Wash Dishes without A Sink

8 Ways to Wash Dishes without A Sink

The kitchen is being renovated. Either you're having everything taken down to the studs, or you're having the cabinets, sinks, counters, and appliances replaced.

Doing dishes without a sink, though takes some thought and methods you didn't know could be used that way. It's temporary.

However, and you've thought out ways to prevent water getting onto the hard wood floor or carpet. You've thought out which piece of furniture the farmhouse sink will occupy. You also considered alternate ways to clean dishes.

How To Wash Dishes Minus A Sink

Wherever you choose to have your dish washing station, you'll need three large contractor buckets you'll find at any hardware store.

One will hold hot water and soap. One will hold hot water for rinsing dishes. The third will hold a mixture of hot water and bleach to sanitize the dishes.

​1. Dishwasher

Another method for washing dishes when you have no kitchen sink available for loading a dishwasher. Most people let the pots and pans soak while the dishes and flatware are washed in the dishwasher.

Then another load is run with the pots and pans, especially if there are large or oddly-shaped pans like the turkey roasting pan.

You can hook the hose up to the washing machine faucet. When the dishwasher drains, it can either run into the drain on the laundry room floor or into a deep bucket. Remember to empty the bucket between cycles.

​2. Bathtub

No one wants to wash dishes on their knees over the side of the bathtub. However, it is an alternative when there's no kitchen sink.

You'll need three contractor buckets or other deep, wide containers. One will hold hot soapy water, the second hot rinse water, and the third hot bleach water for sanitation.

If you asked the remodeling contractor to leave the rack from your old dishwasher, then you can use it to dry the dishes. It will fit across the sides of the tub and drain into the tub. If not, you'll need several towels spread across your bathroom sink counter to dry the dishes.

​3. Garden Sprayer

If this isn't feasible, and the bathroom sink is too small to do dishes, then it's time to take the show outdoors. Fill the canister with soapy hot water and spray down the dishes. You'll need two basins or buckets in which to rinse and sanitize the dishes. Dry them, put them away, and you're done.

​4. Air Compression

California chefs have devised a way to clean dishes with air pressure in order to comply with water-saving legislation. Buy a small air compressor and hook it up beneath the non-existent kitchen sink.

When dishes need to be “washed,” hit them with high-pressure air. You'll still need to rinse and sanitize the dishes, but it's a cool method for cleaning dishes.

​5. Camping Sink

Campers know that when they have no kitchen sink, all they have to do is pull out the camping dish washing station. You'll still need buckets of water, but some stations even have a shelf beneath the “sink” to stack the dishes to dry. Take it out onto the patio or deck, and you have a dish washing station.

​6. Baking Soda And Vinegar

A quick and easy way to clean your dishes is to fill one of your buckets with the hottest water and drop in two tablespoons of baking soda. Let the dishes soak for a bit.

Then take your dish sponge and sprinkle more baking soda on it. Clean the dishes, then put them through rinse water containing a cup of either white or apple cider vinegar. This eliminates the sanitizing step.

​7. Wet Wipes

Mothers, truck drivers, and campers have long known that wet wipes are handy for dozens of things. They clean the skin, hair, shoes, backpack, and they clean the diesel fuel off hands. They also clean dishes. They're made by Clorox, Lysol, and dozens of other manufacturers.

Did you know that the act of scrubbing the residue off dishes creates a kind of heat that actually cleans the dish? You'll still need to rinse and sanitize, but without a kitchen sink, this method of “washing” dishes is quick and easy.

​8. Washcloth

Don't have any Clorox or Lysol handi-wipes? Grab a wash cloth or a hand towel. They do the same job. Then rinse the dishes and sanitize them, dry them, and put them away.

Final Thoughts

You never thought a kitchen sink would be one when it comes to thinking of necessities of life. Living without things to which we've become accustomed is difficult at best.

Getting the kitchen redone or having a storm knock out the power are great ways to learn how make do with what you have or invent whatever you need on the spot.

After all, a kitchen sink is only a vessel. When you go for camping, you put water and soap into the pans in which you're cooking. You wash up out of those pans.

When you're traveling, you wash dishes in the sink in the hotel room. You become handy quickly at making do with what is available. So when your kitchen sink isn't available for a short time, you know instantly what to do.

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    1. No, in this case, you don’t have to wash dishes. However, you can always try hairdryer or try placing them in sunlight.

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