Exclusive Using And Cleaning Tips Of Manual Meat Grinders

Exclusive Using And Cleaning Tips Of Manual Meat Grinders

While it is always better to have access to your own set of meat grinders at home, there are several factors that you need to keep a check on to prevent contamination and a healthy grinding of the meat. Buying pre-packaged meat indeed makes the process of cooking a lot easier and hassle-free; however, it does end up taking a toll on your health, especially since they are highly processed.

Owning a meat grinder ensures that you can manage the level of cleanliness and also maintain the ideal texture of the meat that you consume. However, many users don’t even know about the different factors that go into the maintenance and cleaning of the manual meat grinders, ending up enhancing the risks of contamination in the finely ground meat.

In this article, we will be discussing everything there is to know about using and cleaning the tips of the manual meat grinders.

Uses of Manual Meat Grinders

If you are still on the edge about the meat grinders and why they are a better option, here are a few common uses of the manual meat grinders and why they are better than the processed meat that is available in the market.

  • Safety of the meat

The first and one of the most important uses of manual meat grinders is that it allows you to ensure the safety of the meat you are consuming. The majority of the pre-packaged meat that is available in the market contains a mixture of meat types from various parts of the animal, something that you have no control over. 

When you are using your meat grinder, you can assess the safety of the meat that you are grinding and even keep a check on the quality of the meat. Also, grinding your meat using a meat grinder ensures lesser risks of contamination.

  • Retained flavour

Using your meat grinder ensures that you can better handle the flavor in your meat. Most of the ground meat from the supermarket has a bland taste to it with very little flavor, especially because they contain lesser fat content.

Using your meat grinder ensures that you can control the parts of meat you use along with the proportion of fat that you put in the same. This instills better taste and flavor in the meat, especially when you are planning on grilling them for a barbeque.

  • Better juiciness

Another use of a meat grinder is to restore the natural juiciness of the patty that you are consuming. It enables you to manage the level of fats and the cuts of meat, allowing you to choose a juicier part of the meat that can ensure better moisture level and a juicier texture instead of making the patty taste dry and rubbery.

How to use a Manual Meat Grinder?

If you haven’t used a manual meat grinder before, chances are that you’d struggle with using it the first few times. The process isn’t as complicated as many people make it out to be. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Start by ensuring that both the meat grinder and the meat is cold to prevent the fats from melting out of the side. Some individuals even suggest storing the meat grinder in the freezer an hour before the grinding process.
  • Trim the meat properly instead of smearing it.
  • Put your trimmed pieces of meat through the opening of the grinder while moving the crank in a clockwise direction to cut and grind through the meat and fat.
  • Make sure that you check the sharpness of the blades to ensure that the meat comes out well ground instead of becoming a mash.
  • Once done, wash the blades and plate using soapy water to prevent further risks of contamination and then dry it with a clean towel.

How to Clean Manual Meat Grinder?

Now that you know about the usage and the process of using a manual meat grinder, you must look through the steps of cleaning individual parts of the grinder. Raw meat, if left uncleaned, can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, contaminating the entire grinder in the process. 

Thus, ensuring time to time cleaning of the grinder is crucial to prevent contamination and ensure proper cleaning of the grinder. Here’s what you can do:

  • Start with the inside

The first step towards the cleaning process is to clean the insides of the meat grinder. This is the part that the majority of the users skip out on. When the meat is passing through the cylindrical tube to the blade, chances are that parts of the meat and the fat are going to get stuck on the insides of the grinder.

The best way to clean those excess grease and meat residue is by bypassing chunks of bread through the grinder. The bread absorbs all the excess grease and goes on to clean the insides of the grinder instead of leaving them greasy and dirty.

  • Open the parts

Often, just cleaning the upper portion of the insides of the grinder is not enough. There are several parts around the blade and the insides that can only be cleaned once you disassemble the grinder. It is thus important that you open up the machine and detach the individual parts including the pusher, feeder tube, screw, blade, etc. to clean them individually.

  • Wash the grinder

Now that you have disassembled the grinder and taken out all the individual parts, the next thing to focus on is washing the grinder. Make sure that you can only wash your grinder if it is a manual one. We wouldn’t suggest pushing your electric grinder under running water.

The best way to wash your grinder is by filling up a bucket with some lukewarm water. To that, you can add some liquid soap or detergent to wash the individual parts and the insides of the meat grinder to prevent the risks of contamination. Start the washing process by soaking a few of the individual parts in the lukewarm water for 5 minutes.

  • Scrub the parts

Simply soaking the grinder in the water won’t get rid of the grease and the dirt on the grinder. The best way to clean the excess grease and stain is by using a scrubber. You can use a sponge and dip it in the lukewarm soap water to them useful for cleaning the parts of the grinder. Scrub down the excess meat residue and the grease with the sponge till everything is squeaky clean.

Make sure that once you are done scrubbing away, run the scrubbed parts under clean water to get rid of the dirt and the soap water. Any kind of remnants can lead to risks of oxidation and rusting in the long run.

  • Drying

As mentioned, not just the cleaning, even the drying process is crucial to look out for. Once you are done cleaning every part of your meat grinder, you must use a dry towel for the cleaning process. Once that is done, you can then leave them out on the kitchen counter or under the fan to ensure quick drying.


1. Is it necessary to clean a manual meat grinder after every use?

Yes, you must clean your manual meat grinder after every use to prevent the risks of contamination and ensure maximum efficiency of the grinder.

2. Is soap water enough to clean the meat grinder?

Yes, soapy water is enough to clean your manual meat grinder, provided that you know about the processes involved in the cleaning.

3. Can you clean the meat grinder in the dishwasher?

No, the manual meat grinders aren’t dishwasher safe and won’t even be cleaned optimally, especially from the insides. So, there is no need to put your grinder inside the dishwasher for the cleaning process.


While you might have been prioritizing the usage of a meat grinder until now, you must pay equal attention to the cleaning process. Cleaning your meat grinder now and then prevents the risks of clogging and ensures long-lasting usage of the grinder without any complications like many often tend to complain about. Make sure that you always clean every part of the meat grinder without fail, especially including the blades and the plates of the grinder. This prevents the risks of contamination and ensures the safe grinding of the meat.

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