How to Make Burgers at Home with A Burger Press: Recipe Guide

how to make burgers at home

Making burgers at home for your family is so thoughtful. You probably make good burgers, just like many people do. You want to transform your burgers from good to finger liking.

There's more to making a burger than just stuffing the ingredients. You need to do more to make it perfect.

The way you regulate the heat when grilling the ham, the shape of your burger patties and how you garnish it makes all the difference.

Recipe for Making Perfect Burgers


  • Chunks of ground beef
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • check
    Vegetable oil
  • check

What's The Procedure For Making Burgers?


1) Preheat the grill on medi heat then progress to high gradually.

2) Make the chunks of meat into patties (6 ounce) . Make a hole(indentation) on each patty for proper grilling.

3) Using vegetable oil, lightly grease the grill gates.

4) Start grilling the patties for 5 minutes each side,starting with the indented side. Flip the patties once the grill marks appear on each side and are firm

5) Cook for another 3 minutes so as to attain doneness.

6) Top with cheese and cover to melt.

7) You can garnish your burger with vegetables such as onions.

A perfect burger is not just about the taste but also the appearnce. A burger press is the best partner when it comes to this. 

You will have your patties perfectly shaped. Secondly,your meat will not be falling apart on the grill anymore. 

Here is how to make burgers using a burger press 

1) First, make your burger mix. You can make it as spicy as you wish depending on your family's taste. You can use chicken,beef or even pork.

Add vegetables like onions,pepper or garlic, an egg and salt. Having made your mix, even it out. Whichever meat you choose should be minced for easy preparation.

2) Divide your burger mix into portions.

3) Pick each portion and make them into balls. Each should be perfectly round.

4) Place the burger mix ball on the burger press. Flatten the ball gently using your hands to even out the burger mix.

5) Using the handle,firmly press the burger press down. Ensure the burger press is kept on top.

6) Removing your patty is done by turn the tray of the burger press upside down.

In order to make your patties more appealing by giving them a more seared look, use a burger press with interior ridges.

Also,you can see this video to make your burgers perfectly:

This process can get your hands very greasy, that is why getting a burger press with nonstick interior comes in handy.

If you have any suggestion or query about this guide, please let me know in the comments section.

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