How to Use a Fog Machine-The Ultimate Guide!

When it comes to holidays and other special events, few devices can enhance the mood like a fog machine. Not only do fog machines strengthen the mood of an event, but when used in combination with other decorations, the fog machine takes the visuals to another level.

So why do we not see more fog machines in use? Mostly because many people are intimidated by the operation of these devices. So here are a few basic things you need to know in order to operate a fog machine.

How to Use a Fog Machine:

Set Up

  • Pick a location to place the fog machine.
  • Find a spot that is free of any people that might trip on the cord or knock the machine over.
  • Place the device on a solid flat surface that is heat resistant. If your floor is carpeted, you can instead place it directly on a table or a large box.

Once the Fog Machine is in place, unscrew the reservoir tank lid for your fog machine. Take the provided Fog Machine Fluid and fill the tank. In the case that Fog Machine Fluid was not provided, make sure you only use fog machine fluid that has been designed for your brand of machine. Once you have filled the tank, screw the reservoir tank tightly shut.

Plug in the fog machine, and if needed, also connect the fog machine’s remote control. Give the fog machine 5-10 min to warm up before you use the machine. Most fog machines will have a ready light that will turn green when the device is ready for operation.


When the machine has fully warmed up, simply press the button on your remote control to activate the fog machine. You can control the flow of the fog or allow it to continuously spray until the system needs to reheat. Typically this will occur after around a minute of spraying.


There are only a few things that you need to remember in the general use and safety when using fog machines. Remember the following tips:

  • Keep the front of the machine around two feet from other objects to allow smooth flow of fog
  • Use in an adequately ventilated area.
  • Do not operate within three feet of electronics like TVs
  • Do not operate your fog machine in the rain.

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