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How to Decorate A Restaurant

Designing the restaurant to build the brand is vital to success in today's society.If you have confused about why you have to decorate a restaurant? You are on right track!

Best Ways to Decorate Your Restaurant

1. Custom artwork shows off the local culture

Share history and community with hotel guests through decorations. We can use the handiwork of local artisans to show off the style of the area.

When we think about San Francisco, the mission style and graffiti are just a couple of the things that come to mind first. Restaurants and hotels can use the style to create a story that becomes a part of the establishment.

2. Leave the white on the tables, not the walls

The Washington Post advises hotel owners to decorate sparingly with solid white. Some businesses are finding that the color works well on the tables of small cafes and hotel bars, but using stark, bright finishes on the walls only works when we have tons of texture to go along with it.

3. Plants are in for 2019

Decorating with plants is a good option of a restaurant

Making a hotel bar or diner look nice for guests includes strategically placing lush greenery in all the right places.

People want semi-private areas for conversation while feeling like they are a part of the complete atmosphere.

We like to place ferns on our half walls creating a divider with plants that come up high enough to block the prying eyes of a neighboring table without blocking the view of the entertainment.

The Tasting Table is finding this trend in fast food environments because of the impact on the bottom line.

4. Paneling is coming back

  • Use as an accent
  • Wrap columns
  • Cover the bar
  • Add to dividers
  • Use as ceiling tiles
  • Differentiate between formal and casual areas
  • Cut and hang in strips

5. The psychedelic seventies are back

We can layer to our heart's content with these trends popping back up in 2019. Bright, vivid colors and zany patterns are excellent choices for feature walls.

When patrons find conversation easy, they relax and enjoy themselves while eating. We want our guests to chit-chat away because the happier the guest, the more chances that he or she will return.

By decorating our hotel with fun accessories, we can provide a source of conversation for every visitor.

6. Selfies require a hip place for grabbing photos

Taking pictures from Decorated Restaurant
  • Put opportunities next to entrances and corners
  • Use in well-lit areas
  • Create a focal point in the outdoor bar or dining area
  • Make one space for large groups
  • Place comfortable seating
  • Unique artwork helps people recognize your establishment in social media photos

7. Soft filters let light through without blinding guests

Best Restaurant Decorating ideas

We find that industrial lighting is still in while the furniture is returning to a softer yet rustic feel. Antiques are big in restaurant decor right now, so it is great for hotels on a budget to re-use items in storage.

The Washington Post says to cleverly cover light sources without blocking most of it to get the best results. For instance, fabric screens work wonders to brighten up a space without blinding guests at the bar.

8. Natural light and open-air spaces are refreshing

Natural view from restaurant
  • Skylights
  • Private garden spaces
  • Fountains
  • Window benches in the entrance
  • High ceilings
  • Open or thin window coverings

9. Use design to evoke emotions

We choose how we want guests to feel by picking a consistent decor item. For instance, if we want a retro vibe, then we choose patterns from the era and refresh them for the restaurant.

A stain glass window can become a screen for the lights above the salad bar or a stunning backdrop for the menu. To go more modern, we like to use metal combinations to create simple, clean lines.

10. Natural character is charming

  • Crown molding
  • Quirky dings and dents with a story to tell
  • Overhead beams
  • Ornate columns
  • Tables with inlays and unique patterns

11. The importance of a design budget

Our restaurant or hotel bar is a reflection of who we are. We want people to see the culture of our establishment and feel comfortable enough to stay a while, bring in friends and family, and have a great time.

Finding the right theme, color, or style of decor for our hotel or restaurant is a vital part of boosting the brand.

To build our reputation, we need trending items that make sense in the fashion world and the food market while being true to the location.

How do we decorate a restaurant on a budget?

  • Instead of remodeling an entire room, consider renovating a bar or coffee station. 
  • Choose high-end kitchen sinks and decor that make a statement for the best effect.
  • The goal is to grab the attention of everyone that enters the diner.
  • Re purposing older items works well as long as we use the materials to make something new.
  • Skip the table cloths.

What do we do if we want a specific theme for our restaurant design?

  • Choose a complimentary color palette - teal and grays are trending this year
  • Pick a variety of patterns - make sure some are complex and some simple
  • Add layers of texture - use fabrics to soften crisp lines, plants work well too
  • Pick up the local theme - beach decor for seaside restaurants, for example
  • Choose an entertainment theme - sports, gourmet cooking, or board games
  • Music makes an excellent decorating medium
  • Classic themes like antique cars promote conversation and photo taking

Benefits of decorating a restaurant

Keeping the tables full is our primary goal, and using decor is an exceptional way to invite people inside for some refreshment.

The New York Times tells us that famous chefs feel that a pleasant atmosphere is vital to a thriving restaurant, but how we decorate depends on the food we serve.

The meaning behind the decor is meant to enhance the eating experience making it much more enjoyable and friendly.

Restaurant decorating means mixing functions

How do we stay on budget, look trendy, and get more people in the door? We are seeing a switch from sterile dining areas with white walls that separate the birthday parties from the corporate events to a broader area that mixes functionality.

We are no longer using meeting zones in the back room of the hotel bar. Business and pleasure take place in the same area giving restaurant owners the opportunity to captivate all guests with patterns, bold colors, and shiny new equipment. We go over some of the top ideas to decorate a hotel or restaurant below.


Is decorating for a small town hotel different than the designs you see in the big cities?

The short answer is absolutely. A small American farm town is not likely to house a French bistro with a replica of the Eiffel tower out back.

The Small Business Chronicle says to get customer input before remodeling. Choose themes that are popular in the area, like skiing is in the Colorado mountain country.

We feel the goal is to stay consistent, so the restaurant decor is not confusing for guests.

Is industrial decor still a popular restaurant and hotel design choice?

  • Short answer - no
  • Some elements are acceptable with softening like furniture
  • Industrial lighting stays in

Should we use local artwork in our restaurant?

  • Yes
  • Add to all areas of the hotel or restaurant
  • Choose large and small pieces
  • Create a feature wall

With a little ingenuity, we think choosing how to decorate a restaurant is a rewarding experience that lets us clean and refresh the establishment.

Appealing to the millennial generation will bring in more business in urban areas. Small towns should decorate the restaurant with items that people recognize for the most significant ROI.

The biggest piece of advice about what not to do is decorate with all white walls. Bland and boring will not help the bottom line one bit in 2019.

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