How to make natural kitchen degreaser

How to Make Natural Kitchen Degreaser: 5 Proven Steps

What You'll Need:

  • 1 ½ cups warm water.
  • 1 ½ teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent
  • 25 drops Orange essential oil
  • Clear plastic spray bottle

Instructions for making a natural solution:

Step 1:  Measure 1 ½ cups warm water into a clear plastic spray bottle. You can use water directly from the tap or choose distilled water if you like.


It have to make sure the water is not too hot as this will cause the soap to become too sudsy while making your solution. Cold water doesn't allow the contents of the solution to mix properly.

Step 2:  Add 1 ½ - 2 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent to the water. The soap allows the solution to be easily wiped away during the cleaning process and aids in sanitizing the surface.

Avoid using any type of dishwashing liquid that contains bleach or bleach-alternative ingredients.

Step 3:  Add 25 drops of Orange essential oil to the solution. The citrus acid of the orange oil is the secret ingredient that cuts through even the thickest grease found on your stovetop, counter, kitchen range hood, and microwaves as well as other surfaces in your kitchen.

Step 4:  Place the spray trigger on your plastic spray bottle and secure it to the bottle. This will prevent your cleaning solution from spilling out or evaporating while it is being stored.

Step 5:  Gently mix all of the ingredients for your kitchen cleaner together. This can be done by swirling the bottle in a clockwise motion to ensure all ingredients are evenly distributed for a cleaning solution.

It never fails. You scour and you wipe those kitchen countertops and cooktops only to find yourself frustrated with those pesky cooking grease spots that smear and streak your kitchen up.

Either they don't live up to the high expectations you have when you want a clean kitchen space, or their fumes are toxic and simply downright irritating to the senses.

Utilize the following cleaning tips to maximize the benefits of this cleaning solution for all types of troubling kitchen grease issues that arise. From cleaning cooking pots and pans to extending the cleaning efforts outdoors, you will welcome the easier cleaning methods that are provided. Moreover, you can use  high quality kitchen degreasers.

Working Procedure

Tip 1:  Perform the color-safe test. Before using your cleaner on walls throughout the kitchen, find a non-conspicuous location to test the spray.

This will prevent you from experiencing faded coloring on your walls, cabinets, and other surfaces throughout the room.

Tip 2:  For thick and caked-on grease that occurs inside of your oven or microwave, spray the surface completely and allow the cleaner to soak in for 10-15 minutes.

Make sure that you protect surrounding flooring or cabinets with rags or newspaper to prevent the grease from causing damage as it begins to melt away.

Tip 3:  Never use scouring pads or cleaning brushes that can cause damage to the surfaces you removing grease from in your kitchen.

Instead, create a scouring cleanser by combining 3 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of your solution.

Place a small amount of the cleansing paste on a clean rag and rub the area where your grease is located.

Use a clockwise motion for rubbing the cleansing paste onto the surface. Using a clean cloth, wipe the paste away with clean warm water.

This cleaning paste will also help to absorb any lingering odors caused by cooking or grease that is present throughout the kitchen.

Tip 4:  There are many small spaces where it can be difficult to get a clean cloth into. Without wiping away your cleaning solution from these areas thoroughly, you will end up with a real mess.

Try using a toothbrush with soft to medium bristles to get into these creases and crevices found throughout the room.

These brushes are soft enough to prevent damage from occurring but firm enough to remove the grease that refuses to leave like a house guest that has worn out their welcome.

Tip 5:  Keep those pots and pans spic and span. This solution recipe is safe enough to work on all types of kitchen surfaces and utensils.

Spray the homemade solution around the crevices of your pot and pan handles to remove cooking grease during dishwashing.

This will prevent injuries and accidents that can occur during cooking due to grease that makes those pots and pans difficult to handle.

Tip 6:  Prior to washing your kitchen towels and dishcloths, apply a few sprays of your natural homemade solution to these items.

Allow the solution to soak into the fabric of your towels and dishcloths which loosens those stubborn grease stains and odors that get locked in.

Tip 7:  With the natural ingredients used for making this natural solution, you can apply the cleaner to most types of window treatments used in your kitchen.

Tip 8:  This solution can be used for keeping those outdoor barbeques and grilling spaces ready for use all summer long.

Apply a coating of your natural solutions over your grilling surfaces outdoors. Allow the solutions to sit for 10 minutes.

Spray way the solution with a garden hose or clean water and rag. This will remove the odors and grease that plague those desired outdoor grilling experiences with friends and family.​​

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