Cleaning Process of Kitchen

The Cleaning Process of Kitchen & How to Choose Best Degreasers for It!

Our kitchen is often the part of the house that witnesses the maximum accumulation of dirt, grease, and grime. If you are an avid cook at your home, chances are that you need to master the art of cleaning your kitchen too. The last thing you want is to make excellent food but in unhygienic kitchen conditions.

Degreasers are hands down the best way to get rid of the accumulated stains and grease off of the kitchen counters and the tiles that you have been trying to get rid of for a long time. If you thought that cleaning your kitchen and getting rid of the grease off the counters would be easy with just soap water, that isn’t the case at all.

The kitchen grease and grime don’t get off with just soap water, especially if the build-up is from months. Sometimes, the grease keeps on leaving a thin film of residue on the kitchen counters and tiles even after you have used all the basic kitchen cleaning supplies.

What are Degreasers?

As the name suggests, degreasers are the compounds that cut through the stains and grease on the kitchen surfaces that have likely accumulated over time. Keep in mind that the best degreasers for your kitchen are not just economical but environmentally friendly too. 

If you are worried about the formula, make sure that you lookout for the concentrated formula that you can dilute and then use over time. 

Try to stick to buying the degreasers that are non-toxic and made from natural ingredients that are safe for humans and pets. Using harmful chemicals in your kitchen can lead to toxicity that you might end up regretting at a later date.

How to Choose the Right Degreaser?

When it comes to choosing the right degreaser, there are several factors that you need to keep an eye out for. Keep in mind that degreaser is not just for the commercial kitchens but they also work well with the home kitchens, especially the ones that haven’t been cleaned for a long time.

Here are a few factors that you need to consider while choosing the right degreaser for your kitchen:

  • Formula

The first factor of consideration is the formula. You want a product that is effective on the grease stains that you have sustained on the kitchen surfaces and tiles over time. Apart from the ingredients that constitute the formula of the degreaser, you also need to focus on the mode of application.

Some degreasers leave behind a white residue on the surfaces while some leave a sticky residue on the kitchen surfaces. These kinds of degreasers tend to showcase an initial cleaning result but end up attracting more dirt and grease in the long run.

Invest in the degreasers that come with a residue-free formula. This ensures long-lasting cleaning results with squeaky clean surfaces in the long run. Alcohol-based or formulas with higher evaporation rates are quite useful as well. They clean the surfaces quickly and dry out even quicker.

Also, keep in mind that if you are using a degreaser for your kitchen floor, you want to invest in the ones that won’t end up causing a sticky or greasy layer on the floor, resulting in accidents.

  • Concentrated or Diluted

There are primarily two formulas of degreaser formulas available in the market, the concentrated and the diluted option. The latter comes in a ready-to-use bottle while the former one needs for you to dilute in water for further cleaning.

If you are an avid cleaner of your kitchen and have a habit of cleaning your kitchen every once in a while, we’d suggest choosing the concentrated option instead of the diluted one. The concentrated formula gives you the flexibility to manage the formula the way you need in your kitchen. 

So, in case your kitchen has more grease than normal, you can keep the concentration more instead of diluting it and in case the grease is minimal, you can add more water to adjust the concentration accordingly.

  • Focus on the Type

There are a few different types of degreasers available in the market. They vary in their concentration, pH level, chemical properties, and overall application too. 

The general-purpose degreaser is the ideal option for your kitchen cleaning needs. They are ideal for the kitchen surfaces, tiles, and appliances that have sustained a lot of grease on them over time. However, if you are planning on scrubbing down the kitchen floors, you must use a floor degreaser for the same. They have a highly concentrated formula that gets rid of the accumulated dirt and grime effectively.

Other than these, there are the green degreasers and the surfactant-based degreasers that you can consider investing in.

  • Safety issues and Toxicity

Although we’d recommend you sticking to the natural degreasers available in the market, we know that isn’t always possible, especially when you are trying to get rid of months of grease off the kitchen counters. In such cases, there are a few chemical-based degreasers that get the job done. However, it is crucial that you keep the safety issues and the toxicity of these products in check.

There are oil-based degreasers that are extremely effective in dissolving the excess grease and grime; however, they are flammable, imposing safety issues. We’d suggest sticking to the water-based options instead, mainly because they are a lot safer for your kitchen cleaning needs.

Also, while cleaning, wear gear that will cover up your skin, and wear goggles to keep your eyes protected. This will prevent any harmful fumes or droplets from falling on your exposed skin or eyes.

  • Eco-friendly

Most of the available degreasers in the market are environment friendly. However, you must verify the same from your part too. The reason why it’s crucial because the chemicals that you are washing away from your kitchen counter will eventually drain out and mix in with the soil, harming the environment in the process.

This is the primary reason why you should stick to the naturally formulated degreasers with low hazardous air pollutants and chemicals in them.

How to clean your Kitchen using Degreaser?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the primary factors involved in choosing the best degreaser for your kitchen, you must know how to use it right. Knowing so ensures quicker cleaning of the kitchen surfaces and the tiles without having to strain yourself throughout the process.

  • Start by Clearing Out

Using a degreaser is not an everyday cleaning process. You will not be using it daily to scrub down the surfaces and the tiles unless you work in a commercial kitchen that requires doing the same. In your house, you will likely use a degreaser once every week or twice a month. In such cases, start by clearing out your counter space.

You want to clear out the items to empty as much kitchen counter space that you can. This enables you to clean the kitchen counter with ease and without any issues and obstructions in the middle. Once you have cleared out space, you can spray the degreaser and leave it to settle in for a few minutes.

  • Focus on the appliances

Aside from the surfaces, it is the appliances that attract the maximum amount of grease. If your appliances are experiencing the same issue, you can always spray a concentrated amount of the degreaser on them and leave them for a longer period to get the stains and grease off them.

Make sure that you clean the appliance completely and let the degreaser dry before switching on the appliances since some of the degreasers are flammable and can impose safety risks.

  • Keep the floor for the fast

Always keeps the floor cleaning needs to the last so you don’t end up leaving footprints and grease all around.


If you are tired of witnessing grease marks all over your kitchen, you must try out a degreaser for quicker cleaning results. Keep in mind that you need to invest in high-quality options that are non-toxic and effective for the cleaning process. Avoid investing in options that are high in chemicals and are primarily oil-based.


1. Does vinegar dissolve kitchen grease?

To an extent, it does. However, if you have persistent grease on the tiles and the countertops, we’d suggest using a professional degreaser to get rid of the dirt and grime for good. However, ensure that you check the formula and the concentration of the ingredients before using them.

2. Should I use a kitchen degreaser every day?

No, you don’t need to use them every day. However, try to clean your kitchen with a degreaser every once a week or twice a month.

3. Are kitchen degreasers environmentally friendly?

Yes, the majority of them are eco-friendly and won’t be harming the environment especially because of the all-natural formula.


If you are tired of witnessing grease marks all over your kitchen, you must try out a degreaser for quicker cleaning results. Keep in mind that you need to invest in high-quality options that are non-toxic and effective for the cleaning process. Avoid investing in options that are high in chemicals and are primarily oil-based.

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