearance.

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior Like a Pro!

Stage One: Declutter the Car

This stage involves removing all the superfluous items to prevent them from getting in the way of the cleaning process. Here are the steps to follow:

Take out all your valuables, including gym and work bags, books, toys, and so on. This provides you with an excellent chance to find and organize items that have sat forgotten in the car.

Get rid of all the recyclable items, such as water bottles, cardboard, and paper. Put them in the recycling can.

Cleaning your vehicle in the driveway? Bring the recycling can closer, so it becomes simpler to get rid of the recyclable items.

Take out all the trash and put it in the garbage bin. You might need a pair of gloves here. Keep the container nearby as you might need it afterward.

Stage Two: Clean the Center Console

Get a bright piece of cloth or a rag and moisten it with some glass cleaner or your household cleaner. Working from the cleaner parts to the dirtier ones, wipe down the steering wheel, the center console, and the dashboard area.

You’ll also need to clean the inner door pockets and the gearshift in the same style.

Rather than using a piece of cloth, you could choose to use some cleaning wipes.

The reason as to why I insist that the cloth you’re using be clean is that a dirty one would only redistribute the dirt.

Got the time? Try wiping out any stains in areas that are difficult to reach using a cotton bud.

With your piece of cloth or rag, get rid of the dust in the cup holders.

Dampen a clean rag and use it to wipe down the dashboard buttons. Don’t forget to dry them with another clean cloth.

Here’s something else worth doing: wrap a cloth around your flathead screwdriver’s top part and run the screwdriver along the buttons. This will take out any filth that might have accumulated there.

Get a worn-out toothbrush with soft brittles and use it to clean tricky spots like the leather grains on the console and the inner doors. You can also use the old toothbrush to tackle textured surfaces on the steering wheel and the doors.

Brushing in circular motions is a beneficial strategy to chuck out that dirt.

Stage Three: Clean the Inner Windows

Use some window cleaner to moisten a microfiber towel. The benefit of using a microfiber towel is that it removes tough stains efficiently while avoiding streaking.

Avoid using window cleaners with ammonia. Ammonia can dry out plastics and ruin your windows. To be sure that your glass cleaner is safe, check the car windows recommendations and ensure the cleaner meets them before using it.

Use the towel to clean your windshield, rear window, side windows, and even the sunroof. I recommend cleaning them in circular motions.

When you’re done cleaning the windows, polish them with firm circular motions. The objective here is to get rid of any streaks that might have formed. Focus on the edges and corners.

Stage Four: Clean the Upholstery and the Seats

Before employing the vacuum, you ought to take out the floor mats. That way, you will be able to reach the filth beneath. If the rugs are made of plastic, consider taking them out of the vehicle and shake the dirt off. Use your garden hose to clean them and then allow them to dry.

If, on the other hand, there are carpet mats, it’s better to use a vacuum to clean them.

Restore the mats in the car once you’re done vacuuming the interiors.

Vacuum from the upper to the lower parts. Start with the ceiling, working your way to the floor. It’s advisable to use the suitable nozzles while vacuuming different surfaces.

To vacuum your seats, you’ll need an upholstery nozzle. This will also come in handy when cleaning upholstered parts like the headliner.

Attach a crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner to help you clean the seat fissures.

Once you reach the stiff plastic and vinyl, you’ll need a dusting brush.

You can use a floor brush for cleaning the car floor’s carpet.

Time to clean the seats’ hard to reach zones. To clean underneath the front seats, push them all the way frontward or backward. After that, suck up debris from beneath the seats using the crevice tool.

You need to condition and clean the leather seats to prevent them from cracking or drying out. While cleaning them, a soft brush along with the right cleaner, like saddle soap, will be very helpful. After washing the seats, condition them.

Using a new car seat cleaning product and you’re not sure about the results? I suggest you try it out on a small hidden area. If you like the results, you can go ahead and apply it to all parts of the seats.

In case your seats are severely cracked or worn out, you may want to replace them.

It’s about time you cleaned your seats by vacuuming. Once you’re done with that, clean them with foam or other cleaners.

Your car’s manual most probably gives you a list of approved cleaners for the upholstery. It’s better to use the ones listed there.

Lastly, vacuum your seats once more time.

Feel free to use a carpet cleaning product to clean your car’s upholstered seats. In that case, you may clean your home carpets at the same time.

NOTE: don’t use window cleaners on upholstered seats.

Crayons, candy, and chocolates are all items that can stain your car seats badly. A stain remover coupled up with a clean rag will be very helpful while removing these resilient stains.

If there’s melting candy or crayons on the seats, an ice cube will help you stop the melting so that you can remove them quickly.

Stage Five: Finalizing Things

Have you used lots of cleaning agents on your car’s interiors? Airing out the vehicle would be right. To do that, all you’ve got to do is open all the windows and doors.

Love using perfumes in your vehicle? Feel free to spray the interiors or install an air freshener.

In case you smoke, you ought to go for a specialized air freshener meant for removing smoke odors.

If you’re looking to remove the odor of an old vehicle, get an extra-potent air freshener that contains water-based perfumes.

A long-lasting air freshener is vital for those who don’t clean their car’s interiors very frequently.

It’s time to restore everything that you took out of the car.

That includes the floor mats. Also, restore the seats to their usual position. In case there are other things that you took out to vacuum, restore them in an organized manner.

​​​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    What is the toothbrush meant for?

Majority of the little seams inside your car join plastics together. The purpose of the toothbrush is to take out the dust and dirt to make it easy to clean inside the seam with a piece of cloth.

2.    What can I do about very tough stains?

Carpet spot removal products like 401 will cut it. Spray on the spot generously, wait for a few minutes, then scrub the stain with a piece of cloth.

3.    How do I clean between the seats?

A paint brush will help you clean the seats and other hard to reach places. You may also find a cotton bud very helpful.

4.    How can I remove pet hair from my upholstered seats?

A lint roller will help you pick up the hairs. In case that seems ineffective, move a dry rag to wipe the seats back and forth. This will loosen them so that a vacuum cleaner can pick them up quickly.

5.    How can I clean soda off my seats?

The first thing you want to do is soak as much of the soda as you can with a dry rag. Then, clean the cloth with warm soapy water, wring it, and use it to wipe out the soda.

6.    How do I get rid of deeply set mold?

The first thing to do here is using a dirt-fighting product like Clorox to clean the carpet. Then, vacuum them and dry them with the windows down for a few days. Seems like a long process but if you take your car to a detailer, it will work correctly.

7.    What can I use to clean my car’s window?

A good window cleaner like Windex and a couple of microfiber towels to avoid streaking.

Final Word

That’s how you go about cleaning your car’s interiors effectively. Remember, the more often you do it, the better your car looks and longer it will last.

Feel free to share this post with your friends, and if you have any questions or something to get across, the comments section is all yours.

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